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Transcript for Monday July 11, 2011

[11:00] Counter Landfall Hi Slaton
[11:00] Ginette Pinazzo hello slaton
[11:01] Viale Linden lets give everyone a couple of min
[11:01] Slaton Linden hello everyone
[11:01] Temperance Hax hi Slaton
[11:01] Zada Bury Ah, there ... heya Slaton
[11:02] Viale Linden Ok
[11:02] Viale Linden for agenda items. Thanks for everyone submitting feedback
[11:03] Ginette Pinazzo want sure if you just wanted the items emailed to that adrss anmd/or place don agedna, Viale
[11:03] Viale Linden We are working on a solution for the zindra sim greeting area to make it more welcoming
[11:03] Ginette Pinazzo did both
[11:03] Viale Linden 2nd
[11:04] Counter Landfall ZA submitted to the email address only
[11:04] Viale Linden we agreed that we want to elevate the discussion of Adult in our messaging
[11:04] Innula Zenovka messaging? to whom?
[11:04] Viale Linden Instead of just focusing on the "sex " part, we want to message about grown up or adult content
[11:05] Janicka Engineer hello all
[11:05] Viale Linden we will deliver these concepts to you in the coming weeks
[11:05] Zada Bury Heya Jani ^_^
[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo makes perfect sense
[11:05] Hypatia Darkstone Hi everyone
[11:05] Viale Linden I want to open the floor for a open discussion.
[11:06] Kimiko Yiyuan not that there is any big difference in that, I say. Adult content is rather self explanatory anyway.
[11:06] Temperance Hax Hi Hypatia
[11:06] Vick Forcella Hi all
[11:06] Ginette Pinazzo Viale, I have one small but happy agenda item on that list..its new
[11:06] Ginette Pinazzo U agree Kimi
[11:07] Counter Landfall Not sure what you want to discuss Viale. Our proposals or did you have anything else in mind?
[11:07] Viale Linden go for it
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo I wanted to mention that GOHA approached us with a keen interest in working together....
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo I met Jack Belvedere soem time ago
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo GOHA is a large sports organisation, that works with LL
[11:07] Kimiko Yiyuan was that a question to me Ginette?
[11:07] Viale Linden I know GOHA
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:08] Vick Forcella Kimi>?
[11:08] Viale Linden did you email me this Ginette?
[11:08] Kimiko Yiyuan Hi there Vick. :)
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo I think its telling that Jack (unsolicited) came to , recognzining Zindra as a viable community to partner with
[11:08] Kimiko Yiyuan In what way, Ginette?
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo not yet, Viale....didnt email it yet
[11:09] Viale Linden excellent - will like to learn more
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo anywya.....GOHA is a fabulous example of a group that works with LL....and I look forward to soem great partnerships
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo yes, there will be a Zindr Ice Hockey team
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo thats it...just wanted to pass on soem feel-good news
[11:10] Temperance Hax I have an item
[11:10] Viale Linden go ahead Temperance
[11:10] Temperance Hax Sexy Speed build is going greatitis at 9pm sundays now
[11:10] Temperance Hax Iwas wondering,,
[11:10] Temperance Hax - How we are going getting powers to return items at vortex -speedbuild today was inconvenienced by someone rezzing a prim on someones build space
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo 9PM? gets latyer and later....sexier and sexier?
[11:11] Temperance Hax it is great having a speedbuild where the art can be gory or topless etc or not
[11:11] Kimiko Yiyuan Ok, that sounds nice. But of course that does not really tackle the "problem" there seems to be with promoting the adult content, or is there? It is something that can be hinted at, indeed, but still what Zindra was and is intended to be is an adult sim and not a sports sim. Thanks for mentioning it though Gina. Sounds interesting anyway.
[11:12] Kimiko Yiyuan uups a continent even
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo actually Kimi...cross promos are a great way to tackle that problem....with otehr organsations liek that
[11:13] Kimiko Yiyuan Nothing against cross promos, but why not then just making the whole place a continent like any other?
[11:13] Kimiko Yiyuan So we do have a special situation here.
[11:13] Kimiko Yiyuan Just mentioning it.
[11:14] Temperance Hax Well adult content is very variable- a lot is about art, a lot is about disabled folks doing a full range of things they perhapss cant in rl, freedom to build atthe sandbox and include greek statuary or a bra on tv set- which won today- is imprtant too
[11:14] Hypatia Darkstone gets the sports peole to vist zindra ,who know what else they may find
[11:14] Kimiko Yiyuan But cool we have that in the backhand. :)
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo because its not like the otehrs...cross promos keep the identiteis to distinct, but fidn clever weays to complement eac h otehr
[11:15] Janicka Engineer Viale I have one small question
[11:15] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:15] Viale Linden Ok
[11:15] Janicka Engineer I have plan build some campus on Zindra Vortex
[11:15] Kimiko Yiyuan Ok, well, I do not really define adult content as wide as Temp just did, but if we move away from the sexual focus, then that makes things more easy, of course. Or should....
[11:15] Temperance Hax My adult sim is about not being unable to talk about whatever is wished
[11:16] Janicka Engineer when maybe includeing board for publish events from Linden meetings Google Callendar
[11:16] Janicka Engineer some in-world board
[11:16] Janicka Engineer but I will need for it public url of this callendar
[11:16] Janicka Engineer it is this callendar
[11:16] Janicka Engineer
[11:17] Kimiko Yiyuan Just mentioning that this sexual focus was the reason why that continent came into existence in the first place.
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo (Temp...did you get an asnwer about Vortex..if not, I may have an update for you
[11:17] Viale Linden janicka - did you have a question about vortex?
[11:17] Hypatia Darkstone dont forget mixed use, wi the divison mixed use location kind of died
[11:17] Smoovious Laxness and everything else that they took out of the Mature rating when they made Moderate more like General
[11:17] Janicka Engineer yes
[11:17] Temperance Hax can we deal with the cortex issue of rights for the caretakers to return prims, eject, setmedia etc as a matter of functional priority please- its feetonthe ground real issue devoid of philosophy
[11:18] Temperance Hax vortex
[11:18] Janicka Engineer I would like propose make some campus in middle of Zindra Vortex
[11:18] Janicka Engineer and this info boards can be part of it
[11:18] Viale Linden That sounds linteresting. Our focus is on the zindra sim for now,
[11:18] Qie Janicka, that doesn't appear to *be* a google calendar. the wiki contains the table entries directly.
[11:19] Viale Linden we can focus on vortex once we determine how to deal with the wasteland on the zindra sim
[11:19] Temperance Hax Janika will need media rights
[11:19] Janicka Engineer you mean that campus on Zindra Sim maybe better, Viale? :)
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo Jani..I nthink that you and the rest of the Vortex staff can decide these prblem, no?
[11:20] Vick Forcella Priority is the Zindra sim, the rest can wait
[11:20] Viale Linden Right Vick
[11:20] Temperance Hax viale thatgreat about yur focus butwhile you are off doing that please arrange for the caretakers tobe able to do thier jobs:) perhaps an after hours phoneline to call for help?
[11:20] Counter Landfall agreed
[11:20] Hypatia Darkstone we could use basic ablites to police(in both senses) vortex
[11:20] Hypatia Darkstone we cant now
[11:20] Viale Linden Yes, that will be part of the solution
[11:21] Temperance Hax Ginette no Janika is sayingshe needs tobe able to set parcel media- or getit done for her
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo Viale...we are still discussing Zinmdar Sim? if so, Ill state the posit9ion of ZEG, if you dotn know it yet
[11:21] Temperance Hax maybe she cangiveitem to gverner linden?
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo oh I see Tempy
[11:21] Kimiko Yiyuan Oh yeah, before I forget, there should be distintion between the Help Vortex and Quickstart, right? Just because Viale mentioned something about welcoming people earlier? As far as I know Quickstart will be located on one of those current wastelands.
[11:21] Temperance Hax vortex is sandbox but whensoemthingg oes wrong it justgoes wrong
[11:22] Temperance Hax itisnt fixed, its an urgent issue
[11:22] Temperance Hax id hatethe ress otbe tehre whenitgotgriefed or something
[11:22] Janicka Engineer in this I am sure that campus maybe good way for Zindra Sim
[11:22] Janicka Engineer with mentors here also
[11:22] Viale Linden my main concernr and focus is that people search for zindra and land in a ghost town on zindra sim
[11:22] Viale Linden We will solve that issue
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo Vial...permission to say my peace ab t Zindar Sim...for the record
[11:23] Viale Linden sure
[11:23] Counter Landfall ZA's submission should take care of that problem Viale
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo or is my recford already out there?
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo The Zindra Expo group has met many times and has consensus on this: ....... The Zindra Promenade is the name we want and the system we want........
[11:23] Counter Landfall it will not be empty
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo We've proposed it here in the past, tested the system with many people, had the concept approved and have been ready to move forward for many many weeks....... We have a team ready to start managing the process, and some simple next steps outlined. We even have a debut event (long overdue) that is related to SL Photographers plus other proposals for the team to screen.
[11:23] Vick Forcella Zindra remains Zindra imho
[11:24] Smoovious Laxness could make the Zindra sim itself a welcome area... with a sign "Welcome to the Zindra continent! 200 interconnected sims in every direction for your enjoyment! GO EXPLORE!" or something
[11:24] Smoovious Laxness don't see any neeed to rename the sim
[11:24] Viale Linden I agree that it needs a rename to remove confusion and I have no issues with Zindra Promenafe as a name
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo I can talk aboiut the 'name change' and/or the Promenade's actualt purpose
[11:24] Temperance Hax and inthe meantimeth enextplacethey find is vortex,,
[11:24] Smoovious Laxness in fact, renaming it, may just confuse it with the other Zindra locations that come up in the search
[11:24] Viale Linden no need ginette
[11:24] Qie and I have to say that the name "Zindra" is a boon not to be taken lightly. Objections to it keeping that name were based on old, false assumptions about its use.
[11:24] Slaton Linden Temperance, so you and others simply needs rights to manage Vortex?
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo tahnks Viale...'Promenade' has soem very good qualities abt it (the namew)
[11:24] Hypatia Darkstone Zindra Welcome Promanade ??
[11:25] Hypatia Darkstone just a thought
[11:25] Temperance Hax yes Slaton
[11:25] Janicka Engineer yes Slaton
[11:25] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:25] StarSong Bright i agree Smoovious. No need to rename the sim, why not just add the rest of it "Welcome to teh adult continent" in the parcel name? problem solved
[11:25] Viale Linden Thanks Hypatia
[11:25] Vick Forcella If Zindra sim is used the intended way, there would be no need to rename it
[11:25] Temperance Hax not so much me as the others- I dont answer lamps- thank heavens
[11:25] Counter Landfall Zindra Alliance does not want the sim to be renamed
[11:25] Ginette Pinazzo its not a rename...its an additio.;..its marketing basicsd ics here
[11:25] Temperance Hax and can calonthe others at speed build if they had the rights
[11:25] Kimiko Yiyuan Ah. I see. But to search for Zindra, Zindra has to be in search at a prominent spot in search. And people have to know that they can search for the that spot in the first place. My guess is that in search - if we stay with the sexual content for now - people will just type in Sex or something. Then locations will show up that might be on Zindra or maybe not...
[11:25] Qie Marketing of an outdated concept.
[11:26] Zada Bury The Zindra-Sim can be a kind of "central place" ... Help/education, small expositions/events, links (and offices) for Communitys, welcomeing area (but not "welcome hub" in LL-style) and more ... like a Sim what have all in ... and the other things of Ginettes "cornoers of Zindra"- idea (Vortex ... special building and testing, Zexpo-island-sims ... events, "Zindra Startup" ... welcome and verificatiuon hub) ... are "only" for the special use.
[11:26] Sissy Blitz why would a name change make any difference
[11:26] Temperance Hax its asimple operational issue increasinglyimprtant as more new people find vortex
[11:26] Slaton Linden OK, Janika and Temperance, we'll look into that.
[11:26] Vick Forcella A sim named Zindra can *only* be in Zindra, it's a protected name
[11:26] Janicka Engineer thanks :)
[11:26] Vick Forcella I can get me a sim and name it Zindra promenade
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo The reasons for the name adjustment have been explained in our literature and in this forum many times. It's about branding, common sense and removing resident confusion. It's Marketing 101, really.
[11:26] Viale Linden Thanks Zada
[11:26] Smoovious Laxness name the parcel Zindra Welcome Center if you want, but the sim itself? simply "Zindra" would do it... people don't talk about going to the Zindra PRomenade continent or even mention continent... they simply call it Zindra... by itself
[11:27] Ginette Pinazzo Yes, basic welcome info would be there, of course, just as it would be at any of the so-called '4 Corners' regions, but that sim (Zindra Sim/Promenade) is actually NOT the best region to be the MAIN 'gateway'. That distinction rests with Podyan, a topic for perhaps another day?
[11:27] Viale Linden can we move on to other subjects
[11:27] Viale Linden we seem to go off the cliff on this one
[11:27] Ginette Pinazzo happily moving on
[11:27] Temperance Hax thankyou Slaton- It isntglamorous but a simple thing that does deserve attention- the vortex is working well except for thatvery loud squeak
[11:27] Vick Forcella as long as you don't rename it.. ok :)
[11:27] Viale Linden Any adult region holders out there?
[11:27] Qie exactly: as long as you don't rename it.
[11:27] Innula Zenovka me
[11:27] Counter Landfall agred Vick
[11:28] StarSong Bright estate owners or mainland sim owners viale?
[11:28] Vick Forcella don't talk to me counter
[11:28] Viale Linden Innula - any feedback on the age verification process
[11:28] Janicka Engineer I am owner of private sim
[11:28] Smoovious Laxness yes, it is so obviously about marketing... which is why so many are against it
[11:28] Janicka Engineer with adult rating
[11:28] Innula Zenovka I'm delighted by it...
[11:28] Hypatia Darkstone was there ever an anoucement?
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo age verify seems.....simple!
[11:28] Hypatia Darkstone it seems tohave just happened
[11:28] Viale Linden That is great
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo good question, ypa...has the new process been publicized at all?
[11:28] Innula Zenovka i was surprised there wasn't an announcement, too, but it's now so easy
[11:28] Hypatia Darkstone this should have beendona along time ago
[11:29] Counter Landfall I think we have a constructive proposal what you can do with the simplicity Viale
[11:29] Kimiko Yiyuan What other names for the continent are on the table?
[11:29] Viale Linden its is in answers and Knowledge base
[11:29] Sissy Blitz we need a strong achitype that everyone agrees on
[11:29] Hypatia Darkstone the old method was just plain broken
[11:29] Viale Linden +1
[11:29] Counter Landfall can I share with the audience?
[11:29] Viale Linden counter please
[11:29] Counter Landfall For current residents:
[11:30] Counter Landfall this way you dont peddle adult, you make them confirm age
[11:30] Counter Landfall and make them adult ready
[11:30] Kimiko Yiyuan I meant the sim, not the continent.
[11:30] Hypatia Darkstone intersting idea sort them out on create
[11:30] Viale Linden Thanks countet
[11:30] Smoovious Laxness and if they aren't adult? skip past to the next page?
[11:30] Counter Landfall yep
[11:31] Smoovious Laxness I'm good with that
[11:31] Counter Landfall variation of the same on new signups
[11:31] Viale Linden How is traffic these days to your sims?
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo traffic? whats that? (joke)
[11:31] Janicka Engineer about 1-2000
[11:31] Qie (have to remember that there must always be support for "becoming Adult" later, too.)
[11:31] Viale Linden Nice Jancka
[11:32] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:32] Viale Linden - what is the content of your sim?
[11:32] Slaton Linden Janika over what time frame?
[11:32] Smoovious Laxness (can always go back and verify later like now()
[11:32] Janicka Engineer medival bdsm theme
[11:32] Viale Linden nice
[11:32] Janicka Engineer you mean my timezone?
[11:32] Janicka Engineer I have same how in Paris
[11:32] Hypatia Darkstone just had a negative thogh tho on making all acounts enter an age
[11:32] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:32] Viale Linden how are you promoting your region?
[11:32] Innula Zenovka My traffic is pretty much what it's always been. which is low because the sim is half our shop and half residential, and we like it that way... we are more interested in revenue than traffic
[11:32] Janicka Engineer with blogspot
[11:32] Viale Linden one sec Innula
[11:33] Janicka Engineer and with our own group
[11:33] Viale Linden pls post link
[11:33] Janicka Engineer all visitors are abble to jion on our region
[11:33] Viale Linden or send to me
[11:33] Janicka Engineer ok
[11:33] Janicka Engineer
[11:33] Hypatia Darkstone no way to test blocking of unverfied accounts without falsly regestering under age
[11:33] Viale Linden How do you promote your blog?
[11:33] Hypatia Darkstone for parcel aces testing etc
[11:33] Vick Forcella oh that looks cool Janica
[11:34] Viale Linden sorry for trading secrets
[11:34] Janicka Engineer sometimes I use also twitter
[11:34] Viale Linden good
[11:34] Janicka Engineer and with my profile
[11:34] Janicka Engineer in sl
[11:34] Viale Linden do you keep your tweets above the line
[11:34] StarSong Bright StarSong Bright has a sim with an average traffic upwards of 18-20k most days (no bots ever) this has been faily consistant since i moved from mainland to an estate when zindra was announced. I did not see a fall in my traffic, but we did a LOT of announcements and education (and protesting) about the "adult content changes".

[11:34] Smoovious Laxness if I understand right, verifying, or even entering an age, isn't mandatory... just that step included as part of the signup process?
[11:34] Qie ooo... Hypa, that's interesting. I never thought of that.
[11:34] Janicka Engineer yes
[11:35] Viale Linden sounds like a great way for others to promote
[11:35] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:35] Viale Linden on this subject
[11:35] Counter Landfall entering an age is part of the signup process
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo Star is a promotions dynamo
[11:35] Viale Linden I want to refine the messaging guidelines for the Destination Guide
[11:36] Viale Linden and allow for posts to the Destination Guide for Adult owners
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo fabulous
[11:36] Smoovious Laxness hmm
[11:36] Janicka Engineer yes I have plan add my sim to destionation guide
[11:36] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:36] Viale Linden Then you can use the DG asa better landing page for for your traffic via blogs
[11:36] Temperance Hax My sim i never look at traffic, it is my last concern
[11:36] Viale Linden slurls are not pretty landing pages
[11:36] Janicka Engineer I use also classified
[11:36] Vick Forcella Once Ziondra (the sim) is ready it would be a great destination :)
[11:36] Temperance Hax <= heretic with bosum
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo I assumje these guidelines will be in line with he new 'sophisy=ticated' approach to marketing adult?
[11:37] Smoovious Laxness perhaps if in your other info you make it clear that alt is intended specifically for testing age-limiting functions? so it is clear what it was created for?
[11:37] Counter Landfall Zindra sim should be the portal to the Zindra continet
[11:37] Viale Linden we have an ad widget on the destination guide that one can copy paste into their blog
[11:37] Kimiko Yiyuan I looked around the sim as well. While there is not much going on on the ground it seems there are always a lot of people all over, mostly somewhere in skyboxes. If those people "buy" or "consume" is another matter, of course, but that you can never tell from an outside position anyway. That is not different from other sims and continents.
[11:37] Janicka Engineer ahh really?
[11:37] StarSong Bright I would love to have Velvet Thorn in the destination guide but i never even bothered to submit it, assuming that as adult it wasnt possible
[11:37] Janicka Engineer where I can find it :)
[11:37] Kimiko Yiyuan I mean I looked around the continent...damn
[11:37] Hypatia Darkstone i think all prety much agree on that point counter
[11:38] Janicka Engineer this wigdet
[11:38] Viale Linden Innula - can you let us know your monthly traffic?
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo Podyan / Quickstart is the far more aningful 'portal' (though all these rregions can act as portals to an extent)
[11:38] Viale Linden one sec Janicka
[11:38] Innula Zenovka i never bother to look, I'm afraid.. the only metric i am interested in is our sales and our residential rents
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo Podyan is Moderate...its isoalted (safer) and can draw far more new peoepl
[11:39] Viale Linden ok
[11:39] Viale Linden is it meeting your needs
[11:39] Hypatia Darkstone podyan is th outside entry Zindra is the inside one
[11:39] Kimiko Yiyuan I think a good portal is a region that is classified as moderate and not as adult.
[11:39] Hypatia Darkstone what ever the name & format
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo outisde is what you nwant fro mthe 'gateway' (especially with moderate residents
[11:39] Innula Zenovka yeah.. i'm always interested in ways of promoting sales in our shops but i don't see traffic leading it..never have done
[11:39] Kimiko Yiyuan And Zindra is adult..
[11:40] Hypatia Darkstone ok cal it a startin point in adult
[11:40] Viale Linden just wondering Innula - are you using a blog? Twitter?
[11:40] Temperance Hax 'The destination guide is mixed blessing- we found bought flood sof people who cannot do anything as they have a crippled viewer andneeded to relog after turning it off- but maybe that has been fixed
[11:40] Qie Both are important, eventually, but the new process flow for brining in new residents to Adult directly at sign-up means that Zindra needs fixing first.
[11:40] Counter Landfall if every resident confirm their age, they will pretty much be able to get past this problem by just setting the amturity rating they want at any time in prefs
[11:40] Viale Linden Thanks Temp - we think it isa blessing
[11:40] Counter Landfall you are largely discussing yesterdays porblems
[11:40] Temperance Hax i love touse it to explore sl
[11:40] Counter Landfall problems*
[11:40] Innula Zenovka twitter sometimes.. and SLU, but mostly through groups and innumerable affialiate vendors, which we see as good ways of getting people to the main stores
[11:40] Viale Linden right
[11:40] Temperance Hax ithas the most wonderful things imaginable
[11:41] Innula Zenovka but i can see twitter we should use a lot more
[11:41] Zada Bury But ... btw ... since Friday seems Podyan a bit damaged. It not appear (for me) on the map. Sim crah totaly now?
[11:41] Viale Linden Can I see your blog?
[11:41] Counter Landfall LL has given us a tool to think new
[11:41] Vick Forcella I've discovered that Twitter can gve a massive traffic increas to a bog of... 20 or so
[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo keeping twitter 'clean' is a pretty good idea
[11:41] Slaton Linden for Destination Guide ad widget go to any DG entry page and click "Ad Widget" hyperlink under "View on Map" button
[11:41] Viale Linden Yes, Ginette
[11:42] Viale Linden we plan to give you all messaging guidelines to help you be successfui
[11:42] Janicka Engineer thank You Slaton :)
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo thanks Slaton
[11:42] Temperance Hax I found duran duran through facebook hehe
[11:42] Vick Forcella owl? Where?
[11:42] Viale Linden
[11:42] Viale Linden see under view on map
[11:42] Slaton Linden Vick, on the floor under the bar ;)
[11:43] Ginette Pinazzo remem,ber Duran Duran found us earlier this year>? that was funny (ended in tragedy though)
[11:43] Viale Linden we have plans for DD
[11:43] Zada Bury (( close to the coffeemachine ))
[11:43] StarSong Bright I have a proposal for you Viale, started writing it to email but never got to it. This new google plus. If LL has any sense, you will find a way to work out a deal with them and make an SL+ - a way for us to have our SL persons fully networked without connecting them to our RL things like Facebooks and those that really want you to use RL info.
[11:43] Temperance Hax I love them so much- I am glad:)
[11:43] Vick Forcella DD to a bdsm sim... DD goes Gorean!
[11:43] Temperance Hax ROFL
[11:44] Janicka Engineer btw I thing that is possible make in same style some Zindra banner for another pages/blogs for promote
[11:44] Ginette Pinazzo need to finish writing that proposal! sounds great!
[11:44] Viale Linden Thanks - we are very excited about the dev on sl profiles
[11:44] Temperance Hax if d goes goreani wont love them anymore, send them tofemdom I say!
[11:44] Temperance Hax lol
[11:44] Vick Forcella ... girls on film.... (that was HOT)
[11:44] Viale Linden I believe Google+ will have a painful TOS that will prevent your ads
[11:44] Temperance Hax ohyess
[11:44] Hypatia Darkstone why is the text limit on new profiles lower, i owuld think it could be higher, more details
[11:45] Counter Landfall they also started deleting fictual accounts
[11:45] Ginette Pinazzo we actually had soem DD videos shot on ZEXPO island...though the prooducreds changed mind late in the game (after many hours of shooting)
[11:45] Viale Linden I encourage you all to attend the SLCC inworld or in real life to hear our talk on Profiles
[11:45] Counter Landfall Googler wants warm bodies they can sell to companies
[11:46] Qie At present, G+ is not a safe place for an avatar-named account (although that hasn't stopped me)
[11:46] Vick Forcella well, the profile thing gave me Firestorm... that's a good thig
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo talk of Profiels? can you give us a teaser?
[11:46] Viale Linden I think SL profiles will be a very helpful community tool
[11:46] Counter Landfall agreed Viale, focus on Sl tools
[11:46] Viale Linden SL is a a platform with unlimited creativity and we beleive it is our edge
[11:46] Hypatia Darkstone higher text lmit pleas at last as much as the OLD version
[11:46] StarSong Bright and will that include email Viale? because we REALLY need a better internal communication system, heck even AOL had that 20 years ago now
[11:46] Janicka Engineer I see I thing that new function "Feed" will very usefull for me :)
[11:46] Vick Forcella The edge is also Immersion
[11:47] Innula Zenovka all the people in my G+ circles (bar one) are avatar-named accounts at the moment
[11:47] Viale Linden I cannot discuss roadmap, but we know that starsong
[11:47] Viale Linden big issue
[11:47] Viale Linden SL community has been very patient
[11:48] Viale Linden Good things are happening
[11:48] StarSong Bright yups! i couldnt agree more... for "retention" and whatnot, a full spectrum including email and profile circles and the ever so buzzword compliant social networking part would go a long way, not just for adult, but in general.
[11:48] Temperance Hax Its vital to beable to be private, sometimes- especially in adult sims, we may not be ashamed be want a brown paper wrapper. It sok for our friends toknow bu tnot our boss ,our mum, or our kids
[11:48] Viale Linden I like circles
[11:48] Counter Landfall an adult section in the profile would go a long way to ehlp
[11:48] Vick Forcella I told a few months ago, if there is a time to buy SL land it's now. Things are cooking
[11:48] Hypatia Darkstone good way to put it temprance
[11:49] Viale Linden +1 Vick
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo there a thinktank going that is discussing business and communicafrion tols liek mthat? (or is this it? haha)
[11:49] Counter Landfall it should only be visible to those that want to see adult content, plus people you want to share it with
[11:49] Viale Linden I would encourage you to attend the Profile user group
[11:49] Viale Linden Fredrik linden
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo got it
[11:50] Hypatia Darkstone when is that?
[11:50] StarSong Bright one thing i think LL shoudl examine about the G+ stuff is the "circles" - what you show to whom. Like what temperance said about kids and bosses - who can see what about you.
[11:50] Viale Linden However, we are encouraged by his progress
[11:50] Vick Forcella .... whispers: i was close to poofing Fred....
[11:50] Qie Tuesday - First Tuesday of the month 11:00-12:00
[11:50] Viale Linden My goal is to make communities more sustaining
[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo I have an out of the box question, since your mentioning otehr groups.....
[11:51] Viale Linden so they dont need a linden to go do things
[11:51] Counter Landfall self sufficient you mean?
[11:51] Slaton Linden yes, Counter
[11:51] Temperance Hax while disucusisng adult promotion- I think SL ignores the fact that so many a dult content users are disabled- sometimes they are married to each other in rl, so pls keep that in mind
[11:51] Vick Forcella We need more resident participation, less ego's too
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo SL on Mobile Devices.......where would one go with ideas for that?
[11:52] Viale Linden yes Vick
[11:52] Counter Landfall to the CEO Ginette
[11:52] Viale Linden Ginette - it is no unheard of
[11:52] Counter Landfall the viewer group has the possition it is not doable
[11:52] Kimiko Yiyuan Are we atlking about future improvements of SL that might or might not benefit us some time in the future or are we talking about the here and now? Because otherwise we might just stand up and wait till those things happen and then talk again. So, where do we stand at the moment? Will Zindra me renamed? yes or no? Will there be a greeting area? yes or no? and if yes, where? is LL getting involved and on what level? I think slowly it might be time to really make some decisions before we burx each other in some avalanches of proposals.
[11:53] Vick Forcella Zindra won't be renamed
[11:53] Kimiko Yiyuan bury
[11:53] Sissy Blitz A Art gallery exhibition might be good for promotion
[11:53] Vick Forcella It will be the welcome area
[11:53] Smoovious Laxness I hope it won't
[11:53] Hypatia Darkstone well without any generic office hours its hard to aproch subjects not on the list all ready
[11:53] Vick Forcella It'll be set to group
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo not full SL on Mobiel Devices...but supplemental apps to enhance and attarct new residents
[11:53] Vick Forcella LL won't be involved in manageing the Zindra sim
[11:53] Viale Linden Guys - we recently overhauled the community portal and it has some useful links
[11:53] Viale Linden
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo Zindar will be renamed, the sim that is
[11:54] Counter Landfall mobile support to make Sl relevant throughout the day
[11:54] Sissy Blitz I have a disability and struggle in sl and no seems to want to help me
[11:54] Sissy Blitz its frustrating
[11:54] Smoovious Laxness there is no reason to rename it
[11:54] Viale Linden Sissy - are you aware of virtual ability?
[11:54] Smoovious Laxness not even a good enough marketing reason
[11:54] Kimiko Yiyuan Good, so when it is renamed, when will it be renamed? Any reason why it still is not renamed? Or is it not that clear that it will?
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo there are countless sane reasons to rename it......its basic.....
[11:55] Viale Linden ok
[11:55] Smoovious Laxness there are not... you're exaggerating
[11:55] Viale Linden approaching cliff
[11:55] Hypatia Darkstone Sissy which veiwer is better? (if yoU have tried both)
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo besides, that train has left the station, as they say
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo (jumps over cliff to next cliff)
[11:55] Counter Landfall has it Ginette? Elaborate please
[11:55] Smoovious Laxness tracks have switches and derailers on them
[11:56] Qie if this is all a fait accompli, honestly, we have better things to do with our time.
[11:56] Sissy Blitz I was not talking about my viewer I was talking about my disability with mental illness and commicating
[11:56] Zada Bury A rename would be helpfull ... each time if you talk about "Zindra" ... you have to clearify "Sim or Continent"?
[11:56] StarSong Bright actually gina, as far as i can tell 99% of your points are addressed by simply changing the parcel name to include the welcome info, signs would also go a long way. that seems like a moot point. Things like staff abiility to return random prims in the vortex are clearly more important.
[11:56] Qie ("zindra sim" is a heck of a lot shorter than "zindra promenade")
[11:57] Kimiko Yiyuan And by the way, I do not really care what new name it will get. I just want this thing off the table. It begins to get annoying.
[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo hahaha
[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo now THAST the spirit Kimi
[11:57] Vick Forcella I'll tickle you again Kimi...
[11:57] Viale Linden OK - that it. We will have resolution on the name by next Monday
[11:57] Zada Bury "Zindra Central"?
[11:57] Smoovious Laxness Zindra Welcome Area as a sim name would even be doable... but... Promenade!?
[11:57] Zada Bury ZC
[11:57] Viale Linden Thanks everyone for your time today
[11:58] StarSong Bright also, when doing a search if you put zindra the sim comes up - exact word search to sim name... its why my sim is named how it is. If you go changing the name or adding anything it wont be first in search anymore.
[11:58] Viale Linden Keep the failth
[11:58] Qie thanks Viale, Slaton
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo Podyan is you FAR better 'wecloem area'...think abt it
[11:58] Janicka Engineer thank You Vilae :)
[11:58] Innula Zenovka thank you
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo ciao Viale, Slaton
[11:58] Vick Forcella tc Viale
[11:58] Zada Bury Thank's you two ^_^
[11:58] Janicka Engineer Thank You Slaton :)
[11:58] Smoovious Laxness agreed, StarSong
[11:58] Sissy Blitz Waves bye everyone
[11:58] Counter Landfall cheers guys
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo Im off to find coffee...ciao
[11:58] Vick Forcella Vick Forcella tries to hunt the owl

[11:58] Zada Bury Slaton ... only 1 coffee on the flight
[11:58] Hypatia Darkstone BY vIALE , sLATON
[11:58] Viale Linden I need a coffee
[11:58] Smoovious Laxness keeping the name for that reason alone is a better marketing decision than renameing it
[11:58] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:58] Janicka Engineer bye :)
[11:58] Vick Forcella Beer!
[11:59] StarSong Bright hes drinking under the bar lol
[11:59] Viale Linden yes
[11:59] StarSong Bright slaton i mean heheh
[11:59] Zada Bury *points on slatin* An owl is wrapped around
[11:59] StarSong Bright find any good bottles down there slaton? grins
[11:59] Viale Linden take care
[11:59] Ginette Pinazzo its not a reaname KEEPS the name, but adds a marketable and sensibl distinction, so as to sotop the confusion
[11:59] Janicka Engineer you too :)
[11:59] StarSong Bright bye viale
[11:59] Slaton Linden I like the floor ;) thanks everyone
[11:59] Smoovious Laxness that, is a rename, Ginette
[11:59] Vick Forcella Safe paths Viale, Slanton
[12:00] Slaton Linden bye and take care
[12:00] Smoovious Laxness save your market-speak for your droids
[12:00] Counter Landfall bye