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We have many Second Life Twitter feeds that we encourage you to follow and share cool and interesting pieces of news with us. And, we actively follow the following hashtags: #sl and #secondlife. Check page often, or "watch" it, to be informed as new Twitter feeds are added to this page. Thanks!

If you'd like to follow all of the accounts below, you can do so easily by just following this list created by the @SecondLife account.

Official Second Life Twitter feeds
Twitter Feed Description
Second Life This is the primary feed for Second Life/Linden Lab news.
SL Grid Status/Support Be the first to know about planned and unplanned grid outages and other platform news.
SL Ballyhoo This is a feed on fresh articles from SL Bloggers and other journalists.
Rodvik Linden Want to peek inside our CEO's head? Follow Rodvik Linden!
BK Linden What about our COO/CFO's head? Then follow BK Linden.
Torley Linden Follow Torley for Second Life tips, tricks, and smiles. Note: Also lots of non-SL content about Torley's other creative ventures.
Kelly Linden This is the feed specifically for LSL scripters--always valuable technology information on this one.