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Script Override

Well, you like to override strings, integer etc. in chat channel. For example you like to enable debug or change the channel. I find this the best solution and it can be pretty useful API framework for many listens.

USAGE: /CHANNEL Object_Name,message,value eg: /1000 Object,channel,1001

<lsl> list csv_commands;

integer P_channel = 1000; // channel integer key_listen; // listen key default {

       key_listen = llListen(P_channel, "", NULL_KEY, "");
   listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) 
       csv_commands = llCSV2List( llToLower( message ));

// string said_name = llList2String( csv_commands, 0);

       string command = llList2String( csv_commands, 1);
       if ( command == "channel") 
           P_channel = (integer)llList2String( csv_commands, 2);
           llListenRemove( key_listen );
           key_listen = llListen(P_channel, "","","");
           llOwnerSay( "Listen Channel set to " + (string)P_channel);
       else if(command == "avatar" || message == "AVATAR")
           llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!");

} </lsl>

For technical support, requests, etc., use the Search under the Groups Tab and search for Skidz Partz - Open Source

If you have any problems getting this script to work either contact me in-world Revolution Perenti or visit our free scripts at our LSL scripts Secondlife Open Source Section on our Tutorials. Skidz Isle