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We (Linden Lab) love listening to our Residents' feedback. But "feedback" covers a huge amount of stuff, so let's be specific: what if you disagree with Linden Lab policy — like what's shown on the Policies & Guidelines page — and want to suggest a change?

On occasion and often in response to broad Resident concerns, we bring up an issue for discussion on the Second Life Blogs, where we'll provide an open discussion thread. This mainly applies to new policies, as well as policies we'll consider changing because they may not make sense over time. We may also use other communication venues to discuss policy, such as User Groups that meet inworld.

Some Residents use the Issue Tracker to informally suggest policies. However, since the Issue Tracker is primarily focused on technical issues like bugs, Linden Lab employees in general don't watch there for policy discussions, and your concern may be replied to by other Residents, but it's unlikely for a Linden to ever see it. However, "policy" in this case can also expand to such things as software licensing legalities due to open source contributions.

Before suggesting a policy change, please become deeply familiar with the material involved. For example, on the topic of intellectual property, you can't understand it without being knowledgeable about copyright and trademark mechanics. This in turn makes related discussions more productive for everyone. Do thorough research on how a particular policy came to be; issues that seem simple on the surface often have dependencies and good rationale behind them.

We're unable to change a number of things for practical reasons. For example, "All land should be free!" and "Don't ban anyone" are both unworkable and inactionable.

When legal advice is needed, specifics are essential. We can't provide a blanket answer for "all policies and situations" as each is different, and we recommend you consult an attorney.

In addition, some topics which are related to "service" or "policy" can be found as specific ticket types in the Support Portal, so when submitting a ticket, have a look.