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Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.24


  • Mono is an alternate way to run ordinary LSL scripts. It has advantages of speed and memory management over the current script engine. For more information about Mono see the wiki article:
    • Note: Although no special viewer is needed to run Mono scripts, to create them you will need a viewer version of 1.21 or later.
    • The 1.21 Release Candidate Viewer is expected to be available the week of August 25th.
  • Enabled group moderation features for voice chat.

Changes that require both 1.24 Server *and* 1.21 Viewer (not yet released):

  • New LSL calls for touch "position" in the touch_start(), touch(), and touch_end() events. Each touch() event provides the current surface point data (allowing grabbing, sliders, levers, and all sorts of pseudo GUI builds!):

  • New feature to return all objects on an estate
    • MISC-713: Add "Return All Objects" as an estate-wide feature for a specified resident
  • New info added:
    • Add Time Stamp to Parcel Object List
    • Add Time Stamp to Top Scripts Colliders List
    • Add more categories to Help -> Report Abuse..


  • Three security fixes