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aliceinwire Bleac

aliceinwire Bleac
Hello i'm aliceinwire

per la versione in italiano premere qui User:Aliceinwire_Bleac/it


My Msn:
Skype: aliceinwire


  • Languages: LSL, C, asm, html, Dhtml, php, asp, JavaScript, DOM, XML, Apache, SQL, AIML.
  • Platforms: Windows xp, Debian, MAC osx
  • Concepts: networking, operating systems, web developer, project management


  • I have created a presentation in power point for podcasting for use in university of milan
  • I have made some lessons at university of milan in application of IT Technologies
  • I have created some presentation for the onlus association for "i woman, i person"
  • I have created a webradio with shoutcast
  • I'm a DJ, producer, liveset player and i have release an EP
  • I was the administrator of microlab of ST Microelectronics (
  • I have buyed a island for learning the island owner system
  • I have learned LSL


03/2006 - 12/2006 SYS-COM activity of project management -technical product designer and informatic specialist manager staff: 6 - 10

01/2006 - 03/2006 x-gate s.r.l. activity of project manager for service about editing audio-video manager staff: 6 - 10

Language know

English(very good), Italian(mother tongue), japanese(elementary),french(discret),spanish (discret)

Dazzle Project

  • I have make a Dazzle purple skin :)


Purple Skin

Dazzle project page Viewer Visual Update

Dazzle torley version :)

orientation session

  • i will make the first orientation class in italian

Friday, Nov 16, 2007 - 7AM SL Time - ITALIAN SESSION - hosted by aliceinwire Bleac

Italian orientation class
  • english class:

Friday, Nov 9, 2007 - 7AM SL Time hosted by Amber Linden/aliceinwire Bleac
Saturday, Nov 10, 2007 - 8AM SL Time hosted by Mia Linden/aliceinwire Bleac
Thursday, Nov 15, 2007 - 4PM SL Time - hosted by aliceinwire Bleac
Saturday, Nov 17, 2007 - 4PM SL Time - hosted by aliceinwire Bleac
Sunday, Nov 18, 2007 - 7AM SL Time - hosted by aliceinwire Bleac

English orientation class 01
English orientation class 02
International Volunteer orientation hand outs

  • you can see my other class here


Office hours

aliceinwire Bleac's office

Topics: Interaction of Second Life with Web 2.0

  • Sunday @ 2 - 3 PM

Aliceinwire's office

Italian mentor Shirt

SL italian mentor t-shirt

Italian mentor t-shirt
Italian mentor t-shirt (retro)


Open the Second Life Dazzle group

  • make skin of the second life client
  • Help on the dazzle skin
  • know about new skins

Im me for join the group

SL Italian Mentor group

if you are a italian mentor Im aliceinwire Bleac or Michel Lemmon(Italian)

Flickr aliceinwire

[Flickr aliceinwire]

Bridie Linden's Office hour

Useful tips for making video


CTRL-ALT-F1 Hides all interfaces apart HUDs
ALT-SHIFT-H Hides all HUDs (MachinimaCam don’t need it, its autohide)
CTRL-ALT-D Shows the Client/Server debug menus. Activate it at all time.
CTRL-SHIFT-1 Shows system information, including Framerate
CTRL-SHIFT-4 Shows debug info, useful to see if the sim stopped responding

inventory optimizing

meeting logs

Language center

my language center

  • japanese
  • italian
Japanese language center
Italian language center