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   Cookie support for HTTP requests and responses
   llSetHTTPHeader() - Enable setting of headers in http_response()
   Allow llGetHTTPHeader() in the http_response() event
   llCreateBakedTexture() - Texture Baking for Scripted Objects
   llGetInventoryTime() - Added/Modified Time for Inventory Assets
   Adjust for Animation Download Delay
   Adjust for Drift in Looping Animations
   llStartAnimationSynced() - synchronised animation support
   llPreloadAnimation() - Per-Avatar Preloading of Animations
   llPreloadAsset() - Preload any object inventory asset
   Bezier Curve Support for llSetKeyframedMotion()
   KFM_STRICT_TIMING for llSetKeyframedMotion()
   KFM_SYNC_TIME - Synchronised Timing for llSetKeyframedMotion()