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To learn more about the last Second Life Viewer release, see the comprehensive Second Life Viewer Release Notes.

Release Notes for v2.6.5 (227385) - Second Life Beta Viewer

Released April 22, 2011

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • EXP-617 [SOCIAL-762] Viewer crash if first startup (with cleared settings.xml file) is in Advanced mode
  • STORM-1118 Viewer crashes when user tries to upload image without JFIF header

Bug Fixes

  • SOCIAL-714 Basic mode to launch with Destinations panel open by default
  • STORM-250 Unexpected "More" text appears in the About Landmark panel after minimizing the floater
  • STORM-610 Changes to Environment Editor: water color change is not saved
  • STORM-721 Information about resident is displayed incorrectly in mini-inspector if there are any resident or group SLURLs
  • STORM-954 SL Viewer 2.0 No nearby people when over approximately 1000 meters
  • STORM-1042 Disabled 'Save' button at the 'Create Landmark' panel
  • STORM-1083 Using -login client parameter always results in a last location unavailable error message
  • STORM-1094 Chat preferences > font size should increase size of input text in IM window
  • STORM-1098 Debug setting ShowNetStats has wrong description
  • STORM-1101 Using the -login parameter makes some keys and right click menus not work
  • STORM-1106 "Set scripts to running" on an object containing no scripts produces a "unknown notification" error
  • STORM-1108 Enable Hints menu entry/preference is confusing
  • STORM-1110 Remove old 1.23 purple text from alerts, anywhere else it appears
  • STORM-1117 Placing calling cards in prims should be disabled
  • STORM-1147 Other avatar's loose clothing\ flared cuffs look like they are tight\got no flare in v2.4.0 and higher
  • VWR-25278 Incorrect Help ID for Preferences > Colors tab
  • WEB-3796 First click in session on "Profile" button doesn't do anything

Translation and Localization Updates

  • STORM-1057 [TRUNCATION/LAYOUT] Make space larger for full strings to appear in the Move & View Preferences, ALL langs

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Known Issues


Possible Startup Crashes on Windows 7

  • STORM-1141 [VWR-25444] Win7 64-bit: 2.6.5 Beta 1 crashes on startup if locale differs from English
  • STORM-1188 Win7: 2.6.5 Beta 1 crashes on startup sometimes when using specific cache dir

'Search' and 'World Map' Links in Nearby Side Panel are Inactive

  • VWR-25581 'Search' and 'World Map' links in Sidebar are not clickable

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 2.6.2 (225998), 2.6.1 (225680), and 1.23 (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 2.6.5 (227385).