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First Steps Before Creating a Jira

First, login to the Jira site with your Second Life Avatar name and password.

The next step when making any Jira is to make sure that someone else hasn't already filed one with the same thing you are reporting or requesting. This insures that all issues get the attention they need much faster. To check to see if your issue was already made go to the Quick Search box and try typing in some keywords. For example if your Jira is about a way avatars can go invisible try searching invisible avatars. Usuall a few pages of results pop up. Check the first couple of pages worth to see if your issue is there.

If you cant find your issue its time to make one. Press the "Create New Issue" Button.

Basic First Steps

First we need to pick the project and type of bug report to file. Here's a list of the normal keys most residents are likely to use:

  • VWR This is for anything that affects the normal viewers or affects all viwers
  • SNOW This is for anything that affects ONLY the Snowglobe viewer
  • SVR This is for anything that affects the servers (inventory, IM's, etc)
  • WEB This is for anything that happens on any Second Life website

Next since we are talking about bug reports we select bug from the next drop down menu.