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Please for now restrict discussion to whether or not the feature works as described on this description page, and whether or not the workflow and UI are understandable and usable. Other enhancements, such as being able to exchange settings or support for other features like rain and snow are not in our current project scope, so please just save them for another time or place. Oz Linden 20:15, 2 June 2011 (PDT)


  • In the Edit Day Cycle window, the line that reads '- Use the scrubber to preview your day cycle' is not user intuitive. It took me a while to figure out it meant to slide the yellow down arrow left and right to watch the sky change. Please consider something more constructive like 'Slide the arrow above the time line back and forth to preview your day cycle'. This will make it clear and easy to understand by those not part of the dev track who have NO idea what the secret code name for every piece of the screen is (scrubber to me is the script I use to clean prim params and scripting from an object in SL and something I was my dishes with in RL... scrubber, huh-wha?).

Charlene Trudeau 11:07, 3 June 2011 (PDT)

  • In the edit day cycle window, I'd like to see a preview option like previous iterations (Stop, play, timescale). this would allow people minimise the edit day cycle window, and preview the cycle as it changes, without anything blocking the view.
  • The window itself also it quite large, perhaps rearranging the buttons and such, and moving the help lines "click on a tab..", "Click and drag...", etc to a help button, which could bring up a detailed Help browser window. This could be applied to the other edit windows also.

--Uni Ninetails 16:59, 3 June 2011 (PDT)


  • Should we use color pickers instead of the 4-slider sets for the sky and atmosphere colors? They would consume more screen space, but might be more intuitive, and already support direct entry of numeric color values. We do this for the water preset fog color.


  • Sorry, but I hadn't read the wiki page, and I just filed a JIRA instead of writing here. Today's update (2_7_6_234269) made all prims black, except some HUDs and sculpties, which were invisible. This is the JIRA Otenth 20:38, 30 June 2011 (PDT)

SL day cycle question and discussion

Andrey Plechen wrote:

I have a question about day cycle settings. Wiki page tells that SL day cycle is ~4 real hours. So what is a starting point for SL day cycle? I imagine 12:00 AM of SL day cycle matches to 12:00 AM of the real day cycle and repeats every 4 hours. Can I determine somehow the current time of SL day cycle?

Oz replies:

I've done some reading in the code.... it looks as though the relationship between real time and time-of-SL-day should be stable; a given real time should always be the same SL time. I don't, however, see anything in the code that makes it easy to tell what that relationship will be.

Romaq replies:

I recall reading on text for llGetSunDirection something to the effect it depends on server up from a reboot... I'm guessing the main control process that kicks off everything. I regret I could not find a link to that info quickly, but a sharp reader might pick it up from somewhere in there. I have to head out. I must say it would be useful if that code could be located and have mainland/ default have a fixed, published relationship to UTC regardless of a full system reboot. Romaq Rosher 19:06, 12 June 2011 (PDT)

Info from testing phase

With the release of Viewer 2.8, this feature is now part of the official Second Life Viewer, so the associated article has been moved into the Official Second Life Knowledge Base. For reference, some of the information from the testing phase is preserved below.


Please join the Windlight Region Testers SL group if you are testing this feature. If you are an estate manager and have customized settings on a region, send a notice to the group to let other members know so that they can come and experience what you've done.

Feedback is welcome on the opensource-dev mailing list, group chat in the above group, the discussion page for this article, or in private email to Oz Linden.

Outstanding issues

There is a list of the outstanding known issues in Jira.

Test Regions

The two adjacent regions Akasha and Scheherazade are open for testing, each has a different custom windlight setting, they are also set up for Phoenix windlight parcel settings, with a different atmosphere.

The Hippotropolis and Hippo Hollow regions are adjacent and have different settings. The developers are using these regions heavily for testing so these settings may change at any time. They are a good place to see what region crossings look like.

The BlakOpal region is a standalone region using some exotic custom water settings and day/night cycle.

Caledon is a large multi-region 19th century Victorian & Steampunk community using different settings across the many regions.

~*Forest Floor*~ Forest Floor is a forest sim with horse riding, a place to wander and relax.

Bora Bora is a beach sim with unique normal water maps and sky preset.

Here, owned by Torley Linden, is a terraforming sandbox set to a charming sunset that evokes vintage photography, surrounded by glassy water. Looks lovely with the complementary lighting and shadows features enabled.