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We are happeh people, that are happeh to help! We wander around Help Islands, Sandboxes, random places, and everywhere in between to help out as much as we can! To be eligible to join as a happeh mentor, feel free to send User:Gnome Inkpen an IM in-world or read on down, and fill in an application form.

Group focus

Our group focus is to help new residents, learn the basics of Second Life, but we can always help with more! It is our hope to extend to as many different languages as possible, and to help as many residents as possible.

Join / become a mentor

To join Happeh Mentors, and become apart of our posse of happeh people, we have a few requirements that everyone joining must stick to. Read below for more information on the requirements. Once you have accepted the requirements below or HERE, you can fill out an application from below.

Once your ready, and want to join the Happeh Mentors group, click the APPLICATION FORM link below!



Happeh_Mentors/Requirements is the Happeh Mentors requirements page! Take a look at it before applying.

Happeh Mentor groups

Happeh Mentors blog

HERE is the official Happeh Mentors blog! Have a look if you are already a Happeh Mentor or if you would like to know more about Happeh Mentors, and get updates about us!