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Please see Linden Lab Official:Twitter for the official list of Lindens using Twitter.


Basic usage is to just include {{Tweeter}} on the user-page. Lindens are excempt from the usage of this template, as they should add themself to Linden Lab Official:Twitter, wheras everyone else is categorised under Category:Residents using Twitter.


To link to a twitter account while also categorising the article, use the first and second parameters.

  • Quick link: {{Tweeter|twitter name}}
  • Custom link text: {{Tweeter|twitter name|display text}}


The user parameter can be used to override the automatic user detection, whereas the type parameter can be used to override the automatic type detection (e.g. Linden vs Resident).

  • {{Tweeter|SignpostMarv Martin}} produces [[Category:Residents using Twitter|SignpostMarv Martin]]
  • {{Tweeter|Torley Linden}} produces nothing, as Lindens shouldn't use this template, but add themself to Linden Lab Official:Twitter.
  • {{Tweeter|Office Hours|type=Bots}} produces [[Category:Bots using Twitter|Office Hours]]