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Serious technical discussion about Linden Lab's Architecture Working Group (AWG). "AW Groupies" is an unofficial, Resident-operated group, though most (all?) members also participate in the AWG.

Invite only (apply in-world to Zha Ewry), but the criterion is simple. Show up and contribute to the AWG, or on the Wiki, or on SL-Dev or in the irc channel for the Python test client.


The main AWG meeting is held annually or semi-annually. We now meet up to 8 times a week in-world, counting AW Groupies meeting, Enus's office hours, and the pygop daily meetings.

Our main focus these days is on the Open Grid Protocol, the Open_Grid_Public_Beta and the pyogp Python test harness for protocol testing.

Also members are quite active on the wiki and in the SLDEV mailing list.

A public SVN repository is open to all AW Groupies members here:

Contact anyone with root on for an account if you are in the AW Groupies group in-world.

Architecture Working Group meetings

In-World Meetings

AW Groupies meeting

Weekly meeting times are:

  • Tuesdays ------ 9:30 AM SLT (weekly AWG meeting)

1st - 3rd Tuesdays of the month at Zha's IBM Island at ThorneBridgeTown

4th Tuesday of the month at OSGrid which you can access by using the login URI See the Main OSGrid page for more info or read the instructions to log in for help. Look for the region "Dahlia AWG" for the meeting!

Meetings are scheduled via the "SL AW Groupies" google calendar" (though the above schedule is generally more accurate).

Meeting Agendas

Each meeting should have an agenda --- which will be distributed via

OpenSim meeting

Set client command line options to:


Chat Logs

Chat logs of the in-world meetings are published and accessible via the links below:

2007 meetings

2008 meetings

2009 meetings

2010 meetings

2011 meetings

(if you post chat logs, you might want to use the sllog2wiki perl script to turn them into a more readable wiki table format ready to copy & paste into the chat log page)

Chat logs of AWGroupies meetings should be summarized on the wiki.

Viewpoint Advocacy Groups

Viewpoint Advocacy Groups - groups to focus on specific requirements.

AWG-specific VAGs

AWG-related VAGs


Work-in-progress wiki pages are architecture pages that are (as the name implies ;-)) work in progress. Once the group has reached consensus that a particular topic is "good-to-go" we'll graduate that page to the main AWG page.

General Concerns

Open Grid Protocol (OGP)

Linden Pages

User Pages


Documenting current protocols

AWG and citizen pages

Linden Lab pages

libsecondlife reference pages

opensim reference pages

Future Protocols

deprecated in favor of:

Possible future directions

Asset Security and Trust

Scaling Issues

Group IM



Misc User Pages

  • Have an AWG idea? Don't know where in the wiki it should be indexed? Make sure that folks can find it by adding it to the AW_Groupies_User_Pages Add: '[[Category:AW Groupies User Pages]]' to the end of your user page.

External Resources

Stuff of interest to or in connection with the AW Groupies or the Architecture Working Group:

Latha's quick list of interop relevant VW sites, 3/30/2010

Second Life Viewers

Various viewers compatible with Second Life.

  • Note: the "Derived 3rd-party clients" page includes a few non GPL viewers plus some hybrids. I'll try to come up with a better way to index this stuff. Saijanai Kuhn
  • Yeah, that redirect of "Alternate_viewers" to "Downloads" is nuts, and the "Downloads" page itself seems to have to have a variety of things bundled together --- it needs splitting. But don't split it by license, that's precisely what I sought to eliminate in this section's re-org. It makes no sense to classify clients by license, since GPL'd clients don't necessarily have anything to do with Linden's code, just like BSD clients don't necessarily have anything to do with libomv. It does make sense to keep a list of Linden-derived clients though, since they're all more alike than not alike, and share both code and license encumbrance. Morgaine Dinova 01:28, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

Viewers based on the Linden Lab GPL code (C++)

The main (official) Second Life viewer, produced by Linden Lab with the help of patches submitted by the community, and available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
A new version of the Second Life client in a public repository where Linden Lab permits direct committing from select community members alongside daily Linden work. There is also a new build system to keep this version continuously building when new submissions are received, with new builds available to everyone. This version will become available as an alternative Linden download alongside the main SL client, once it is sufficiently stable.
A large list of clients (not necessarily 3D) developed in the free and open-source community using GPL code from the above two official viewers.

Viewers based on the libomv/libsl code (C#)

IdealistViewer is a new cross-platform viewer based on the Irrlicht engine, PrimMesher, and LibOpenmetaverse. It can either use the Second Life protocols as provided by LibOpenmetaverse or the MXP protocol. Since it uses the Irrlicht engine it can simultaneously display prim/sculptie content and objects and animated meshes/avatars from a wide variety of sources such as Collada, .OBJ, DirectX, and Blitz3D files. It is not derived from the LL GPL viewer and is made available under BSD style licensing. It is designed to work with OpenSimulator but may also work with Second Life. It is written in the C# language.
LookingGlass viewer is a modular viewer with pluggable communication and rendering engines. Initial communication plugin uses LibOpenMetaverse and the initial rendering plugin uses PrimMesher and Ogre. It is written in C# and BSD licensed. Home site at .

Viewers based on other libraries (python, C, etc)

Pyogp is an open source project between Linden Lab and the Architecture Working Group (AWG) to support testing the (Open Grid Protocol (OGP). Written in Python, Pyogp will consist initially of a client library and test functionality to enable testing OGP-enabled virtual worlds such as Second Life and compatible OpenSim implementations. These components will expand as the effort matures. Pyogp is released under the Apache v2 license.

Mailing Lists






Founder Zha Ewry

Saijanai Kuhn

Tao Takashi

Tillie Ariantho

Dr Scofield

Burhop Piccard

Vicero Lambert

Morgaine Dinova

Silicon Plunkett

Dale Innis