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Fourth meeting minutes

Meeting time: July, 2nd, 2007 Member present: Diahne Lane, Kristy Handrick

Announcement: I am going to buy a land in these days, and the land will be our InAEA meeting place in the future. (Start from next month.) In my plan, I will have a sky gallery that everyone in the group can have a show there. Besides the meeting time, the meeting place is our “Art educators’ lounge.” All the members can come to relax and talk or visit the gallery~ I will also put all the information about this group or art education information in RL in the lounge. If you have anything you want to share, please contact with me. After I done with the land and building, I will start to make a wiki page in Second Life Wiki. I will also post all the information about our group or group meeting minutes in that page.

Third meeting minutes

Meeting time: June 4, 2007 Member present: Artsie McMillan, Roberto Basevi, Rain Winkler, Kristy Handrick

Topic 1: Announcement: 1. We have 19 members now. If anyone knows someone is interested in art education in SL, please invite them. In InAEA, all the members is allowed to invite people to this group. 2. In the end of July, I will build up the InAEA wiki. And, also in the end of July I will try to buy a land in-world. Welcome any amounts of donation. 3. All the meeting minutes can be found in “group notice,” I will try to finish up the group meeting minutes within one week. 4. About the field trip, if anyone found any good places, and want to share, please let me know, thank you.

Topic 2: What do you think about Art education in Second Life—possibilities & Difficulties 1. is being able to give students the museum experience a. elementary school students they can't get in SL 2. to allow students to visit artists studios and exhibits 3. SL is a art place a. the first thing is making self portrait b. great to make 3D stuff c. scripts 4. to teach art in SL for college students is a nice thing a. They try to learn here.. Make here.. and have a show here b. staying in SL through out the whole process c. learning by doing

Topic 3: To make a web site/blog / wiki that can discuss on line post the meeting time and promote this group to people have never been in SL

Topic 4: Next topic & meeting time and place: July 2nd, 6:00PM PDT. At Glidden campus.

Topic 5: Field trip~ Virtual Starry Night - Vincent's, Luctesa (134, 213, 74) It is a really cool museum, if you have time, please come to visit~ ;)

Second meeting minutes

Meeting Time: May 23, 2007. 6:00 PDT Member present: Cate Ceawlin, Aargh Slade, EXB Allen, BloomingMind Loon, Marvel Recreant. Kristy Handrick

Topic 1: Meeting Date and time

Wed. is the time SL upgrade, Weekly meeting is too often. Therefore, Meeting become monthly, and chenge into Monday. The first monday in every month will be our meeting day~

Topic 2: suggestions for this group EXB Allen: maybe we can go to visiot other lands together --- have a group adventure! This is really a great idea, I (Kristy) think if anyone find any interesting place want to take other members to, please let me know before the meeting. We can have our trips at the end of the meeting.

Topic 3: do we need agenda for meeting or not YES, so, if you have anything want to discuss, please let me know before meeting.

Topic 4. McGuire Art Gallery Field Trip

NEXT MEETING TIME: June 4 (Mon.), 6:00 PDT

Everything is negotiable in this group! If you have any thought, please let me know~ I will try to get a land and a house before the end of this summer. My goal of this group is not for my own research or interests, but is to give a environment that all the art educators or people interested in art education can have a place to talk, to think, and to discuess together. So, if you have any friend want to join us, please invite them or let me know~

First meeting minutes

Member present: Ali Andrews, Austin Sands, Brooke Hyacinth, Cate Ceawlin, Kristy Handrick, Rain Winkler

Topic 1: Self introduction. Kristy, the founder of InAEA, I am a doctoral student in Northern Illinois University, major in Art Education.

Ali Andrews is the great builder of Glidding campus. Glidding campus belongs to NIU long distance learning department. I also work with faculty at NIU who want to use SL for their classes. Assistant director of eLearning at NIU. I have been here almost 2 years

Brooke Hyacinth: I teach at VCU. Virginia Commonwealth University

I am Rain OSU and Brooke's BF. I am trying to learn how to actually do the basics but I am interested in trying to discuss what I am experiencing

I am Austin Sands, I am not willing to reveal my identity generally. I am doing research on the legal impacts in RL of SL actions. I am a patent lawyer in RL. And computer lawyer

Cate Ceawlin: I am interested in semiotics, and think your topics may be related to my own research interests :)

Topic 2: Ali suggested that we can have a SL Art education resources library

Topic 3: What can this group do? This group is for art education. Hope every member can give Kristy some topics and suggestion that we can discuses in the future.

Topic 4: A web site for this group. Austin Sands:why not have a wiki?

Topic 5. Law and SL: Is not very related topic. If you are interested, please contact with Kristy, I will send you the whole discuession.

Topic 6. Conference room: Ali Andrews: we should set up a conference room in Altgeld until you have a more premanent space for your group with pose balls so you don't have to work so hard to sit properly

Topic 7. Field trip

Hope all members can come here and have a brief introduction of yourselves~ :) Wish I can hear from you soon~

The Fifth Meeting

Meeting time: September 3rd, 2007 Member present: Zbornak Docherty, Austin Sands, Jezebel Gibbs, Kristy Handrick Announcement: 1.At the first meeting I made an unfaithful and untrue commend about a professor from my university. I regret for what I had said and sincerely apology for it. 2.Another sorry is for everyone in this group. I didn’t know that if I publish our group land in “search” that everyone has to pay part of it. Now I just changed it. From now on, no one needs to pay that besides owners. If anyone wants to take that money back, just tell me the amount that you think you should get, I will give the money back to you. Really sorry about this. 3.We got our permanent meeting place from now! This meeting place is not only for our group meeting, if you need a place for any meeting, you are welcome to come here to use this place at anytime. Don’t forget to make a landmark here before you left, or you can set your home here. Please tell me what you think about this place, and how can I make this place better~ (I am thinking about rebuild the house, it does not look like art people meeting place. If you have any idea about it, please tell me, thank you :) ) 4.Thank you for someone who donates 51 sq. meters land for our group. However, I have no idea how to use that land yet. I will try to figure it out soon. And Thank you again. 5.We have our wiki now, I will put all our meeting minutes in the discussion section. So, if you didn’t join the meeting, you can use your user name and password in SL to log in SL wiki in order to give us your opinion. 6.The InAEA sky gallery will be the gallery for our field trip today. Hope everyone can give me some advice about this gallery. Also, if you want to have your show here, please tell me, you are welcome to have your show here! 7.I want to restate that even though I am a doctoral student and my dissertation might relate to Second Life, but this group is not for my own purpose. I just want to provide a virtual environment that all art educators around the world have a space to talk about art education or related subject. Therefore the website of InAEA will be established one day. At that time, we will have a better interface for post meeting minutes and an easier discussion board. (I might have time to do this in my winter vacation.) 8.Finally, after SL got voice, what kind of meeting do you want for our group have? Does anyone want to try the voice meeting? Or we just stay as the Regular (text-based) meeting? Suggestions: 1.prominent artist or art educator you might invite as a guest lecturer who could draw people back? 2.once the website is up, that would be a great place for announcements and such. 3.Maybe advertise at some of the galleries? (Dresden Gallery) 4.There's also a blog, the Second Life Insider. Maybe they'd do an interview with you, and generate interest that way? They're always doing profiles on established and new SL members. 5.I think you should better define your meetings, sometimes you could talk about the instructional aspect of art... and other just talk about some pieces 6.There is a huge meeting room at the DG. It holds around 70 people. Why not get a REALLY prominent artist or art educator to speak in that room? Use the meeting to recruit new members and stimulate interest in old ones.

Next meeting time: October 1st

2007 October Meeting

Meeting time: October 1, 2007. Member present: Diahne Lane, Ryano Fitzpatrick, Gamilon DeCuir, Ayla Tomorrow, Isabell Rieko, and Kristy Handrick Announcement: I. IAEA conference registration deadline is coming soon! October 5! II. IAEA conference is on October 26 and 27, in Chicago! ( III. NAEA conference is on March 26-30, Hilton New Orleans Hotel. Convention registration opens early November 2007. ( IV. InSEA conference 2008 Japan Osaka, congress theme: Mind + Media + Heritage. Registration will begin in October, 2007. Call for Papers will begin in January, 2008. ( V. Texas Art Education conference is in November in Galveston VI. If you have any other information about art education and want to share with us, please let me know, or come to the meeting share with us! Discussion: Do you think we can teach art practice in SL? The question should be: should we teach art practice in SL? Art practice would be difficult maybe art practice theory, such as talking about art education theory and philosophy. However, Black Board might be a better place for discussion. Some members have had some very negative experiences in SL and don’t think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, therefore, maybe teach art practice would be more safe in a university controlled environment, it would have to be an area set aside for education. Sculpture would be interesting to teach in SL. Some member mentions other 3d programs that are a lot easier and more intuitive. The future will be more and more digital and virtual - this could be a whole other type of art education. We may have to redefine art making for the virtual world, redefine art, or redefine art education. Right now art education is in a narrow box... Redefining art taught in high schools when it comes to digital - virtual could be the wave of the future beyond just digital. Digital art is not as valued as traditional art, but has more communication power in the 21st century. How to communicate change in a world that really needs it. It brings meaning to the viewer and the maker. Digital is also what the students are into! Art education should be much more than just teaching people how to be art teachers. Second Life could possibly be a way to break out of the traditional time and space of the classroom/school model. The 3d virtual world is a novelty that the previous generation did not have and is/will be attractive to students. Some members believe we can improve learning once we figure out why we should improve learning in the first place. Second life might be a good place to figure all of this out. We could create a social constructivist learning environment. It could give a whole new definition to art community

Field trip: Dresden Gallery. Next meeting time: November 5, 2007. 6:00 pm PDT (SL time)

2007 November Meeting minutes

2007 November Meeting Meeting time: November 5, 2007. Member present: Metaphor Voom, Rhianwen Enzo, Talitha Choche, Gamilon DeCuir, EXB Allen, and Kristy Handrick Announcement: 1. I move the meeting place from the ground to the air. Here is quieter than the ground floor. I put a transparent wall on the border in case no one will fall. Because of the height, maybe not everyone can fly to here. So, there is a free flight feather next to the screen on the ground floor. Please feel free to take and wear. 2. We are going to have our group website soon. Hopefully I can finish it before next time group meeting. Before 2008, this group website should have a discussion board, at that time all members can do asynchronize discussion on the web. (I am applying that from Yahoo now. If anyone has better idea about where to apply the discussion board, please let me know. Thank you. ) 3. The website will include what is InAEA, News, Meeting Minutes, SL URL, discussion board, Members’ gallery, Members’ link… (If you have any thought, please send me IM to let me know! Let’s make InAEA a better org. ) Discussion: What's next! When everyone can be an artist to have personal show on the web, what art education should do? Where is art education going? Art education can go in many directions. Just like RL, it is up to the educators and the students. The limits are only with the educators and students and their perceptions of their limitations and contextual limits. The trick is in educating the public about the art. It seems like we are always in the process of restructuring the language of art so as to facilitate communication. But ultimately, that is what art is – language. There are hundreds of artists on the web, but how is their work moving an agenda forward? The art educators today who are aware of this issue will have to help their students learn to interpret. Artworks beyond visual means not instead of visual means but in addition to the visual. The change in students since computers certainly bugs those who are teachers already. Computers are only another tool in the large toolbox. There are still many traditional art skills that we can and should teach in art class, but thinking has to be the #1 basic. Visual culture is "inherently interdisciplinary" as Nicholas Mirzoeff says. We have become the ultimate visual society. When teaching student to think through the art making process was not interested in art begin to get very interested. My first reaction to visual culture was that they were trying to replace art with visual social studies, but I have come to understand it in a better light. I have seen students take art more seriously and get more excited about it once art education moved from just making "pretty things" to having the art connect with real current life. Asking them to think beyond just the surface is hard for them at first but then they catch on. Many more advanced students feel we are being condescending if we say art is only about formal qualities. The trick with teaching through visual culture is too not let concept keep you from also teaching the basic skills and techniques that it take to make art. Field trip: Vive Voce - Art Center, Belleair Shores (241, 116, 21) Next meeting time: December 3, 2007 6:00 pm PDT (SL time)

2007 December meeting minutes

Member present: Rhianwen Enzo and Kristy Handrick Announcement: 1. Web-site. Have you seen the website? Do you have any suggestion about the web-site? No matter the content or the design, please tell me. What else’s we can add in the website? When you brows this website, do you feel any inconvenience? There is a page is for all our group members. If you want, you may email me ( ) your basic information: Your name (RL/SL), your personal web-site, your photo (RL/SL), your field of interest, and one of your art. Everything is optional. 2. Discussion board. Because Yahoo discussion board didn’t respond to me yet (if they did, there are too many things will be controlled by them), I am renting the new discussion board for the website now (we will use this at least for one year). You may register there! (The registration is easy; you only need to key in your user name (any user name you want to use!), password, and your email.) I will post the meeting minutes on the discussion board too. If you are not able to attend the meeting, you can also have the asynchronize discussion through the discussion board. 3. Chatting room. The chatting room in discussion board is for everyone to share all your experiences, feelings, information, and chat! If you need any help or have any suggestion, please don’t be hesitate, just post it! 4. Presentations. The NAEA conference is coming soon. If your proposals have been accepted, and you would like to give a try/practice before the real presentation, you may do this in the next couple meeting time! 5. Keynote speaker. I always want to have a keynote speaker in our meeting. If you willing to be a keynote speaker please let me know. Maybe it can be an experience that can put in resume. 6. Next group meeting time: January 7, 6:00 PDT, in SL.

Discussion 1. Publications, I am thinking maybe through the discussion board, we may have our own publications. I set up two sections; one is lesson plan, and another one article. We can do peer review, everyone can be one of the review committees. If one article been recommended by certain number of members, it can be put in the publication section in PDF format. If you want, we can also make your published article in the publication section that people can see your work online. A. Question 1, besides lesson plan and article, what else we can publish? B. Question 2, how many people need to recommend one article and it can be published? C. Question 3, do I need to apply an ISSN number for the publication? D. Any other thought relate to it? 2. What are other possibilities that this group can be? What are more we can do? What else you want this group to do for you? 3. Meeting time for 2008. I am so sorry that I will have class on Monday night next semester. Do you think Thursday will be a good day for us to meet? Or how about in the weekend? How about every month the first Sunday night 6 PDT?

2008 January Meeting Minutes

Member present: Achilles Kjeller, Liliann Ling, Gamilon DeCuir, Kristy Handrick


1. The InAEA discussion board is now been established. There are Announcement, Chatting Room, Before Meeting Discussion, Meeting minutes, Lesson Plans, and Articles sections. Some members use chatting room as a members introduction page. It is a very good idea. So, we are going to use the discussion board chatting room instead of the member page.

2. NAEA conference early bird registration is start from now till February 15.

3. InSEA Osaka conference proposal submission is starting now! The deadline for proposal submission is March, 31.

Discussion: How can we use the contemporary environment (such as SL, Youtube, Websites, Games, Animations, TV, Movies, Commercials, Magazines, Comic, and Digital Camera/DV)to help students’ creativity. A well designed lesson plans which includes newer technology may help students to improve their creativity. They should be made aware -all they know now are things like myspace for their own amusement - it is global because of the web – but not globally minded. If we expect that they will teach themselves about the resources and applications, will it involve culture and how does it involve media and life in general?

As much as we need to make things student centered and familiar, there are applications of what has been taught for decades and making the clear expectations for how they use the resources. Here are more and more places can help students to improve their creativity, however, there is one thing very important, they need to have good guidance

Giving students web resources and having them do research etc they put in papers that are submitted and discussed and topics are reflected upon and elaborated ideas are tightened up, I mean can you take something that's already done.

How many of your students use myspace? But the current paradigm we have, does it allow for educators to teach students to do "myspace" well?

From what little I have seen - students need much instruction to make the best use of cyberspace I have seen many students who were not interested in school or art - really get excited when getting the chance to create on the computer - they get addicted. Instead of playing video games they can learn to make them.

The more visual the world becomes - the more room for artists and creativity

Sharing link: moodle

Field trip: Gothic Castle & Cemetery - , Kitaro (62, 178, 69)


1. Achilles Kjeller suggests that maybe we can use visual conversations on the website. Now the discussion board is the basic one, we can only use the images which already exist on the web. We can’t up load images yet. I will try to figure it out as soon as possible.

2. How to make more people to join the meeting. Achilles Kjeller suggests that maybe we can have a book seminar. We can discuss a book in the meeting. (Please tell me what topic that you would like to discuss.)

Our next group meeting time will be February 3 (Sun). 6:00 PST (SL time), InAEA meeting place

2008 February Meeting minutes

2008 February Meeting minutes Member present: Liliann Ling, Achilles Kjeller, Pinkpeony Trefoil, Kristy Handrick Discussion: “Did you know 2.0” discussion (

In the for our children and students’ future, what can art do through technology? Does art education have any responsibility for our children’s future? Social justice, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and risk taking are necessary for them to have. One high school teacher post this on her blog said that her students think this video ( represent American culture. Actually many students they think, they criticize culture, environment, and their life. They want to learn. Some students will find meaning in the process of making and others will find importance in community, while others will like discussions most. When you're watching super bowl commercials, you can kind of tell how we see the world. We were very ethnocentric, however you look at it; one of the scariest things is that, television is so sticky. If you take a look at the impact of the commercials on our youth, why things are marketed a certain way. We learn from what we see. CRITICAL THINKING, reflections, aesthetic discussions. But there is a big concern that teaching in a critical way takes the joy out of some things. By analyzing things to the nth degree, it takes the fun out of them. We need to teach that critical thinking does not mean no humor, no joy but we will be clear about what we are looking at. Teaching in a constructivist way is important because it takes into consideration what students are interested in. Then you can analyze the good and bad aspects of those things. It informs them to help them better understand the big picture and how they analyze interpret their own culture. The sexist of Disney. We want our children to be judged on more than their body, their ability to sing and charm the prince. Media is all about stereotypes. A more constructive criticism is that it reflects 1950s morals and tenets of white Americans. Students want to create their own culture, it defines them. Young people are very aware of the ways in which they create culture they may be affected by media images. We seem to get students to join that aren't interested in popular trends, or leas they gauge their own sense of identity by how their friends see products, etc. Young people in fine arts typically are very self-aware Facebook, YouTube are all ways of conveying media & content, self-created media and content. Users decide what is important they have ideas, they have thought, media watches it to find out what is cool. Art plays in their lives and how they are able to really create some content videos, blogs etc. Students, younger people tend to live in an endless stream of user defined scenarios. The best content, web, video are created by those that have the media prowess. Disney has craploads of money for instance and a legacy to boot, sports logos, ipods, etc take the site where ppl can create ipod pictures of themselves or WARHOL style images of themselves like on photo booth, the apple software people are hungry for ideas about what’s current and how they influence everything. The urgency, the impact, etc can be pursued with a little technology and sharing of ideas. Its hard to get students to leave the wonderment and possibility in the online world.

Achilles Kjeller sharing link:

Field trip: Penn State's Island in Second Life

Next meeting time: March 2, 6:00pm PST (SL time)