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Happeh Mentors Requirements

  • Follow the Second Life Terms of Service and the Second Life Community Standards.
  • Follow the Second Life Tao_of_Volunteers.
  • Be Happeh!
  • Must have a high level of knowledge about Second Life.
  • Must be able to commit to at least 1 day per week, be it 30 minutes, or a few hours. Just keep active!
  • Help people when needed, if your not up to it, ask in the Happeh Mentors group, to see if someone else can. Just don't leave anyone hanging.
  • Must have 1 available group space.

Consequences of not following the Happeh Mentors requirements may lead to removal from the group, inactive users (determined by no login for 3 weeks) will be removed from the "Happeh Mentor," role, and placed into the "Inactive Mentor" group role. Don't worry! We aren't mad, we know you can't be in Second Life at all times, it ok. Just send Gnome Inkpen an IM when you are back online, and you will be re-added. This step is to just keep things clean and organized.