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6 AM (well, closer to 6:30 AM)

Torley Linden: Oh dear! My apologies I am so late!
Daten Thielt: its torley! XD
DJ Jenns: :o
Amphithetre Andalso: \o/
DJ Jenns: tut tut
Lyndsey Forager: tisk tisk torley
Lyndsey Forager laughs
Torley Linden: I should've slept NEXT to my alarm clock!
Jman Udet: lol
DJ Jenns: Detention for you young man!
Gumby Roffo: Welcome torley
Chase Marellan: Hi, Torley!
Torley Linden: *blush*
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Patchouli Woollahra: as punishment: we have a Pavlova. without watermelon in it.
Amphithetre Andalso: Morning ^.=.^
Qie Niangao: hi Torley :)
Torley Linden: Hi hi! So good to see you guys here... I am SO sorry and will stay later to make it up!
Fork with Pavlova (worn on right hand) whispers: Yum, Pavlova, a truly aussie tradition
Torley Linden: Hahaha...
Lyndsey Forager: well, its nice to have you here Torley
Phli Foxchase: :)
Chase Marellan: Here's a set for ya.
Torley Linden: Pavlova eh? What exactly is that?
Chase Marellan: seat, even. :)
Torley Linden: Nice to be here! *looks it up*
Torley Olmstead gave you The Particle Laboratory Landmark Dispensor v2.
DJ Jenns: lol don't worry about it fella we just worried slightly :p
Randal Kline: at least you made it
Torley Linden: Awwwwe.
Cabsav Lane: ohh, anyone know why why I cant assing a certain group to an object? it just sits at "finding"
Patchouli Woollahra: It's a type of dessert named after a Russian ballerina who was something like the Paris Hilton of early 20th century ballet.
Torley Linden: Yeah because I try to be good about informing when I can't make it...
Cabsav Lane: some days OK others not.?
Patchouli Woollahra: famous for a couple of... erm... decidedly undemure quotes.
Torley Linden: Patchouli, that sounds hecka classy! I think.
Patchouli Woollahra: Actually, it depends:
Gumby Roffo: Very Australian
Lyndsey Forager: Torley, if you arnt too sleapy, can i ask, is the sl client ment to remember the new colours i picked for the pie menu?
Torley Linden: I've been waking up too late this week, later than usual... OH, I'd like to share that sadly, I won't be having Office Hours next week because... I'm moving house!
Torley Linden: Lyndsey, it should remember them... if not, then it's a bug.
DJ Jenns: Congratulations :-)
Lyndsey Forager: woah, nice Torley
Amphithetre Andalso: Goos luck with that, that's a huge challenge
Lyndsey Forager: are you getting a nice place?
Jman Udet: congrats torley
Lyndsey Forager: whoop whoop
Amphithetre Andalso: *good
Gumby Roffo: OHHH OK EVA , Wolfie, And Simon send regards as they are detailed or now in bed
DJ Jenns: that means we can all fly over and see you ^_^ paint your house green and pink for a housewarming gift
DJ Jenns: lmao
Daten Thielt: lol
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Gumby Roffo: detained*
Cabsav Lane: hehehe
Patchouli Woollahra: Actually, Pavlova is more of a New Zealand recipe.
Patchouli Woollahra: scary, DJ.
Torley Linden: Awww, yeah, I hear moving is really stressful, I'm feeling some of the stress...
Gumby Roffo: pigs bum
DJ Jenns: yeah its a nightmare - so much stuff to remember
Chase Marellan: Congrats on moving, remember it will all be over eventually.
Lyndsey Forager: no wonder your a tad tired
Torley Linden: I'm going to live with my beloved, Jennifer. Nearer to Seattle, where some of you may know there's a LL office.
Cabsav Lane: has no sheep in it ?? can't be NZ
DJ Jenns: ohhhh very nice
Daten Thielt: that means ull have to go into work more :P
Patchouli Woollahra: LL has a Seattle Office?
Torley Linden: Haha yes we do!
Amphithetre Andalso: I got panicky when I had to move some of my stuff up from florida and it didn't show for a few months
Lyndsey Forager: woahhh, your moving big style torley
Patchouli Woollahra: oh yeah, I can imagine how bad it gets when the grid is really going to hell.
Patchouli Woollahra: "Sleepless In Seattle"
Patchouli Woollahra: Now with TomHanks Linden.
Torley Linden: I work regularly with a number of the Seattle Lindens and they are awesome.
Amphithetre Andalso: Man, Seattle just gets cooler and cooler
Torley Linden: Patchouli: What a sense of humor. ;)
Gumby Roffo: Torley may I IM you about LL
Lyndsey Forager: does that mean you will go into the office for work now?
Patchouli Woollahra: I don't believe there was ever a LL Canada office right?
Torley Linden: I'm sorry I can't do IMs while having OFfice Hours, too much going on and I'd like to focus on open chat. You can certainly email me about it (, my IMs tend to be difficult to manage.
Torley Linden: No, never a formal LL Canada... and very few Canadian Lindens on the whole.
Gumby Roffo: yep understand
Jman Udet: :(... boo that
DJ Jenns: ahh I went and emailed your Gmail instead (doh)
Patchouli Woollahra: On the bright side, if the grid goes bad they can't Blame Canada.
Jman Udet: we'll see if i get in tho... *crosses fingers
Gumby Roffo: I have applied to be a IW helper
Chase Marellan: YOu mean we don't get to sing? :)
Lyndsey Forager: well Torley, wish you lost of happiness with jennifer - and that your move goes well
Patchouli Woollahra: I've tried, believe me, if you're Australian your chances seem to be a tad slimmer than they should be.
Patchouli Woollahra: Jennifer = Ravanell Zugswang?
Amphithetre Andalso cheers to moving onward and upward in life
Torley Linden: Awww thanks!
Torley Linden: PatchoulI: Yup, says in her profile, so I hope I'm not giving away too much RL info there. ;)
Chase Marellan: Very much so!
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: Thank you so much!
Patchouli Woollahra: nah, you're good.
Torley Linden: Hahaha I remember that South Park movie!
Patchouli Woollahra: Personally, I prefer to blame San Francisco these days.
Lyndsey Forager: lolol
Marianne McCann: Hey... dun blame SF!
Daten Thielt: Torley whatever happend to the Yahoo Time Capsule?
Marianne McCann: Hiya
Torley Linden: But yeah, we are also building out a DNOC team... Prospero (who has office hours to and is my mentee) is on it... stands for Distributed Network Operations Centre... to provide more global, round-the-clock coverage of grid crises.
Chase Marellan: Hi Marianne
Lyndsey Forager: Hiya Mrianne :)
Torley Linden: and other things which MUST BE DONE (TM).
Amphithetre Andalso: Yahoo has a what? :o
Torley Linden: Daten: I do not know, was that the one buried at Chichen Itza? Or am I thinking of another?
Amphithetre Andalso: Rather, had
Daten Thielt: im not sure i havent been able to pull up to much info about it
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley: I dunno. would a DNOC team have any room for a fresh graduate out of University?
Marianne McCann waits for the world to load
DJ Jenns: Torley can you tell us any more specifics on the IBM partnership announcement this week?
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: PatchoulI: I don't know, but it'd be best to ask someone on the team or someone like Ian, Charity, or Mark, who are Ops veterans.
Patchouli Woollahra: I don't believe Chichen Itza was meant to be a grave, but more a celebration of life.
Patchouli Woollahra: I suppose I should.
Torley Linden: DJ: I wish I knew more but past the official announcement I haven't heard many "juicy details"...
Patchouli Woollahra:, and stuff?
Patchouli Woollahra: Juicy is for oranges.
Patchouli Woollahra: and watermelons.
Lyndsey Forager: it sounds fabby torley
Torley Linden: Patchouli: Yes, or I just use ... same thing though for the most part.
Torley Linden: Mmmm watermelons.
Chaley May: Hey Torley is there a way to get a personalized surname and choose who can use it?? I know some big businesses have them like reuters
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: I dunno, how do our prims carry over to other worlds?
Torley Linden: There has been so much going on, it's amazing.
Patchouli Woollahra: Chaley: speak to BIlling.
Torley Linden: Patchouli: I'd like to know how that works myself!
DJ Jenns: thanks anyway, oh and Torley to make you feel at home in office hours, I better ask this - Whens Windlight Due ?
DJ Jenns: hehe
Marianne McCann laughs
Patchouli Woollahra: customised Lastnames in SL are available, but the cost may have changed since I first saw the option.
Torley Linden: We do have a Names program in the works... I'm not involved with that but, hmmm... Jesse is.
Chaley May: Patchouli you know how much that costs?
Lyndsey Forager: Torley, did you ever have sweets called "Jolly Rancher" in watermelon flavour?
Patchouli Woollahra: I believe it is a all-you-can-name option for a flat fee every month.
Torley Linden: YES I have Lyndsey!
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Amphithetre Andalso: So we should just chant windlight windlight windlight at Torlet? ;p
Patchouli Woollahra sucks on some sherbet from Woollahra, NSW>
DJ Jenns: yes
Lyndsey Forager: you used to get jolly ranchers in scotland
Chaley May: ok
Marianne McCann loves the Jolly Ranchers, but prefers the sour apple ones
Torley Linden: And Lyndsey I'm posting an update to my SLTotW saying that sadly, pie menu colors don't persist after login. Gosh, they should.
Gumby Roffo: LOL
Amphithetre Andalso: I haven't had one of those in ages.
Torley Linden: Hahaha Amphithetre, my profile says it all... some of it, anyway.
DJ Jenns: they were awesome but Cremola Foam was SOOOO much better
Gumby Roffo: Go Balmain
Lyndsey Forager: i wishthey did, hey are so pretty
Daten Thielt: Torley from my exsperiance, if u want something in the debug menu to stick u need to edit the XML file
Lyndsey Forager: Oohhhhh Cremola Foam, i would love a foamy fizzy glass
DJ Jenns: I cant believe they took it off the shelf for the chemicals in it :(
Chaley May: Torley can we get any way from LL to recognize us as having SL businesses?
Lyndsey Forager: the recipie was sold to nestle and they dropped the brand
Chaley May: I want to set up a business but need a business account
DJ Jenns: Cremola Foam btw for those outside scotland - was a powder substance you add to water and it made a very fizzy and sweet drink
Patchouli Woollahra: DJ: yeah, sad innit?
Amphithetre Andalso: Oooh, I had something like that in germany
Patchouli Woollahra: what's the world coming to when parents won't let their kids experiment with chemical poisoning?
DJ Jenns: so sweet it singlehandedly was blamed for the state of childrens teeth in scotland lolol
Lyndsey Forager: cremola foam, just add water
Amphithetre Andalso: just not fizzy. Used to eat it raw 8D
Torley Linden: I've never had Cremola Foam.
Patchouli Woollahra: Nothing is singularly responsible for tooth decay... except maybe consumption of excessive amounts of citric acid.
Marianne McCann: Patc - dat they're not bein fun?
Lyndsey Forager: its like sherbet added to water
Patchouli Woollahra: what can I say Marianne?
Torley Linden: Chaley: I'd recommend contacting support about those arrangements too.
Marianne McCann grins
Patchouli Woollahra: The era of personal responsibility is dead in most parts of this world and that.
Torley Linden: EWWWW tooth decay!
Chaley May: ok
Lyndsey Forager: i used to suck a finger and dip it in the cremola foam tin and suck it off my finger, mmm yummy
Cabsav Lane: hehee
Torley Linden gets all freaked out seeing gingivitis pictures and whatnot.
DJ Jenns: lol Lyndsey you radge
Daten Thielt: Torley why cant more lindens be a little more sociable like this lol
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Patchouli Woollahra: Daten: because most Lindens don't have autism to help them around in world.
Cabsav Lane: stuffs the image?
Amphithetre Andalso chuckles
Gumby Roffo: ah we now have touse on our cigarette packets
Gumby Roffo: like canada
Gumby Roffo: those
Patchouli Woollahra: Autistics have a significant edge when communicating in Second Life as it reduces the non-verbalistic cues we rely on so much in real life.
Chase Marellan: Patch: That's one way to look at it.
Patchouli Woollahra: It also helps that he has a sense of humor.
Patchouli Woollahra: MELON SNOOOOW
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: Hahahaha.
Daten Thielt: lol
Lyndsey Forager: chocolate rain
Chase Marellan is also an Aspie and can definitely sympathise.
Lyndsey Forager: yum
Torley Linden: Daten: How do ya mean? Some other Lindens have Offices Hours too in case you're curious.
Torley Linden: Awwwe.
Patchouli Woollahra is looking for some good places to film landscapes at.
Torley Linden: Patch: Thanks for filling that in!
Amphithetre Andalso: Hrm
Jman Udet: torley - lol, u arent a part of the torley fan group, and yes u do have one...
Patchouli Woollahra: I plan to spend the first few hours of the next Windlight beta shooting.
Amphithetre Andalso: My rent plot...oy
Patchouli Woollahra: I found a beautiful song to pair it with.
Marianne McCann: Patch: Straylight. Livingtree.
Amphithetre Andalso: I have a nice view off of the hill on my plot
Cabsav Lane has his ears stuffed
Torley Linden: I like photographing new regions with nothing on them...
Patchouli Woollahra: Australian band Pendulum: Hold Your Colors.
Lyndsey Forager: woahhhh, blast off, what was that
Amphithetre Andalso: ¬_¬
Chaley May: can never find where to contact in world about support
DJ Jenns: Torley - I've sent you an email, when you have free time could you give me your advice on it :-)
Lyndsey Forager: dod someone fart lol
Torley Linden: Okay okay please don't blow us up!
Marianne McCann laughs
Torley Linden: DJ: I'll have a look and try! :D
Patchouli Woollahra: Chaley: I recommend the f1-accessible support portal.
Daten Thielt: came from behind me but they dissapeared from the minimap
DJ Jenns: thanks :D
Amphithetre Andalso: coward D:
Patchouli Woollahra: If possible have a premium subscription ready, or a concierge level holding.
Chaley May: ah tnx Patch
Patchouli Woollahra: I dare say that people should hold premium accounts for at least their first few months in Second Life even if they never use the land.
Patchouli Woollahra: The main problem is that cancelling costs money.
Marianne McCann: I only went premium to buy land
Daten Thielt: and the fact that all it dose is open up support, wich isent realy fait
Chaley May: cancelling a premium account dont cost money i dont think
Daten Thielt: fair*
Patchouli Woollahra: It does.
Phli Foxchase: I stoped my Premium account cause of VAT
Lyndsey Forager: I hear the cost of having land is going up, on top of the additional vat, im just glad i rent
Chaley May: i cancelled mine
Jman Udet: it only does to reactivate it
Lyndsey Forager: or did rent till i got eveicted
Amphithetre Andalso: Me too
Patchouli Woollahra: ah.
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Amphithetre Andalso: renting, that is
Patchouli Woollahra: rentals are dangerously risky.
Chase Marellan: Why's that, patch?
Chase Marellan: Bad landlords?
Daten Thielt: hehe even with VAT ive been able to avoide m prices going up lol
Marianne McCann: Seriously. Maybe not bank risky, but close!
Gumby Roffo: only with the wrong folk
Patchouli Woollahra: the main issue is that there is no real law behind them, only the ethical bona fides of the landlord.
Chaley May: i cancelled mine for VAT too looking solutions before i can buy anything now
Lyndsey Forager: the landowned couldnt afford the island i was told, then her eveicted everyone and is redeveloping
Chase Marellan: patch: True.
Amphithetre Andalso 's been lucky mit renting so far
Gumby Roffo: I was thinking of starting a sale on bank in a box
Chaley May: I need SL to recognise SL businesses and see me as a business customer not a consumer
Patchouli Woollahra: charging VAT on what is essentially one of the biggest groups in SL has proven to be a trite bit problematic.
Lyndsey Forager: oh yes
Lyndsey Forager dosent like VAT
Jman Udet: this is going to look nasty when it comes out of the lag spike :O
Patchouli Woollahra: That's the problem. at what point does a person stop being a occasional trader and start selling for a living?
Torley Linden: Big financial changes like that, I can sympathize.
Torley Linden: Lag spike? :O
Patchouli Woollahra: Lag spike!
Marianne McCann: We're looking at offering rentals someting in the first part of next year, an tryin to figgure out what our policies will be
Patchouli Woollahra: that's what they did at the last griefing.
Amphithetre Andalso: Yeah, just got big packet loss myself
Patchouli Woollahra: Spike Linden attended.
Lyndsey Forager: im reguarly hit by the lag tsunami
Torley Linden notes that some Lindens are working on a Lag-O-Meter for the viewer... still tentative but it's useful.
Patchouli Woollahra: Lag-O-Meter... does it include a choking bunny?
Chaley May: Its easy really.. I can look around SL and see what is business and what is homes and if they are rented or not
Patchouli Woollahra: The grid is run on bunniez!
Marianne McCann: Been seeing a lot of dat latey, Patch. Lag Spikes an all sorts of funness
Chaley May: i think most of SL is businesses
Patchouli Woollahra: Chaley: at a personal level, yes.
Patchouli Woollahra: Chaley: now try passing that judgement at a macro level.
Patchouli Woollahra: Even Meta and the statistics teams are still fumbling a lot on that aspect.
Chase Marellan: I'd say to go by incorporation, but I understand that can be crazy expensive in Europe?
Torley Linden: We are continuing to work on more metrics too... about Service Quality...
Patchouli Woollahra: and it's not for want of competence, though the fact that Crystal Reports sucks for massive number juggling helps.
Marianne McCann: Ya, anyting dat increase the info, I tink
Chaley May: I think its easy to do Patch
Patchouli Woollahra: There's the question: if it is easy to do, why hasn't it been done?
Torley Linden: I don't have too much familiarity with Crystal Reports like our metrics gurus (like Meta!), but why do you think it sucks, Patch?
Chaley May: for how much money LL will lose now they can easily afford new lindens to investigate the use of lands
Patchouli Woollahra: Maybe it's not really easy.
Lyndsey Forager: you dont neet to pay much to be a Ltd. Compay but it is expensive to be a PLC and floated on the stock market
Chaley May: and create sepreate business accounts
Torley Linden: Patch: Sometimes because there are many other easy-to-do things which get done first.
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley: Working more than six columns with it has tended to be like juggling with fiery lead boxing gloves.
Chaley May: I just dont think everything is thought of
Chase Marellan: Lyndsey -- when you say "not much" would it be feasible for people to get those designations?
Patchouli Woollahra: There's easy, and then there's easier.
Patchouli Woollahra: easier to get the easier stuff done first.
Chase Marellan: Patch: Now THERE's a vivid image. :)
Cabsav Lane: ohh, anyone know why why I cant assign a certain group to an object? it just sits at "finding"
Lyndsey Forager: oh yes, you can buy a LTD Company for a couple of hundred pounds
Chaley May: I got the feeling from the Zee meeting that they wasnt looking for solutions in the right place.. mainly pointing elsewhere rather than what LL can do
Patchouli Woollahra: Cabsav: lookup issues :(
Amphithetre Andalso: Lag? Switch sims or relog :/
Cabsav Lane: duhh me !
Patchouli Woollahra: I think we need to start remembering that at some point, LL wants to be a development company, not a government.
Marianne McCann nods
Chaley May: yes LL should be devoloping its way to a solution
Torley Linden: Cabsav: Hmmm... which parcel is this on, how long has it been happening? I'm investigating an issue where parcel group shows as "(???)".
Gumby Roffo: yep
Lyndsey Forager: well, i must be going, i am off to pick up my first ever pair of contact lenses :)
Patchouli Woollahra: The days of mad colorshifting LOLcubes riding explosions and firing watermelon cannons is long over.
Torley Linden: So if you see the dreaded "(???)", send me coordinates, I'll share them with Wiggo Linden, our developer who's working on that.
Chase Marellan: Bye Lyndsay, have fun!
Amphithetre Andalso: Huh, I've had that happen at my rental plot
Cabsav Lane: Torley will send you info.
Torley Linden: Have a good one Lyndsey, good to see you!
Marianne McCann: Have fun, Lyndsey!
Patchouli Woollahra: mad Lindens I mean. riding LOLcubes on explosions.
Torley Linden: Hope you see better too, I'm looking forward to better glasses myself.
Torley Linden: It's a tradition for Lindens to grief each other at the end of a Liaison meeting.
Amphithetre Andalso: Where do I send coordinates to?
Daten Thielt: Torley ahve u heard of any problems with the about land objects box showing items as (loading) or (hippo)
Chase Marellan: I'll bet that's something to see. :)
Lyndsey Forager: you too torley, see ya all
Patchouli Woollahra is still thinking of her cooking.
Torley Linden: Amphithetre: Email me or comment in the issue... sec, I'll get the #...
Patchouli Woollahra: I'm baking smething tomorrow, and it's gorgeous..
Cabsav Lane:
Patchouli Woollahra sniffs.
Marianne McCann: Yes, but do you AR each other?
Gumby Roffo: later lyndsey
Patchouli Woollahra: I love it when a Flan comes together.
Torley Linden: Thanx Cabsav.
Torley Linden: How punny is that!
Patchouli Woollahra: It's only griefing when not everyone has given their implicit approval at least.
Chase Marellan: I love it
Torley Linden: Amphithetre:
Torley Linden: AKA "Group name showing as (???) in About Land, IM tabs, and object edit window"
Amphithetre Andalso: o7
Patchouli Woollahra: Orbital parties are okay if everyone agrees that getting orbited is fun and a good time.
Patchouli Woollahra: LOLcubes. ditto.
Torley Linden: We'd like to stomp that out.
Amphithetre Andalso: got it, I'll get right on it
Cabsav Lane: weeee !
Torley Linden: Thanks!
Torley Linden: It's crazy , some of these annoying sound cubes I hear in the sandbox...
Amphithetre Andalso: Yay hlping to fix things
Patchouli Woollahra: I should point out that that's one of the reasons why Somethingawful Goons are buying their own private region.
Torley Linden: I was thinking of doing one with Bjork's "Triumph of the Heart" but then stopped myself.
Torley Linden: Yayzerama. =)
Amphithetre Andalso: Are they really now?
Gumby Roffo: the tiny ahhh's ?
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley: the zombies, the batmanbox, or the elderly gay porn cubes?
Patchouli Woollahra: Also: the IWorld team has been experimenting with some cool new ideas in Orientation.
Marianne McCann: We had the "stop racism" ones in our home sim for like two days
Torley Linden: Patch: There's another one that has a sort of Mega Man beat and a vocal intonation similar to the Batman one...
Jman Udet: they have elderly gay porn cubes now?? geese, it's been a while since ive been there
Torley Linden: @_@
Patchouli Woollahra: Jman: it happens.
Gumby Roffo: I'll rez one for demo , Torley feel free to delet it after
Patchouli Woollahra: Elderly gay pr0n. 90% of us don't need it.
Amphithetre Andalso: lol, intarwebz, Really
Torley Linden: BRACE YOURSELF.
Marianne McCann: With a very choppy "Hava Nagila" loop
Patchouli Woollahra: Suddenly I'm glad the speakers on my PC don't currently work.
Amphithetre Andalso: It's the internet. I'm _always_ braced
Patchouli Woollahra: it can't be a coincidence that my first airplane works by curling the pilot into a ball.
Marianne McCann: Hadda get an Anshe Chung person out because the dgriefing objects were stuck on her plot
Gumby Roffo: one of those lil buggers
Randal Kline searching for the AR option on his menu
Torley Linden: OK that's horrible!
Torley Linden: That's definitely horrible!
Torley Linden: *returns it*
Torley Linden: :O
Daten Thielt: yea the vis is worse
Daten Thielt: vid*
Amphithetre Andalso: desu? D:
Gumby Roffo: cheers
Patchouli Woollahra: boku?
Torley Linden: At least no one has made a noise out of Merzbow yet...
Patchouli Woollahra: baka.
Torley Linden: we'd all be deaf.
Torley Linden: :|
Amphithetre Andalso: what just screamed?
Torley Linden: Merzbow = "noise artist"...
Marianne McCann: Ick!
Patchouli Woollahra: well, it could be worse.
Torley Linden: Amphithetre: Gumby put out an "AHHH!" object to demonstrate and I promptly returned it.
Patchouli Woollahra: we had a zombie outbreak at Kuula a fortnight ago.
Amphithetre Andalso: Phew
Chase Marellan hasn't seen the zombies yet.
Amphithetre Andalso: I know I'm tired, but not _that_ tired
Marianne McCann: Jes get some Raid Ant and Zombie spray
Gumby Roffo: is there such a thing , arts is new to me since SL:
Patchouli Woollahra: It's amazing what you can do with a poorly configured particle rezzer. really.
Daten Thielt: indeed
Amphithetre Andalso: Art + SL = love
Patchouli Woollahra is still working on the new cliche versus pairing.
Chase Marellan: So serious, what are these zombies?
Patchouli Woollahra: Army Ants Versus Navy Seals!
Torley Linden: What's the "new cliche versus pairing"?
Torley Linden: Ohhh.
Gumby Roffo: yes but a noise artist?
Marianne McCann: Totally, Amphithetre
Torley Linden: Well welly well.
Amphithetre Andalso: Well, to get technical, all music is just controlled noise ;p
Torley Linden: Gumby: If people can make money off of heavy metal, then taking distortion to extremes is possible too!
Marianne McCann: Fuzzy warbles?
Patchouli Woollahra: zombie fish.
Daten Thielt: some more controled than others
Torley Linden: "Is it music or noise?" That is a longtime philosophical question for sure.
Gumby Roffo: hehehe true point n case
Torley Linden: Usually according to people's subjectivity, if someone likes it, it's music. If they dislike it, it's noise.
Amphithetre Andalso: Oh yes, very true
Chase Marellan: Especially if you have kids. :)
Daten Thielt: i thaught i had seen everything untill i saw a theremin the other day1 lol
Torley Linden: Theremins are fun!
Amphithetre Andalso: <3 theremins
Chase Marellan: Oooo, theramins.
Torley Linden: I have never played one but I saw a YouTube video of a robot playing a theremin.
Randal Kline: have a question about About Land->Ban->Banned Residents! will the avatars be removed if their accounts are no longer around or removed?
Amphithetre Andalso: I met my first one at a children's museum
Marianne McCann: Theremins is great
Torley Linden: The Portishead track "Mysterons" samples a theremin.
Patchouli Woollahra: BTW, here's a youtube clip of the Pendulum song I wanted to set a Windlight video to:
Daten Thielt: look up the be happy one of it lol
Amphithetre Andalso: giant, piano sized
Torley Linden: Such spooky sounds... I think Clara Rockmore was one of the great pioneers.
Patchouli Woollahra: Theremins are hard to control, but once you get the hang of them, they can be very good at spooky.
Daten Thielt: or gnarls barkley lol
Patchouli Woollahra: it can't be a coincidence that the sound of a theremin conjures up fears of the unknown.
Gumby Roffo: OH Captain Scarlet
Torley Linden: Randal: Hmmm, good question, I'm not sure if the disabled account avatar names disappear from that list, but they do disappear from the Search > People tab if they're cancelled/banned.
Torley Linden: *checks out YouTube link, digs Pendulum*
Amphithetre Andalso: It dosen't do that with me
Jman Udet: ive seen them not appear ya
Torley Linden: OMG YES, "HOLD YOUR COLOR" is one of my faves!
Amphithetre Andalso: Mostly just *prick ears* oooh, theremin!
Marianne McCann: Wonderful version of Vocalise on theramin:
Patchouli Woollahra: I believe that's the case, or if a Linden decides he needs the privacy while working enough to do a invisible login.
Patchouli Woollahra: Frontier Linden does that a lot these days for example.
Torley Linden: If it wasn't illegal or if could get the rights easily, I'd totally do a WindLight clip to "Hold Your Color"...
Torley Linden: Yeah Frontier, busy-busy-busy, we had a good brief chat yesterday.
Torley Linden: I often am swamped in stuff myself, I can relate.
Patchouli Woollahra: How's the crazy cat and his kitten anyway?
Patchouli Woollahra: I haven't spoken to him for AGES.
Chase Marellan: Torley: did you try asking?
Torley Linden: Doing well, and wearing A LOT OF PINK!
Patchouli Woollahra: PINK.
Jman Udet: oh, btw, torley, lol, i saw governor linden yesterday, lol... that was quite unexpected
Patchouli Woollahra: Jman: Governor Linden is a mule.
Marianne McCann: The Gov is someone I ain't never spotted
Torley Linden: Chase: I don't know the best way to contact them. In my wistful mind, I keep hoping I'll talk to them directly and not have to negotiate with record labels...
Patchouli Woollahra: at any time it could be any one of several dozen Lindens.
Marianne McCann: Oops
Torley Linden: I've controlled Governor Linden myself, it's mainly Guy Linden and a few others who pilot the Gov nowadays. I hope that doesn't spoil any Santa Claus-esque fantasies. :)
Jman Udet: lol, but still... always wondered what av they would choose..
Patchouli Woollahra: Actually, they're based in the same city as me.
Chase Marellan: heheheh... I'll bet you could. I've tracked down some contacts here and there. I'll see if I can find something.
Patchouli Woollahra: I could try to say hello.
Torley Linden: Patch: They're Perth-based aren't they?
Torley Linden: I eagerly await their 2nd album!
Gumby Roffo: Ah before I trundle off Torley. you presence has been requested at the ABC to look at the lane ways project, LM to follow
Torley Linden: I want Pendulum + DJ Fresh to collaborate, that'd be the rockingest drum 'n' bass!
Torley Linden: Ohh thanks for the heads-up Gumby.
Patchouli Woollahra: in any case, it can't hurt to drop them an email about it.
Patchouli Woollahra:
Torley Linden: Yeah... :D at least to say I'm a fan, where's their addy Patch? On their site? (I haven't visited in awhile.)
Chase Marellan: There you you! :)
Torley Linden: "Don't try to save yourself... the circle is complete." What does that even MEAN? But I think it's wonderful.
Torley Linden: Thanks!
Chase Marellan: go, even. :)
Torley Linden: *gets landmark from Gumby*
Gumby Roffo gave you ABC SANDBOX TOWER, ABC Island (234, 207, 41).
Gumby Roffo: Gary Hazlitt made the construct
Amphithetre Andalso: Speaking of music, I just re discovered Astral Projection
Torley Linden: Drum 'n' bass is great driving music.
Amphithetre Andalso: *purrs*
Torley Linden: Ohhh goa/psytrance?
Amphithetre Andalso: Goa/psytrance ish, yesyes
Gumby Roffo: now back to D&B
Patchouli Woollahra: Maybe you could ask someone from the LL Brighton offices to attend their gig in Brighton on 07 Nov 2007?
Marianne McCann: Ya, I was a big fan of 187, far as Drum an Bass
Torley Linden: Haha, yeah, I'd like to hear a psytrance/DnB hybrid.
Amphithetre Andalso: Hawt
Torley Linden: Patch: Hmmm I wonder who is already a fan, Jeska met one of the Hartnoll brothers in England awhile ago.
Torley Linden: She just ran into him near the LL Brighton offices!
Torley Linden: Apparently.
Torley Linden: Haha, "hawt" as a spelling makes me smile.
Patchouli Woollahra: They're based in London these days.
Amphithetre Andalso: That's why I use it ^.=.^
Patchouli Woollahra: Maybe you could relay that request through Brighton?
Torley Linden is always up for any music vids that show Second Life or some recognizable tip-of-the-hat to it.
Torley Linden: Perhaps I could!
Torley Linden: We sure are getting international.
Patchouli Woollahra thought about it only because of a really sweet fanhack of World of Warcraft content to a happy happy sort of mood.
Marianne McCann: Always amazes me, the number of Int'l visitors I get comin' through
Amphithetre Andalso got typed at in japanese a few days ago
Torley Linden: Oooh.
Amphithetre Andalso: Very ooh
Marianne McCann: The Babbler is almost a requirement anymore
Torley Linden: Amphithetre, I like the code streaming upwards from you.
Torley Linden: Apparently, the article on Unicode characters is one of the longest, if not THE longest, in Wikipedia.
Marianne McCann: I wish it did Korean, because the island seem to get a large contingent of Korean users
Amphithetre Andalso: I was feeling matrix-y, thank you :)
Torley Linden: Hmmm... any particular reason why The Babbler doesn't do Korean yet... ?
Torley Linden thinks Matrix code is pretty neat graphic design.
Marianne McCann: Dunno
Marianne McCann: I does Pirate, after all
Amphithetre Andalso: It's getting to be overused :/ designers think lolmatrix is still edgy
Torley Linden: Mari: Hahaha I didn't know it did Pirate-talk!
Amphithetre Andalso: Yes it does :3
Torley Linden: Anyone else here familiar with the work of Keep Adding? Freakin' awesome blend of computer graphics and street graffiti.
Marianne McCann: Ya - used it all day on the 19th
Torley Linden: Oh, that'd be the best day, arrr.
Gumby Roffo: bloody hell I need an up grade them
Marianne McCann giggles
Gumby Roffo: Then*
Amphithetre Andalso: graffiti's so underappreciated :(
Marianne McCann: I was running a big treasure hunt dat day, an kinda hadda!
Torley Linden: I think graffiti's appreciation is sometimes a large question of "where?".
Torley Linden: Patch your group title cracks me up.
Patchouli Woollahra: You should see the one I had for a while.
Patchouli Woollahra: "NotPatchLinden"
Amphithetre Andalso: tee
Chase Marellan: hahahahaha
Patchouli Woollahra: seriously.
Marianne McCann: Heh!
Patchouli Woollahra: I'm getting a lot of IMs meant for Patch, and Patch is getting a lot of IMs meant for me.
Torley Linden: Haha Patch.
Torley Linden: Oh my!
Torley Linden: I wonder why the mixup...
Marianne McCann: I need a "not RobinSojourner's Alt"
Torley Linden: your avatars and otherwise are quite different I think...
Torley Linden: How come you get mistaken for Robin Sojourner, Mari?
Chase Marellan: Yes, but Patch here is so helpful, I think people assume she's a Linden.
Marianne McCann: We're both involved with Livingtree, an they know she has a kid alt
Entering god mode, level 200
Removal of the object 'Object' from the simulator is disallowed by the permissions system.
Marianne McCann: So people put 2 an 2 together an get 3
Torley Linden: Ah yes, the helpfulness is shared.
Torley Linden: Ahhh.
Chase Marellan: I have to remind myself occasionally that you're not, Patch.
Marianne McCann giggles
Removal of the object 'Object' from the simulator is disallowed by the permissions system.
Torley Linden: Ohhh I see.
Patchouli Woollahra: I wouldn't mind being in IWorld, but Mick has explictly invited me not to reapply for the position.
Patchouli Woollahra: So I suppose I should respect his decisions.
Torley Linden: Aw.
Patchouli Woollahra: Mind, at the risk of offending him, I think he's making a mistake.
Patchouli Woollahra: and I know those are fighting words with him, but I don't care.
Torley Linden: You sure have a lot of belief/tenacity in yourself Patch.
Cabsav Lane: sorry everyone, I have been called away in RL.. must shoot off .. Thanks everyone, good discussion...
Patchouli Woollahra: I KNOW I'm good, dammit.
Torley Linden: Have a godo one Cabsav!
Chase Marellan: Bye Cabsav
Patchouli Woollahra: take care Cabsav.
Dizzy Banjo: lol hopelessly late..
Dizzy Banjo: howdy all
Marianne McCann: See ya Cabsav
Chase Marellan: Yes, Patch, you are.
Amphithetre Andalso: o/, Cabsav
Patchouli Woollahra: See? There is ALWAYS someone later than Torley :D
Torley Linden: While I'm not in a position to determine who's best-qualified there, Patch, last I heard, Mick was transitioning to QA?
Patchouli Woollahra: He is?
Torley Linden: *checks my notes*
Dizzy Banjo: i was lost in awe at the Orange Box ;)
Chase Marellan: :) Hi, Dizzy
Dizzy Banjo: hi :)
Torley Linden: AFAIK when I work with IWorld, it's often Maurice I talk to.
Marianne McCann: I was early, myself. I showed up yesterday for office hours
Patchouli Woollahra: :wrinkles her nose.
Torley Linden: I'm not the savviest on team organization but that's my personal experience.
Gumby Roffo: Almost midnight here, HHUgs Toeley and see you next friday if not before
Torley Linden: Yup, Mick is in QA right now. :)
Patchouli Woollahra: Dizzy: The Orange Box is cool is it not?
Amphithetre Andalso: wait
Torley Linden: Heya Dizzy!
Dizzy Banjo: very
Patchouli Woollahra: Peggle Extreme ftw!
Amphithetre Andalso: orange box?
Marianne McCann: See ya Gumby
Torley Linden: Have a good one Gumby!
Chase Marellan: bye gumby
Torley Linden: Bye! *hug*
Dizzy Banjo: hi Torley :)
Gumby Roffo: ahhh back to work
Patchouli Woollahra: More games should have unicorns with Headcrab infestations!
Dizzy Banjo: Valve are just the doods
Patchouli Woollahra: Unicorns > Watermelons, sadly.
Torley Linden: Portal looks SO fun, I saw a Flash rendition of it, unofficial.
Amphithetre Andalso: Oh! THAT orange box. Yes. oH my yes
Marianne McCann: Ick!
Marianne McCann: Headcrabs...
Gumby Roffo: Later all thanks for sharing
Dizzy Banjo: im so excited today.. i just got the commision for a new PSP, 360, DS and Wii game !! :D
Patchouli Woollahra: There's a thought: we should have a Portal-like introduction to Teleporting in second life one of these days.
Patchouli Woollahra: Dizzy: what, no PC?
Marianne McCann: 'grats, Dizzy!
Gumby Roffo: ( apart from head crabs)
Dizzy Banjo: yeh the teleports are awesome
Torley Linden: Why do they call it "The Orange Box"?
Dizzy Banjo: dunno really
Amphithetre Andalso: Because it's eye catching?
Torley Linden: Patch: Grrr, for me, Watermelons > Unicorns! Or at least, unicorn WITH A watermelon on the horn, as in the case of Torse Jr.! ;)
Patchouli Woollahra: Because Doctor Freeman's suit is violently yellow.
Patchouli Woollahra made the Torley Headcrab screech! "Watermenlons... goood..."
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Marianne McCann: I saw a store the other day with HL2 goodies. The exploding oil barrels were great
Amphithetre Andalso: haha score
Patchouli Woollahra: Exploding barrels rock
Patchouli Woollahra: I even have some in my inventory.
Chase Marellan: OK, what's this portal we're talking about?
Torley Linden: I like the G-Man's delivery, I'd like to voice-act a villain like him.
Amphithetre Andalso dives for cover
Torley Linden: Chase: The Portal game with unorthodox tunneling transportation that's part of The Orange Box.
Dizzy Banjo: Portal is a very cool game Chase.. based in the Half Life universe.. which uses Portals to teleport you between locations
Chase Marellan: OK that explains it. What's the Orange Box? :)
Chase Marellan: I missed this morning's video, if that would explain it. :)
Marianne McCann: Icky, Patch!
Dizzy Banjo: its kind of like the portal between worlds in the Croquet demos..
Torley Linden:
Chase Marellan: Thanks!
Torley Linden: A collection of games from Valve.
Torley Linden: You're welcome!
Patchouli Woollahra: it's a collection of Halflife 2's first three episodes, plus Portal, Team Fortress 2 and CounterStrike Source.
Amphithetre Andalso: nom nom nom
Chase Marellan: AH! OK, thanks.
Patchouli Woollahra: And if you order now, they'll throw in Peggle Extreme.
Chase Marellan is no longer int he dark. :)
Patchouli Woollahra: which is Peggle. with headcrabs, striders and other Orange Box exclusives.
Torley Linden: Peggle Extreme sounds fun...
Patchouli Woollahra: Then preorder dammit.
Amphithetre Andalso: Maybe the box is orange because it's a gamer's breakfast of champions?
Marianne McCann: Oh, saw dis link this morning. I wonder if someday this sort of thing with avatar interaction will be wed to an SL environment:
Torley Linden: Hehe always great to learn more stuff, Chase.
Torley Linden: Amphithetre: HAHAHAHAHA...
Torley Linden: OMG...
Torley Linden: THAT CRACKS ME UP.
Dizzy Banjo: also had some very interesting news from Nat Mandlebrot from Cruxy this week :
Amphithetre Andalso: ^.=.^
Torley Linden: That just appealed to my sense of humor so spontaneously.
Torley Linden: *checks out Dizzy's blog again*
Dizzy Banjo: i didnt believe this when he told me..
Chase Marellan: Torley: That's the name of the game! :)
Patchouli Woollahra: BTW, this is the video that got me thinking about a Windlight intro video with the song:
Dizzy Banjo: but it plays long streams of audio segments quite successfully
Patchouli Woollahra: The guy who made most of it hacked his WoW art files and turned half of Azeroth's ugliest places all pretty.
Marianne McCann: I'm being good an not even bringinsg up Windlight. I wined enough on Snapz
Marianne McCann smiles
Torley Linden: "Breakfast of champions" is a phrase I find irresistably funny.
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: Yeah.
Daten Thielt: woot dident realise u can change the default prim texture from the debug menu lol
Torley Linden: WHEATIES...
Torley Linden: Patch, gosh, I want a watermelon headcrab.
Torley Linden: Please.
Amphithetre Andalso: tee
Patchouli Woollahra: Until I hit level 70 this morning, every piece of armor on my Gnomish warrior was postfixed with "Of The Champion".
Dizzy Banjo: i like how WoW always has this clunky cartoon feel..
Dizzy Banjo: sort of rich clunkyness
Patchouli Woollahra: I gave you one in Feburary. didn't you take it out to feed on watermelon occasionally?
Torley Linden: BY GOSH...
Torley Linden: It's... crawling out of my inventory...
Torley Linden: and...
Dizzy Banjo: haha
Patchouli Woollahra: do a search for Torley Lamarr.
Marianne McCann giggles
Amphithetre Andalso: o_o
Torley Linden: I didn't feed it enough.
Dizzy Banjo: lmao
Torley Linden: For that, I am suffering re-percussions.
Patchouli Woollahra: The Pink And Green Box.
Chase Marellan: bwahahahahaha....
Torley Linden looks guiltily into the maw (?) of the headcrab.
Dizzy Banjo: its eating all that Torley brain
Patchouli Woollahra: BTW, has everyone in here tried Dying Like Marat yet?
Torley Linden: Haha why not just call it "The Watermelon Box"? Do we need to explicitly name colors?
Marianne McCann: Yup, Patch
Dizzy Banjo: lol patch
Torley Linden: Yes Patch, I died for awhile, what art.
Marianne McCann: It's cool
Marianne McCann: How about Rezzable Halloucinogen?
Patchouli Woollahra died in there as well.
Chase Marellan: no, I haven't.
Patchouli Woollahra: I think "Everyone Wants To Die Like Marat" is a great name for an art rock song in SL.
Torley Linden: I'm not familiar with that, Mari, landmark please?
Chase Marellan: me too, please?
Torley Linden: I am thankful for landmarks to art installations!
Marianne McCann: Sure
Torley Linden: "Art rock" makes me think of... "math rock". Anyone else know Atlas' "Battles"?
Amphithetre Andalso: What, rezzable hallucinogen like the acid you can wear as a hud?
Marianne McCann: It's the new site by Light Waves/Starax
Dizzy Banjo: hey Torley did you check out Adam Ramona's stuff the other day ?
Patchouli Woollahra: Also: while I was talking to Char Linden for a while, I caught this fish.
Marianne McCann: (He came out a week or two ago)
Patchouli Woollahra: It's a Gundam Fish.
Daten Thielt: lol
Randal Kline: cool
Patchouli Woollahra: BTW, is Char's other surname "Aznable"?
Torley Linden: Patch: I'm trying to figure out a pun there... is that meant to be serious?
Torley Linden: Thanks Mari.
Torley Linden: Dizzy, YES I DID.
Patchouli Woollahra: No, it's not.
Dizzy Banjo: lol patch i want that for my pool
Torley Linden: I went with Ravi, it was a lot of fun, we took some pictures.
Jman Udet: kk, it's been fun to listen :) i gotta go continue work on my sim b4 i fall too much behind, lol. Cya's
Marianne McCann gave you Rezzable Hallucinogen (245, 126, 39).
Dizzy Banjo: yeh supercool isnt it
Torley Linden: Hallucinogen... okay, I reckon that'll be trippy.
Patchouli Woollahra: Oh, (but what about) the huge manatee?
Torley Linden: Jman, have a good time doing that! Which is your region?
Marianne McCann cams around to find Chase
Dizzy Banjo: maybe they will eat each other ?
Torley Linden: Patch: Manatee that haz bucket? What am I missing here?
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Amphithetre Andalso needs to get to work on her plot too
Marianne McCann: Oh! The hug Manatee!
Dizzy Banjo: Patch gave me a vast Manatee for over my pool
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Marianne McCann: huge*
Torley Linden: HAHAHAHAHA.
Torley Linden: OH MY GOSH.
Chase Marellan: hahahaha....
Torley Linden: That's freakin' funneh.
Patchouli Woollahra: User to supply own burning tower.
Daten Thielt: Torley is there any chance that we can get a RAW file editor 3d style for windows and linux, not just Mac lol took me 4 hours to get my regions right lol
Dizzy Banjo feels at home now
Chase Marellan: I wondered what that thing over your pool was. :)P
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: it's a huge manatee!
Marianne McCann loves a good sight gag
Chase Marellan: I see that now. :)
Torley Linden: Daten: Hmmm I wish there were easier RAW file editors, I think that Cadroe Murphy created one for Windows...
Dizzy Banjo: its the "influence of patch"
Torley Linden: I don't remember its name offhand.
Daten Thielt: ;o i will have to search
Patchouli Woollahra: One of the dev Lindens also did a Mac RAW Terrain Editor.
Marianne McCann: I gave you an LM to the art show, ya Torley?
Patchouli Woollahra: His old lastname was Vantongerloo, I'm not sure who he is or was.
Torley Linden: Yes Mari I haven't been there yet, thanks!
Chase Marellan: I gotta go take care of my grandfather, excuse me while I go AFK so as to not lose the log. See you all in 2 weeks...
Torley Linden: Zarf Vantongerloo and he created a WICKED Mac RAW editor.
Torley Linden: WICKED, WICKED, WICKED. Of course he's a brilliant programmer and nice guy so that really helps.
Patchouli Woollahra: I preferred his notary service.
Dizzy Banjo: hope everythings ok chase
Patchouli Woollahra: I use that a lot.
Dizzy Banjo: take care
Daten Thielt: yea i saw the RAW editor for mac, even tryed getting windows to run a mac emulator to use it
Patchouli Woollahra: it's as close to a legalistic and formal contract signing as I can get in Second LIfe.
Marianne McCann: I wish there was RAW layer for controlling land textures
Qie Niangao decides to flee, lest he be attacked by another Vast Manatee of Death (and to get some work done). He *poofs*, waving happily.
Patchouli Woollahra: Doesn't anyone here use Photoshop?
Torley Linden:
Amphithetre Andalso: FLEE!
Torley Linden: I use Photoshop too, but it's meh for RAW...
Dizzy Banjo: lol cya
Torley Linden: at least that's what I think.
Marianne McCann: Patch - constantly
Daten Thielt agrees with torley
Torley Linden: Hahah Qie.
Torley Linden: What a way to emote that!
Torley Linden: Spontaneous encounters are fun.
Daten Thielt: its nice to have a 3d view for it so that u can actualy see the changes in real time
Daten Thielt: instead of having to upload it all the time to see
Patchouli Woollahra: alternatively, consider using Vue D'Esprit.
Marianne McCann thinks someone fishes in a Neo-Realms place
Patchouli Woollahra: it's also got a heightfield generator.
Torley Linden: Yes Daten, I totally agree.
Torley Linden wonders about Vue D'Esprit.
Patchouli Woollahra: The main issue here is that SL uses a odd format for terrain, as opposed to a standard like DSGS or some of the other alternatives.
Dizzy Banjo: have i like lost an hour.. or is your office hour running over by 34 mins ? :S..
Patchouli Woollahra: He was late. eh.
Dizzy Banjo is lost as usual..
Dizzy Banjo: lol ah ok
Torley Linden: Yes, I apologize for my tardiness.
Torley Linden: :)
Torley Linden: No worries.
Daten Thielt: i would love to just even have a tool to set the terain to a spasific hight
Patchouli Woollahra: better to be lost and found than merely lost.
Torley Linden: Time tends to be funny around me.
Dizzy Banjo: i was tarded too :)
Torley Linden: LOL!
Patchouli Woollahra: Time is like a watermelon.
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Daten Thielt: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: it can last as long or as short as you want.
Torley Linden: Mari those are a lot of watermelons on your dress.
Torley Linden: I like the pattern!
Amphithetre Andalso: can it be square, too?
Patchouli Woollahra: also, about Tarding...
Marianne McCann: I have a heck of a time with the ground textures is all
Marianne McCann: Ya! Dat's why I wore dis one!
Marianne McCann giggles
Dizzy Banjo: sort of Tardis'd.. rather than RETarded.. well this time anyway for me..
Daten Thielt: lol mad av patch
Dizzy Banjo: lol god patch ..
Patchouli Woollahra: I want your piano, your sheet music and your sense of rhythm.
Torley Linden: Hehe, THE TARDIS...
Amphithetre Andalso: What happeend to the watermelon tardis around here? :(
Torley Linden: *dances in my seat*
Torley Linden: I took it off but I can put it back. *sings Dr. Who theme*
Torley Linden: *or at least, hums it*
Patchouli Woollahra: <cue scene of Dizzy Linden being rendered naked and kicked out of a pub>
Amphithetre Andalso: tee
Patchouli Woollahra: Dizzy Banjo I mean.
Marianne McCann: What are those lyrics. "Da da duuuuummm.... da da duunnnn"
Patchouli Woollahra used to have a "ReTardis"
Torley Linden: There we go, THE TARDIS...
Amphithetre Andalso: I heard a cool remix of the dr who theme by orbital
Dizzy Banjo: lol.. unfortunately.. been kicked out many times.. but never naked
Torley Linden: Patch: That sounds so wrong on some level.
Patchouli Woollahra: it's a bit larger on the inside.
Torley Linden: Ah yes! There are actually several Orbital variations...
Patchouli Woollahra: can I has sonic hedgehog?
Torley Linden: I like the beat on them tho, very crisp stuff.
Amphithetre Andalso nods
Dizzy Banjo was gutted when they split
Marianne McCann: Ya
Amphithetre Andalso: they...? noooo
Dizzy Banjo: havent heard phils album tho
Torley Linden: The Hartnoll brothers are still making music tho, eh? Just not together.
Dizzy Banjo: hes done a solo
Dizzy Banjo: yeh
Patchouli Woollahra goes back to waiting for GameTap to come to Australia.
Dizzy Banjo: i met them once.. had a joint with them at megadog in the early 90s in london
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: urgh. apparently I can't subscribe to play games that are 20 years old.
Torley Linden: :(
Torley Linden: I remember when GameTap came to Canada.
Torley Linden: LOL Dizzy!
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Torley Linden: What a memory.
Patchouli Woollahra: only in Canada and America.
Dizzy Banjo: a very young Alison Goldfrapp was there too
Amphithetre Andalso: ooh
Patchouli Woollahra: more colorful too?
Amphithetre Andalso: <3 the Strict Machine video
Patchouli Woollahra never really got the black and white stuff they used to do.
Torley Linden: Goldfrapp = great singer.
Torley Linden remembers her haunting vocals over several Orbital tracks.
Patchouli Woollahra gave you Kruge For Linden.
Patchouli Woollahra has a photo of Kruge Linden on the Map panel btw.
Torley Linden: *looks at the image Patch just sent me... haha you've got your Tardimal av on*
Amphithetre Andalso: nom nom namedropping hour
Torley Linden: Who is Kruge Linden?
Marianne McCann laughs
Torley Linden: I also liked Frou Frou very much, Imogen Heap + Guy Sigsworth. "Must Be Dreaming" is a goldmine of melody.
Patchouli Woollahra: some Rezzable builder wishes Kruge WAS a Linden.
Dizzy Banjo: oh yeh
Torley Linden: Ohh.
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley: The amv for Must Be Dreaming is a classic, paired with visuals from Eureka Seven.
Dizzy Banjo loves Torley's hours cos he can get away with chatting endlessly about music !!
Patchouli Woollahra: I loved the alternate version even more.
Patchouli Woollahra: it has visuals from Azumanga Daioh. same forma.
Torley Linden: Hehehe we can sure relate to that, Dizzy.
Amphithetre Andalso: x3
Patchouli Woollahra: actually, sculpties aren't everything.
Dizzy Banjo: whereas at Zero's he just gets slapped down for it !! lol
Patchouli Woollahra: I once saw a Giraffee in SL having problems with them.
Torley Linden: Alas, my apologies for stating this abruptly, but I must be going for now... I promise to make my 2 PM office hour on time today if you'd like to come!
Patchouli Woollahra gave you Giraffe Swallows Basketball aka failed sculpty download.
Marianne McCann: Patch - being on an older system, they are often just pretty spheres to me
Torley Linden: Such is life... and Second Life. Thanks to each and all of you for visiting with me today!
Marianne McCann: Have fun, Torley!
Patchouli Woollahra: take care Torley.
Daten Thielt: bye bye
Amphithetre Andalso: See you later Torley
Dizzy Banjo: yeh i expect ill prise myself out of HL2 for it :D
Patchouli Woollahra: At least that's better than THIS
Dizzy Banjo: cya Torley :)
Randal Kline: tata
Patchouli Woollahra: Giraffe swallows Basketball!
Marianne McCann: Torley's hat has been spheres, for me, the entire time here.
Dizzy Banjo: strange
Torley Linden: Have a lovely day all, do great things... and t'care! =D *waves* And yeah, sculpties need to load faster!

2 PM

Torley Linden: HELLO :D
Simon Kline: torley!!!
Daedalus Young: hi
Torley Linden: I was late this morning so now, I come early!
Simon Kline: Hello!!
Niky Zenovka: Hey Torley!! Hello!
Torley Linden: Wow nice to see all of you here already.
Sabre Applemoor: hello torley
Orzga Aabye: hello
Kyra Vixen: Greetings Torley. ^_^
Torley Linden: I have a meeting right after this too, about our new "Dazzle" project to revamp the UI, so I didn't want to cut our time short!
Torley Linden: Greetings!
Daedalus Young: How the heck are ya? :P
Torley Linden: HAHA I'm doing fab thanks!
Torley Linden: Aside from the late start this morning.
Daedalus Young: good, good
Torley Linden: Haha Daed, I read your title and then Squirrel's... then I combined then as "Photo Nuteater. Beware!"
Torley Linden: How the heck are YA?
Torley Linden: How is everyone?
Kyra Vixen: Not bad at all.
Daedalus Young: <= doing good
Torley Linden: Good to hear it.
Simon Kline is good :)) munchin on some breakfast!
Torley Linden: Earlier today, I attended a class on how to use the new JIRA system internally at Linden Lab... we've been reorganizing how we keep track of work. It's a bit puzzling but I reckon it'll make more sense to me over time.
Torley Linden: Mmmm breakfast.
Torley Linden: Food good, I had lunch already.
Torley Linden: The magic of time zones!
Niky Zenovka: Doing great tks.
Daedalus Young: I noticed a watchlist on the PJIRA too a while ago, that's great
Torley Linden: Hehe I haven't spelt "Thanks" as "Tks" in awhile.
Squirrel Wood: Morning Torley :)
Torley Linden: YES!!!! Big news, now we can watch issues to be informed of update, big kudos to Rob Linden for figuring that out and enduring with it...
Torley Linden: Morning!
Tillie Ariantho: Torley: print it out and put it onto the in-stack on each desk? .P
Tillie Ariantho: hello :)
Torley Linden: The main catch tho, is, the database of email addresses has to be updated manually... so new Residents won't be able to get updated until the database gets synced...
Simon Kline: good work rob!!
Torley Linden: but I'm counting on it.
Torley Linden: Tillie: Hehe, well hopefully being aware of watching issues will make for less weak points in the chain.
Torley Linden: It's such a pain when someone contributes info but the Linden dev or whoever doesn't know...
Torley Linden: so it's like the issue gets forgotten, I hate that.
Daedalus Young: speaking of JIRA, I have a fun image I made a while ago
Torley Linden: I regularly check 100-150 JIRA issues, internal + public combined.
Torley Linden: That's daily.
Torley Linden: Ohhh. *looks*
Daedalus Young gave you DaedalusYoung - IM IN UR JIRA.
Tillie Ariantho: =)
Torley Linden: It's rezzing... this is gonna be good I hope!
Daedalus Young: for everyone's enjoyment
Torley Linden: HAHAHA "FILNG UR BUGS", this is great.
Theodore Folsom eeps!
Torley Linden: Oh gosh you gotta show this to Lindens at other triages you attend.
Tillie Ariantho: There are important and high voted entries... :) Like "being able to remove prims sticking into your land from the neighbour parcel" ...
Theodore Folsom: Hullow everybody =) ... loading .....
Torley Linden: It's that old Mac sound! When did that originate... System 6?
Daedalus Young: hehe, I'll upload it to the wiki
Torley Linden: Tillie: Yes, that would be useful to have; as the discussion shows though, there's not a clear way to go about it.
Torley Linden: Our Abuse & Governance Team has thought a lot about that one... and wanted it too...
Tillie Ariantho: or "mute visual content" ...
Torley Linden: Who were the Residents working on visual mute?
Torley Linden: Awhile back, I suggested if Hide Selected would persist, it'd provide some of that functionality.
Tillie Ariantho: That's one of the most voted entried in the new feature wish list
Tillie Ariantho: er, Able. :)
Torley Linden: We did have some open source contributors... Dale Glass maybe? Who were really interested.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: hi :)
Tillie Ariantho: In his Able client
Torley Linden: Able Whitman!
Torley Linden: AH YES.
Torley Linden: Thanks.
Kerutsen Sellery: ummm....
Kerutsen Sellery: whee.
Kerutsen Sellery: lol
Tillie Ariantho: But I heard he was not seen for some days... weeks?
Torley Linden: I salute them and their ingenuity.
Torley Linden: I haven't talked to him recently.
Torley Linden: Whee!
Tillie Ariantho: ah okay.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: have you had a good week torley?
Torley Linden: I do hope he's okay.
Torley Linden: Yes I have on the whole Handmadeandroid! :)
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Tillie Ariantho: Maybe you can go give Qarl Linden a slap to the head, he didnt show up for his meeting. .P
Torley Linden: And just FYI, I alas won't be having an Office Hour next week because I'm moving house, but I hope to be back the week after!
Torley Linden: Tillie: Oh my, did you IM him already to let him know?
Torley Linden: I don't know offhand when Qarl has his meetings at present.
Tillie Ariantho: Moving house? That's easy... just edit the x,y,z and w000sh. .P
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: good luck in your new residents
Simon Kline: eek.. moving house!! i remember hving nightmares of boxes everywhere
Torley Linden: Haha Tillie, if only it were the same "IRL"!
Daedalus Young: yes, save as coalesced object and re-rez`
Tillie Ariantho: .D
Torley Linden: I don't have a LOT to take but... it's still going to be quite a process.
Niky Zenovka: lol
Torley Linden: LOL Daed, yes, that's precisely what I do inworld.
Simon Kline: it would be nice if moving house was as easy as packing it in your inventory and unpacking it irl
Daedalus Young: now we know how, it'll be much easier
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: you can sit on my kneww hermit
Torley Linden: Yes, and if we could teleport... much cheaper.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: knee*
Torley Linden: Awww sorry I don't have more chairs in here...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: and rez your furniture out
Hermit Barber: Lag ridden
Simon Kline: hehehe indeed torley!!
Torley Linden: I can stand up and sit on the watermelon in the middle tho...
Tillie Ariantho: Hello Hermit. :)
Torley Linden: Hmmm I bet I could make this circle like, 15 seats without much trouble tho... 20 might be pushing it...
Hermit Barber: Hi Tillie :-)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: you need a stadium
Tillie Ariantho: Torley: I come right from the Dr Dobbs meeting about VW conference.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Torley Linden: Squirrel, thanks for showing me your terraformer the other day, did you figure out what was causing the speed issues?
Torley Linden: Oh really Tillie, how was it?
Torley Linden: Haha a stadium, maybe someday. I like cozy spaces...
Squirrel Wood: Nope. Had not had a chance to work on it yet
Tillie Ariantho: They said Whyville will have 3 million people soon.
Tillie Ariantho: If we don't hurry they will catch up. .P
Squirrel Wood: I need a sim where I can terraform to fix that
Theodore Folsom: there u go Hermit ^^
Theodore Folsom: free place
Daedalus Young: there was an open region a while ago
Daedalus Young: where everybody could build and terraform
Daedalus Young: as a school study I think it was
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol the university experiment?
Hermit Barber: I'm going to try a clear and relog
Tillie Ariantho: Maybe that CSI movie thingy will bring a big number of new residents.
Torley Linden: I'm looking forward to the CSI thing...
Daedalus Young: but of course the region was filled with prims soon enough
Torley Linden: I wonder if they're actually going to show Second Life during the episode.
Daedalus Young: I only managed to play with the land a bit
Nock Forager: oh I forgot to visit ESC's sim.
Torley Linden: Which one, Nock?
Nock Forager: I am Legend SIM. "IAL orientation"
Torley Linden: OHHHH is that based on the movie? :D
Nock Forager: just opened.
Torley Linden: I gotta see that then, I'm all for a good post-apocalypse!
Torley Linden: NICE. *makes a note*
Tillie Ariantho: haha
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: wb hermit
Torley Linden really likes cyberpunk environments too.
Daedalus Young: ahh, I'm involved in a new 3D CG movie with post-apocalyptic scenes
Daedalus Young: you'll like that then
Torley Linden: Oh really Daed, tell us more about it!
Daedalus Young: we just started script-writing phase
Daedalus Young: it's called the Open World Film
Daedalus Young: goal is to create a movie with mainly free tools, such as Gimp and Blender
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: Oooh.
Orzga Aabye: That woudl be an incredible step, Daedalus
Daedalus Young: also see :)
Tillie Ariantho: I got that Filming Path HUD, it's quite interesting...
Torley Linden: Free or open source, or both? Since some free stuff is proprietary.
Tillie Ariantho: for making movies.
Torley Linden: *looks at the URL*
Daedalus Young: yeah, of course there's Elephants Dream, which is a short film with no real plot all made with open source software
Daedalus Young: but that's only 11 minutes
Torley Linden: I remember hearing about that.
Torley Linden: Haven't seen it tho.
Daedalus Young: that was a great project also for Blender development
Nock Forager: Machinema, I heard some interesting link.
Torley Linden: I wish I was more comfy with Blender, I tried it but couldn't get the hang...
Daedalus Young: they encountered so many things they could change
Nock Forager:
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: its a bit dauting
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: daunting*
Tillie Ariantho: Blender is quite complicated to use.
Simon Kline: i'm the same torley!
Nock Forager: It's scripted in-world roleplay movie.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: ive seen interfaces like clay, where you use your handies to mould on the screen
JetZep Zabelin: ya blender.. i spent weeks learning it last year then never used it and couldnt figure out how again this last month
Torley Linden: Handmadeandroid: That sounds kinda like... ZBrush?
Squirrel Wood: You can download the HD version via bittorrent
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i think it is probably
Tillie Ariantho: ZBrush is pretty cool, but expensive. :-/
Torley Linden: I like it when I can't necessarily read a blog but it has nice pictures.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: those shots on your page of windlight are awesome
Tillie Ariantho: And as I am not sure how much it is work for sculpties I didnt dare to invest. .)
Tillie Ariantho: work -> worth
Nock Forager: (sorry written in Japanese).
Hermit Barber: Blender is different. I found my comforet level with it was completely dependent on the degree of desperation I had for a tool with its capabilities under *nix with no budget. But it made what I was after, an animated logo, possible after 3 days of battling the 1st time I used it.g.
Daedalus Young: hehe, about WindLight:
Torley Linden: I've been trying to use PloppSL for sculpties. Some nasty artifacts but it's an early version and very easy to use.
Torley Linden: Hahaha Daed, let me see that!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: ploppsl?
Torley Linden: Oh gosh, I gotta reply to that.
Torley Linden: :D HAHAHA.
Niky Zenovka: PloppSL... have a link??
Daedalus Young: hehe
Hermit Barber: Torleyu, as I said when he first mentioned it to me, there was a Will Vinton product on the Amiga and later the PC called "Playmation" that used that interface.
Torley Linden: *clips and saves it* Thanks Daed!
Torley Linden: Will Vinton, the name sounds familiar...
Torley Linden: He did a lot of claymation stuff didn't he?
Multi Gadget v1.52.0 by Timeless Prototype
Dragon Titler: Couldn't find script Dragon Titler - assist
Hermit Barber: Yes Torley
Hermit Barber: He is Mr Claymation
Handmadeandroid Zenovka:
Niky Zenovka: tks
Torley Linden: Thanks for that link Handmadeandroid...
Torley Linden: there's also a NWN story with more info...
Torley Linden:
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i thought you had made it uo, whod call anything plopp
Torley Linden: Haha, well it's meant to be a kid's tool, so the interface is very childlike...
Torley Linden: which has strengths and drawbacks.
Hermit Barber: Anyother Pavarotti enthuisiasts here? Google has a nice tribute on their home page.
Torley Linden: Ohh RIP Pavarotti.
Torley Linden: Awww that's a cool modified Google logo.
Torley Linden: I like Google logo art a lot, so many variations.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: he was around for so long, part of our collective soundscape
Hermit Barber: Me too.
Hermit Barber: Some of it brilliant.
Daedalus Young: just like the different SL suns and moons we've had
Hermit Barber: And its "just a programmer" doing it - or it was.
Daedalus Young: Martin Luther King
Torley Linden: Yeah...
Torley Linden: I forget the name of the guy who did the Google art.
Torley Linden: I remember TechTV had an interview with him, way back.
Kooky Jetaime: Am I missing Torley .. there now I see em
Torley Linden: "Collective soundscape" is a beautiful term.
Torley Linden: Yes I'm right here Kooky!
Carl Omlet: Hello :)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: google the amen break torley
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: and watch the docu
Torley Linden: Ahhh yes that Amen Break movie?
Torley Linden: I remember that. :)
Daedalus Young: oh, that's a great video
Torley Linden used to cut and loop Amen breaks.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yeah
Torley Linden: It's funny how a brief section like that could be propagated so widely. Amazing.
Daedalus Young: I like the underlying message about copyrights and public domain :)
Kooky Jetaime: Torley, I don't know what the topic is, but I have to say this and since your here, I'm just gonna let you have it...... Is a sampling of the first 100 people who can get a comment on the blog regarding the good the bad and the ugly of Megaprims the best way to solicit for opinions?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: you couldnt plan it
Torley Linden: No, Kooky.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: there will be some underlying mathematical reason about timing etc what makes it so perfect
Torley Linden: There have been related Issue Tracker issues about it tho...
Wyn Galbraith: Oh boy, what a time to come in.
Torley Linden: that would be a good place for discussion.
Kooky Jetaime: Ok... then someone slap Michael for doing it.
Torley Linden: if it pertains to a specific feature request or bug.
Torley Linden: *reads the blog*
Kooky Jetaime: If noone else knows what I'm talking about, check the blog.
Daedalus Young: ahh, then they really ask people for comments, people still complain :P
Wyn Galbraith: Which blog?
Kooky Jetaime:
Torley Linden: First, let me state I'm not a specialist in Abuse & Governance like Michael is...
Kooky Jetaime: the only blog wyn :)
Torley Linden: *reads the post carefully*
Scout Detritus gave you Siege Weapons.
Wyn Galbraith: What have I missed.
Kooky Jetaime: "The Big Prim Problem"
Daedalus Young:
Kooky Jetaime: after the fold
Torley Linden: The reason why I said "no" is because the answers will largely be the same what they were before... if anything, I'd dig up past forum posts too...
Scout Detritus gave you Ships.
Wyn Galbraith: I knew this was going to happen. I warned people.... but noooo.... what do I know ;)
Orzga Aabye: :-)
Torley Linden: but if Michael feels it's most useful to his purposes, then I gotta go with that.
Daedalus Young: oh, there's 106 comments now and it's still open
Kooky Jetaime: Torley - I think that would be the kind of question that should be asked at office hours of appropriate peeps for like a week
Daedalus Young: so there's room for more than 100 comments on this one
Hermit Barber: I say no. They are very useful and can be used appropriately - although the amount of disinformation out there means that learning is a trial and error process.
Torley Linden: Daed: Oh, the limit was upped to 150... we changed something where commenters don't have to have a pre-approved comment now...
Daedalus Young: a while ago there was a post with I think it was 200+ comments
Kooky Jetaime: they used to be capped at 500
Daedalus Young: ahh ok
Torley Linden: and then we looked at an average of past blog posts to the see the over-queue flow... and it was ~150, so it was boosted a bit.
Kooky Jetaime: but given all the rants etc that happen
Kooky Jetaime: I understand dropping to 100
Torley Linden: Yeah, some posts could have >100 depending on the mod queue.
Carl Omlet: Yeah, at some point its too much to read anyway.
Daedalus Young: yes, I've also have it happen it wasn't closed for comments yet, but it was while I was typing, so it ended up over 100 too
Torley Linden: Yeah, it becomes not so much a discussion but a shouting match.
Daedalus Young: and I read the same things often
Orzga Aabye: enable megacomments for mega prims?
Torley Linden: Hahahaha.
Carl Omlet: heh
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: you should allow a new prim shape thats large, but limit the number allowed per area
Simon Kline: lol Orzga
Torley Linden: Yeah, I'm not so interested in the redundant stuff since I've heard it before (like TV reruns), I tend to focus on actionable and intriguing and eclectic things.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: in the build tools
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: a creative solution
Kooky Jetaime: My idea, which I've been pitching is allow a 40x40x40 max prim size, restricted similar to transparencies
Kooky Jetaime: accompanied with the advanced UI setup I've proposed
Carl Omlet: The problem is worse than that. Prims overlapping onto other peoples parcels, people wearing them on their AV. Prims too big for the parcel, etc.
Igel Hawks: Hi @all
Daedalus Young: hi
Carl Omlet: So it isnt easy to solve.
Kooky Jetaime: ( if you would like to read.. if you like the idea, I'd gladly appreciate your vote.)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: gene replacement
Torley Linden: Awhile back we thought of restricting megaprims to private estates... but that poses problems too...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Daedalus Young: yes, but if you link 4 10m prims together, you get effectively the same thing for 4 times the prims
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: one avatar can change the face of sl
Kerutsen Sellery: it's easy enough to fix. let owners return any object that's at least partly on their property.
Kooky Jetaime: the thing is, you can't link 40 cubic meters
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: but even lindens have them in their builds
Wyn Galbraith: They do have a use, such as those used by Tree in his builds, you saw his forest right Torley? But on the other hand one needs to balance that the system has problems with them.
Kooky Jetaime: I have a feeling that gene replacement was spoofed on that blog comment.. but
Torley Linden: It's interesting how megaprims have become like bootleg goods...
Tillie Ariantho: If you allow too many comments, then people tend to write too many, no one can read them all. And THEN exactly those go complain "You dont listen to us!" .P
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: half of hearts garden centre would go poof
Carl Omlet: haha
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: all those lindens that people have spent there
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: thats would be bad
Kooky Jetaime: Torley - I think this would have been something handled far better by a short survey
Tillie Ariantho: If something is important to you, do it on the jira.
Torley Linden: Kooky: I tend to prefer dedicated survey systems...
Hermit Barber: 131
Daedalus Young: survey on the login page... if it actually worked :P
Kooky Jetaime: Enough other lindens (Robin, Everett) have been asking about surveys the past couple weeks
Torley Linden: a poll with "Yes/No/Other" with a comment box...
Kooky Jetaime: so I have to feel somethings in the back ground
Wyn Galbraith: The floors and some walls of my first build. I've slowly been replacing them in the castle. Sky boxes would go poof.
Carl Omlet: Yeah, the last poll didnt work for me.
Hermit Barber: I thought Gene Replacement suggesting they should be banned hilarious.
Torley Linden: Carl: The Resident Satisfaction survey on the login screen?
Kooky Jetaime: Exosius - is that from AotS or ?
Torley Linden: Or another one?
Wyn Galbraith: He's being scarcastic.
Hermit Barber: Nods
Carl Omlet: Right. I couldn't enter text. Somewhat ironic.
Torley Linden: Exosius, that's a great head.
Daedalus Young: well, I'm a member of Reperes SL, a team that works with people's opinions all the time, I suppose LL could ask them to do the surveys for them
Torley Linden: Carl, yeah, known bug, I dislike that one.
Torley Linden: Oh really Daed, you sure are involved in a lot!
Wyn Galbraith: Can you put a survey on the login page?
JetZep Zabelin: Maybe group proposals should be expanded a bit so people have more say than just a vote of no/yes
Daedalus Young: well I only do their surveys
Torley Linden: Wyn: Yes, there is one that comes up time to time, a random sampling I believe.
Exosius Woolley: oops
Theodore Folsom: ^_^
Daedalus Young: heehee
Carl Omlet: lol
Exosius Woolley: sry.
Exosius Woolley: so much multitasking.
Torley Linden: I personally think "remove all megaprims" is unworkable because of the amount of existing content it'd damage.
Theodore Folsom: agreed
Torley Linden: That's why we decided against it before... and there's been more megaprims rezzed since then.
Runitai Linden gave you new water.
Kerutsen Sellery: not to mention, they can be useful for saving prims... :)
Hermit Barber: Small world Daedalus :-)
Kooky Jetaime: Torley - Check out the SS Galaxy.. they have some Megaprims in use there
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: thats weird how Gene Replacement is number 2 on the comments
Kooky Jetaime: Flats are easy to reproduce with more prims.. its not so easy to replicate a 150m sphere
Niky Zenovka: SS Galaxy... nice sim
Kyra Vixen: Pardon me, Torley, but is there anything that can be done about a number of physics enabled objects that are bringing a sim to a crawl without the estate owner or officers who can return other users' objects? I know of one sim that is down to under 10 sim FPS and an average of a 0.20 time dilation, or that's what it looks like when I observed the sim statistics for a while.
Daedalus Young: it's a small world after all
Kooky Jetaime: (Galaxy, Teal)
Tillie Ariantho: Handmade: That's the people that have nothing to do all day. .P
Torley Linden: Whoa... Runitai Linden sent me a picture of NEW WATER... lemme rez it on a prim...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i saw a picture of him in a crash test dummy avatar signed into sl looking at a picture of his banned account
Daedalus Young: new water!
JetZep Zabelin: hehe coool
Theodore Folsom: rocks :D
Carl Omlet: Yeah, I have a large sphere on my parcel up around 700M. Its textured with trees and sky etc.
Kooky Jetaime: Theres a few "Moons"
Callipygian Christensen: I hope I am not standing on anyones head
Torley Linden: BEHOLD!
Nock Forager: water?
Kooky Jetaime: oh niceeee
Callipygian Christensen: unless its Daedalus
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i never include them in my builds just incase
Torley Linden: That's in the newest WindLight I presume, newer than what I have... gotta upgrade builds...
Tillie Ariantho: Yay! =D
Daedalus Young: what's me Calli?
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Nock Forager: wow
Kooky Jetaime: I have so got to suggest to someone to give us a way to put water on a prim
Tillie Ariantho: That rocks. .)
Igel Hawks: Wooooo, that's cool!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yeah thats nice
Kooky Jetaime: Torley - who else is working on WL?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: what GPU?
Kooky Jetaime: Graphics Processing Unit
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Torley Linden: Kyra: Hmmm depends, first you should contact people who can return those objects... but if objects are constantly slowing a region, then that's likely a case to report abuse against the people who're rezzing them.
Niky Zenovka: :( Will have to go... unfortunatelly....
Carl Omlet: heh, nice its a modded multi-gadget table.
Hermit Barber: Very pretty
Tillie Ariantho: Bye Niky
Torley Linden: Take care Niky!
Daedalus Young: bye
Niky Zenovka: Bye Tillie, Torley & everyone!!
Igel Hawks: The water looks wonderful
Orzga Aabye waves
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: byeee
Igel Hawks: Take care
Niky Zenovka: Thanks... u all too!
Torley Linden: Haha Carl, yes it is.
Wyn Galbraith added her comment.
Torley Linden: I had a lot of fun changing the shape of the crates.
Orzga Aabye: hey where's the water .. i'm lost here
Niky Zenovka: Freeing a sit... if anyone wish... lol
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Kyra Vixen: Gracias, Torley.
Exosius Woolley: snag!!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: its chewtelly
Niky Zenovka: 3.2.1.poof
Daedalus Young: now the SL terrain is looking fakish
Tillie Ariantho: There should be something like a water texture, that would be cool.
Ravenelle Zugzwang accepted your inventory offer.
Wyn Galbraith: Exosius: you turkey butt.
Kooky Jetaime: Torley - you should leave that up here, I have a few people that might like to see that
Tillie Ariantho: Linden water, not a simple texture. :) Like the media texture, special thingy...
Torley Linden: Kooky, okay, I can do that... I'll move it off to the side...
Exosius Woolley: it's really obscure. it's a monster fromt he Car's video for You Might Think.
Torley Linden: ;)
Wyn Galbraith: Tought you look familiar.
Hermit Barber: Of course, the ship would instantly make like ther Mary Rose given that it seems to be balancing on its keel.
Carl Omlet: Excentually, I think they plan to allow shaders. (The linden water is a shader effect).
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol hermit
Carl Omlet: *eventually
Torley Linden: Carl, yes, we are hoping for a versatile materials system in the future...
Tillie Ariantho: However... I want to see and use water not only on the zero level of my sim...
Orzga Aabye: you mean a pixel shader?
Torley Linden: and hoping to extend the quality and selection of post-process effects.
Torley Linden: Mhmmm.
Torley Linden: That is correct.
Kooky Jetaime: Tillie - I was just gonna jira that
Kooky Jetaime: The ability to put water on a prim
Tillie Ariantho: Kooky: you'll get my vote. .P
Kooky Jetaime: would that work?
Torley Linden: I r emember making friends with a Resi long ago who wanted pixelshaders in SL but she left, and I never saw her again. She'd be happy to hear the latest news and see WindLight.
Torley Linden wonders whatever became of her.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: shame that hobo lady left this week
Exosius Woolley: will it be possible to put text on a prim in any meaningful way?
Daedalus Young: Arcadia
Torley Linden: Which hobo lady? Arcadia Asylum?
Tillie Ariantho: Think of a flexy tentacle like prim with a water shading on top. .)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yes
Exosius Woolley: Like, formatted text that will display on a prim surface.
Torley Linden: Exosius: We are continuing to work on parcel-based HTML... I don't have the details but that hasn't been forgotten.
Torley Linden: Oh no, Arcadia left? So sad. :(
Tillie Ariantho: You could create almost real waterfalls...
Kooky Jetaime: kind of a comprimise
Scout Detritus gave you Snapshot : Siege Guild <-----------<<< Ene, Siege Guild (139, .
Kooky Jetaime: Arcadia left/
Exosius Woolley: oh like the video thing
Hermit Barber: Damn. Know why?
Daedalus Young: after her inventory was lost, even though it's been retrieved
Exosius Woolley: replacing a texture with a page?
Kooky Jetaime: crapola, I should go and start copying the open source stuff
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: im gonna give copies of my content to my alt
Torley Linden: Exosius: Yes, but meant to be interactive too...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: what ive created
Torley Linden: it's still very tenative...
Torley Linden: *tentative
Carl Omlet: Yeah.
Kooky Jetaime: Speaking of Inventory loss, had another instance again today
Torley Linden: I've seen some great sculptie water too.
Kooky Jetaime: and its not perceieved loss.....
Kooky Jetaime: "Missing from database"
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yes at the sculpty garden
Torley Linden: I'm really glad Hamilton posted about inventory loss this morning, did everyone see that already?
JetZep Zabelin: thts a great idea, it will bring the web more inworld rather than through web browsers
Torley Linden: Kooky: That message terrifies me...
Hermit Barber: And you can use the media texture to animate the sculpties.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: they have worked out how to animate the sculpt maps
Orzga Aabye: it seems difficult to retrieve lost inventory .. why?
Torley Linden hates "missing from database".
Kooky Jetaime: Torley - Try having it with things you've bought
Kerutsen Sellery: ...cause it's lost? :)
Torley Linden: Orgza: A number of reasons, depending on the cause of it... you should see Hamilton's post.
Torley Linden: Kooky: Oh it's happened a number of times!
Orzga Aabye: where'd that be Ham's post?
Kerutsen Sellery: if it were easy to retrieve, it wouldn't quite be lost..... :)
Torley Linden:
Orzga Aabye: ok all you smark alecks (lol)
Tillie Ariantho: Torley: Kris has some nice scultie water on his sim.
Kooky Jetaime: I'm looking now
Torley Linden: THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL... well, some of it, but... read on.
Tillie Ariantho: sculptie
Kooky Jetaime: Any word on the "enhanced" error messages?
Torley Linden: Yeah I like the Straylight water a lot.
Tillie Ariantho: yes
JetZep Zabelin: animated sculpty water with waves?
Daedalus Young: animated sculpties through media texture - last I heard it works, but the sculpty needs to be refreshed each frame and it doesn't look quite right
JetZep Zabelin: hehe walk on water
Torley Linden: Kooky: Yes, still being worked on, some of Hamilton's post touches on that — that's related to furthering our metrics too so we can track what went wrong wehen.
Torley Linden: Anyone else here like Polyphonic Spree? Such great harmony.
Kooky Jetaime: Region Crash loss is completly avoidable, if they spent the time and made it a priorty to impliment journaling
Saijanai Kuhn: groupies unite!
Exosius Woolley: Yes Torley.
Wyn Galbraith: Why did Arcadia Asylum leave?
Exosius Woolley: Do you like Daft Punk?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: 98 terrabytes is like 400 250gb discs
Torley Linden: I like some Daft Punk, I thought the 3rd album sucked.
JetZep Zabelin: im out-of-date on the music scene
Torley Linden: I really like Discovery tho.
Kooky Jetaime: Hi Sai!
Carl Omlet: I guess I'm lucky. I've never lost any invenyory or anything. I've had it happen to friends though.
Exosius Woolley: that is the one that is the best.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i saw them in the early days live
Torley Linden: Yup, there are a lot of assets here @ LL.
Daedalus Young: I only ever lost a freebie too, so no problem there
Exosius Woolley: I wanted to make a set of robot avatars based on daft punkj
JetZep Zabelin: I have a couple things that wont rez because it " not in the database" or something
Torley Linden: I've lost a number of sentimental things, I don't like when some people assume that inventory loss doesn't happen to Lindens, because it most certainly does.
Carl Omlet: As far as I know, its communication problem, not a actual server problem.
Igel Hawks: Thx god. I have only one part till now
Exosius Woolley hugs Torley in sympathy.
Torley Linden: Awwwwe. And we don't all run supercomputers either. :)
Torley Linden looks at the new Lag-O-Meter in WindLight.
Igel Hawks: :-))
Squirrel Wood: Meep. (megaprim blog post...)
Torley Linden: Still in testing but I hope this will be useful.
Theodore Folsom: Lag-O-Meter :D
Theodore Folsom: nice ^^
Torley Linden: Yeah, it shows you Client, Network, and Server lag... with traffic light-style buttons.
Torley Linden: And shows you explanatory messages if conditions aren't satisfactory.
JetZep Zabelin: but i bet you have great network connections :)
Torley Linden: My own network connection is just average DSL.
Theodore Folsom: oh yeah, that definetly a useful thing
Torley Linden: Out here in Canada that can be rather flakey at times.
Kooky Jetaime: Torley, if I can give you a pat on the back to pass on to Hamilton
Kooky Jetaime: That was an excellent way to do a request for feedback in that post
Torley Linden: I make do with what I have, I really do, hehe.
Torley Linden: Awww I'm sure Hamilton would appreciate the direct feedback too, Kooky!
Hermit Barber: I look forward to my 100Mbps fibre to the door connection at the beginning of next month :-) In the middle of rural mid west!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lols
Torley Linden: That sounds pretty phat and nice, Hermit.
Torley Linden: Are you really a hermit? :)
JetZep Zabelin: My broadband connection is as bad as dialup
Exosius Woolley: Torley, wil there ever be a change to the avatar meh or rigging?
Hermit Barber: My Hubby is.
Exosius Woolley: mesh
Orzga Aabye imagines a fibre acrossthe prarie to Mermit's house
Kooky Jetaime: He laid it out, set aside a time for people to come and comment. Thats what Mike should have done / should do.
Hermit Barber: I need a tail.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: hermits created an amazing build
Orzga Aabye: good being a Hermit as long as connectivity is fine lol
Hermit Barber: THen I could be a Mermit
Exosius Woolley: for example, adding a tail
Torley Linden: Exosius: The future is open-ended, so I'd hope so. =)
Exosius Woolley: or making a quadriped
Torley Linden: Some of these big questions, we don't have answers for yet, but there's definitely a possibility for them to exist.
Orzga Aabye: ethyl mermit?
Igel Hawks: hmmm
Exosius Woolley: lol
Carl Omlet: Heh, that would be cool.
MizMandi Mesyats: MANDI SMACKDOWN !!!
Hermit Barber: Lol
Torley Linden: And I mean, heck, with things coming into public view like Havok4 now...
Torley Linden: it's an exciting time.
Wyn Galbraith: That's what I want to be a Hermit with a highspeed connection to SL and the rest of the Internet
Gareth Ellison: LAG!
Torley Linden: And then people can look back and say, "Remember when we asked for Havok2 and it didn't come for years?!"
Daedalus Young: Sl and "the rest of the internet", lol
Torley Linden: I know Andrew, Kelly, Sidewinder, and others have sure been working hard on it...
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Wyn Galbraith grins, "I meant that."
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: is there an increase in vehicle prim counts with it?
Torley Linden: Oh cool, this Lag-O-Meter tells me what I need to do to make things better...
Tillie Ariantho: What is going to improve with Havok4?
Gareth Ellison: we don't lag
JetZep Zabelin: just put on his Sr. freebie outfit :)
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Kooky Jetaime: gosh I hope we can get rid of these stack heap collisions that are becomming more and more frequent
Saijanai Kuhn: we crashed Torley Oops
Wyn Galbraith: UHOH
Hermit Barber: Initially LSL will run (800x faster) on mono. But hopefully we will be able to put LSL in the trash where it belongs and use python/C#/Perl and all the other real languages with object handling instead.
Orzga Aabye: the 16kb limit is very very fun.
Torley Linden: I dunno what crashed me.
Gareth Ellison: should i take off my hair?
Torley Linden: But uh I'm back. :)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: group crash
Saijanai Kuhn: there she is
Gareth Ellison: hi there
Torley Linden: Last thing I saw was something about oranges, Gareth. :)
Orzga Aabye: he's back!
JetZep Zabelin: hehe =)
Igel Hawks: wb dear
Kooky Jetaime: Kitten - 16kb for bytecode And memory!
Theodore Folsom: welcome back ^^
Torley Linden: Thanks!
Kooky Jetaime: variables, etc
Gareth Ellison: Torley: i done the female av thing!
Kooky Jetaime: that just got a lot smaller
Torley Linden: Oranges may be my 3rd fave fruit, after Watermelon and Strawberry.
Torley Linden: Haha.
Kerutsen Sellery: eh.
Torley Linden: I am Torley Jr. now... on my tester account.
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Carl Omlet: Well, I think mono is supposed to help with the llGetFreeMemory() issues.
No room to sit here, try another spot.
Kooky Jetaime: eh is right, thats why we hate it.
Kerutsen Sellery: now
Theodore Folsom: Torley ... (sorry i asked allready) .... is there maybe allready a timestamp for the new windlight 1st-look? A week, a month ... two or three till release of the 1st-look?
Torley Linden: I'll take a seat on the melon.
JetZep Zabelin: rofl
Torley Linden: Oh wow so much chat!
Hermit Barber: Err, that should have been 8000 times faster.
Saijanai Kuhn: the first place you will see it is speed for certain kinds of script
Saijanai Kuhn: like math oriented and AI/logic
JayR Cela: dont even get me started on the cross-gender role play issue
Kerutsen Sellery: although what already works will work a whole lot better
Gareth Ellison: the only other time i've been here it was MUCH more quiet
Torley Linden: Theodore: I am hoping within a few weeks, but that's tentative... we've been playing whack-a-mole with some nasty bugs.
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Kooky Jetaime: Sheilds & weapons will be the first to utilize the new speed, I'm sure of it Sai
Theodore Folsom: kk ty ^^
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: bless my legacy ware
Torley Linden: But we are getting really close, and it's encouraging.
Carl Omlet: Cool.
Theodore Folsom: yay ^^
Gareth Ellison: is physics a big chokepoint on the sims currently?
Saijanai Kuhn: anything with a throttled function call will stay throttled
Torley Linden: Everyone interested in WindLight should definitely see my project updates @ as we get closer and cloer. :)
Kooky Jetaime: for the first time ever, scripters who right the worlds laggiest code won't be at an instant disadvantage
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: tease!
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Saijanai Kuhn: torley did you see that URL for Windlight pluss proosals?
Kooky Jetaime: Right, but events will happen much faster
Torley Linden: Saijanai, not yet, where are those?
Saijanai Kuhn:
Torley Linden: *looks*
Gigs Taggart: Kooky, laggiest code is an advantage right now :(
Kerutsen Sellery: heh. personally, i think maybe they ought to be at a disadvantage.
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Torley Linden: *reads*
Kooky Jetaime: How is that Gigs?
Gigs Taggart: Kooky: the scripter that puts a script in each prim, or uses 10 scripts to accomplish what 1 could do, gets that much more resources.
Gigs Taggart: Kooky: the way that the script resources are allocated right now encourages lag
Gareth Ellison: Torley: isn't the current lag due to sim single-threading and network bottlenecks?
Kooky Jetaime: true
Torley Linden: Oh yeah, a lot of the basic meat of those ideas there are definitely yummy... some of them are planned for future phases of WindLight for us.
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JetZep Zabelin: Gigs: really.. i hope that is changed
Carl Omlet: Yeah. People use lots of scripts to get around the artifical delays imposed.
Hermit Barber: No, currently lag is caused more by cruddy code... like the LSL engine.
Gigs Taggart: JetZep, maybe sometime in the distant future :)
Kooky Jetaime: thats true Carl
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Torley Linden: Gareth: I don't know the technical specifics; someone like Zero could fill you in better. But there is a fair amount of lag complained about due to physics which Havok4 should improve. Depends what kind of "lag" you're talking about, let's break it down...
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Carl Omlet: I do custom scripts so I know a lot about that... heh :E.
Kooky Jetaime: I have a newb ejecter that uses 10 scripts to do that.
Wyn Galbraith: Time for cuddly code not cruddy code.
Torley Linden: Good to have you all here with me. :)
JetZep Zabelin: people should be rewarded for efficiency, not the laggy coders rewarded with resources
Gareth Ellison: heh
JayR Cela: well the data-base code seems to be working fairly well / past week or so
Gareth Ellison: i remember wong
Torley Linden: I don't like resource hogs! ;)
Morgaine Dinova: You've been Slashdotted by the Groupies, Torley ;-)
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Kerutsen Sellery: so....ermm.....question. when the whole mono thing finally does happen....what happens to the existing lsl code? especially the scripts that work right now, but have their source code "missing from database"? :P
Kooky Jetaime: I'll admit it
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
Torley Linden: LOL Morgaine.
Orzga Aabye: some how i really can't see these scripts being that much of a burden
Gareth Ellison: AWGied
Kooky Jetaime: some of my objects arn't the cleanest code
Gareth Ellison: lol
Orzga Aabye: just think of a php script .. on an apache engine
Gareth Ellison: everyone here isn't wearing their tag
Kooky Jetaime: Ooooohhhhh good question
Carl Omlet: Old LSL will work fine, but everything has to be recompiled.
Gareth Ellison: we should wear a "crashing torley" tag
Torley Linden: Hmmm I mouseover on Grasmere and it says "1 person", that's definitely wrong on the World Map. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
Torley Linden: Hahah Gareth.
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JetZep Zabelin: Torley: i get that bug often
Kerutsen Sellery: i see 25
Kooky Jetaime: Yep Torley
JetZep Zabelin: amount of people in sim isnt displayed properly
Gareth Ellison: i'm still on the old viewer
Gareth Ellison: i'm seeing accurate details
Carl Omlet: Thats one reason mono has taken so long. Its going to take a lot of testing to make sure they dont beak scripts.
Torley Linden: At first, I thought you guys were Active Worlds Groupies, but thank heavens you're not, because I kept getting kicked there!
Gigs Taggart: Orzga, PHP is 1000 times more efficient than LSL, not to mention, not many web servers have 3293 scripts running on them at the same time... but this sim does.
Kooky Jetaime: Map's screwed up again, someone call the monkeys
Igel Hawks: I see 25 too
Torley Linden: OK thanks for sharing your experiences... 25... nice number. =o)
Kooky Jetaime: I'm on RC+NE-BE-s
Gareth Ellison: i won't update until the latest viewer has been forced upon us or has been fully audited by billions of people
Saijanai Kuhn: LSL recompile can be done on a "selected prim" basis
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Orzga Aabye: map is not working .. oh my /sarcasm/
Daedalus Young: php scripts don't run for a very long time either, few milliseconds
Saijanai Kuhn: AW Groupies. Zha Ewry's inworld AWG group
Gareth Ellison: heh, no active worlds
Gareth Ellison: individual events on LSL scripts don't run a long time
Torley Linden: Yup I was kinda joking.
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Torley Linden: I would hope in the future we get a dev who takes ownership of the map and rulez it, because currently there isn't... and I know, I know... lots of loose ends.
Hermit Barber: Kerutsen: LSL runs much better under mono. Its just that real sestems people would move on to languages where you don't spend more time figuring out how to code past the obstacles (deliberate and accidental) than solving trhe problem at hand.
Saijanai Kuhn:
Orzga Aabye: right andost php's scripts typically are hunderds of liens.
Saijanai Kuhn: oops
JetZep Zabelin: The map refresshes too much considering it doesn't update but once ever couple weeks or so
Kooky Jetaime: Sai - thats definatly a question we should raise next week, perhaps hit Zero with it?
Gigs Taggart: the scheduler has to poll every script every frame to see if it has events.
Gigs Taggart: sad but true
Torley Linden: JetZep: I wish it cached better too!
Saijanai Kuhn:
Torley Linden: I like having more Lindens inworld doing office hours.
Kooky Jetaime: because I have some objects that have scripts that are lost, but still execute due to the bytecode is still in place
Torley Linden: Oh you guys even got a wiki page, right on...
Torley Linden: *checks it out*
Gareth Ellison: the sim is single-threaded and nasty last i heard
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Kooky Jetaime: So they can't be recompile
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Tillie Ariantho: Sure we have. :)
Kooky Jetaime: recompiled
Saijanai Kuhn: we thought we'd say hellow to you en masse
Carl Omlet: heh
Gareth Ellison: apparently named after the wikiwiki dance
Torley Linden: That is so nice of you!
Torley Linden: I sometimes see some of ya at other triages...
Saijanai Kuhn: there are a few closet members here
Gareth Ellison: which i would perform if i wasn't lagged out
Torley Linden: and I'm continuing to co-host Ben's and Bridie's (currently Aric and I do those while Bridie is OOO).
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Torley Linden: Saijanai: Sounds like you have the makings of a secret society, only more open source! Haha.
Gigs Taggart: tied up a a closet
Torley Linden: <.<
Gigs Taggart: :P
Gareth Ellison: i would hate to see Zero's office hours at the same time as yours
Gareth Ellison: OW
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Torley Linden: Whoa Nock, that's a nice chair, where'd you get it from?
Gareth Ellison: Torley - ever pondered cutting bits of melon out and dropping prim count?
Saijanai Kuhn: yeah. Most of us are ZEro groupies cause his work is so AW oriented
Torley Linden: Gareth: Which ones though? :D
Nock Forager: it's Herman Miller's
Object does not appear to be for sale.
Kyra Vixen: Not sure if you have seen this, Torley, but it involes watermelons.
Gareth Ellison: of course, all i done with my orange was sat in there cuddling a bunny
Gigs Taggart: Torley: I always tell people that Linden Lab threw that economist into the bay to dispose of the evidence :)
Nock Forager: They officially came in to SL @ Avalon SIM.
Torley Linden: Nock: Which region? AHHH Avalon eh? OK... thanks.
Torley Linden: *makes a note*
Gareth Ellison: and then randomly inviting people to see how cool it was
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Gareth Ellison: replace with a big friendly orange like i used to have in Garethland a long time ago
Gigs Taggart: Torley: not many people remember the economist now though hehe
Torley Linden: Memoriiiies...
Kooky Jetaime: Torley - we're gonna have to upgrade your meeting area too
Torley Linden: *looks at the link Kyra sent*
Gareth Ellison: out of order chat sucks
Kooky Jetaime: I thought just Zero's was overcrowded
Torley Linden: Kooky: Maybe someday I'd have like a Roger Dean-style floating island but I thrive on more modern means for now.
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Torley Linden: I don't think I could deal with a stadium yet.
Torley Linden: :)
JayR Cela: bye-byee everyone
JetZep Zabelin: Torley you need a watermelon jack-0-lantern
Gareth Ellison: mleons are modern?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i have a signed roger dean :P
Torley Linden: Hahaha... I've seen that WUTERMLON pic before.
Gareth Ellison: get with the orangey times torley!
Saijanai Kuhn: Wait til you see morgaine's plans for a 10,000 avatar sim
Torley Linden: Er, "modest", not "modern".
Torley Linden: What the heck is wrong with me.
Torley Linden: ;)
Gareth Ellison: gigs will strangle me for this but aspie fruit wars!
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Torley Linden: I'd like to see so many avatars to crowd the battlefield a la 300...
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Kooky Jetaime: 10K avatar sim.. omg
Gareth Ellison: err, region != sim
Exosius Woolley: Thank you all for a lovely time. Torley, nice to finally meet you, I'm a big fan of your fabulousness. Have a great time!
Torley Linden: I've got to stay with watermelon. I'm not budging on that... loyalty counts for something ya know. =D
Torley Linden: Awww nice to meet you too and thanks for coming Exosius!
Gareth Ellison: sim == simulator process
Gareth Ellison: and the lemon
Saijanai Kuhn: region, sim, something that can hold avatars
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Squirrel rang Theodore's bell.
Wyn Galbraith: Watermellons are the best.
Gareth Ellison: Torley: the orange and the pear will fight thee!
Gareth Ellison: region == virtual land, sim == the server daemon that hosts bits of it
Torley Linden: Oh my gosh, pardon me for leaving right on the dot, I know I normally stay longer but I have a meeting with our Resident eXperience group, and so I must bid adieu for now... remember, I won't have office hours next week, but the week after that I hope to resume 'em.
Wyn Galbraith: Best food, best color, always means a party or a picnic even when there isn't one...
Kooky Jetaime: SEe you in 2 weeks Torley!
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Torley Linden: Thus, I teleport out for now, and graciously thank each and all of you for coming to my watermelony Office Hour!
JetZep Zabelin: Bye Torley good luck with everything
Daedalus Young: ahh, have fun and say hi to RX Torley
Saijanai Kuhn: take care
Orzga Aabye: thanks for holding hours today Torley.
Torley Linden: Or perhaps sooner, if you see me at another office hour!
Gareth Ellison: well, hopefully next week it'll be more than just "hey, look at your office"
Theodore Folsom: B-bye!!! :D
Theodore Folsom: Torley =)
Kyra Vixen: Take care, Torley.
Torley Linden: You're welcome, thanx for being with me!
Daedalus Young: and see you next Triage :P
Wyn Galbraith: Take care, thanks Torley.
Nock Forager: bye Torley-. :)
Igel Hawks: Bye Torley and thanks for your time
Squirrel Wood: Have fun!
Orzga Aabye: the tripping w/ torley hour
Torley Linden: Hahaha. Take care all... tata for now and have a lovely, fun-filled weekend! =)
Gareth Ellison: goodbye
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: bye bye torley, safe move
Tillie Ariantho: Bye Torley :)
Daedalus Young: bye
Torley Linden: *smiles and waves*