German speaking Linguists/2008 11 06 Transcript

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A short summary of the topics and decisions of this meeting:

  • Explanation: i18n stands for internationalization, while L10n is used for localization. (further info)
  • Simone will have a look at the VAT KB article CT-36.
  • The terms Openspace and Homestead won't be translated. Homestead might have an additional description like: Homestead (Region für leichte Besiedlung)
  • Raised attention to and asked about contributions for MISC-1705 Meta issue - i18n and L10n issues
    • Responses from Danica:
      • @MISC-1418: "Terms of Service will not be translated for another 6 months"
        • Unofficial translations can be stored in the Wiki with an appropriate disclaimer.
      • @MISC-1281: "Arabic, we have some i18n issues around bi-directional encoding. so that will be a little bit more"
      • @WEB-821: "I am trying to change this. I think we'll get rid of browser language recognition by February. it is annoying I admit"
  • Request to have a look at CT-81 and the connected Wiki page in order to find bugs preventing localization.
  • The upcoming localization portal will be a toolset from Lingotek
  • A temporary glossary for French and German is available over here. This one can be used until the Localization Portal is in place (sheduled for January 2009).
  • Strife Onizuka managed to modify Template:Multi-lang in a way that it distinguishs LSL articles and non-LSL articles and adds them to a category for each language in case the translation is missing. See Template:Needs Translation for a collection of links to the related categories.
    • It is also now possible to mark translated pages as out of date (with only one edit) once the base page is changed. More on that at the next meeting.
  • Final decision on Sie vs. Du topic: You will be translated with "Sie" on the second life page since it also addresses businesses.
  • Simone Linden (German localization specialist) will shedule office hours in the future (no date set atm).


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