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This is the meeting tracking and progress page for the weekly Server BETA QA Meeting, moderated by Caleb Linden. Please contact him on AGNI for more information. You can join the Second Life Beta group for updates.

We meet every Thursday at 3PM PDT @ secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Morris/204/201/34 If you have issues to report, please use Jira.

Agenda 2017-05-25

Shiny status: Meta-shiny ahoy!

This week

  • DRTSIM-349 (Revenge of Jigglypuff) was fasttracked to RC status
    • DRTSIM-349 contains a fix for BUG-100704. Because changes to parcel access are high risk, we wanted to give it some time to soak on RC before we put it out on Second Life Server
  • DRTSIM-323 (Simulator OS Upgrade) moved RCs and is getting closer to a full release
  • We deployed some service changes to fix a bug that caused rare object loss on login
  • DRTSIM-348 (internal tooling and fixes) is now on Aditi
  • DRTSIM-340 (more internal fixes) is undergoing additional testing on Aditi

Next Week

  • DRTSIM-340 will go to RC on Agni, assuming we don't find any problems.
  • DRTSIM-323 will stay on RC for another week
  • DRTSIM-349 will become the release version on Second Life Server
  • DRTSIM-348 will be pile-on tested (let Mazidox know if you want to help!)


  • Mazidox made you a little present! What do you think?

Open Items

  • BUG-41503 - New "hand" made pre-alpha (... It's a couple cylinders), needs some texturing work and maybe a script
  • BUG-41220 - Issue is in the queue (2017-04-19)
  • How do we get more people interested in Aditi? - No update yet, needs to be talked out some more

Minutes from Previous Meetings