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"MMOX is an effort to collect best practices and develop consensus based standards for virtual world and MMO interoperability. The mailing list is for technical discussions related to this objective and for coordinating administrative details of upcoming meetings." -- IETF MMOX listinfo

This page is intended as a useful container for gathering together links to MMOX resources.

Please expand it with other relevant links that could be helpful. (Don't lose any links. :P)

MMOX mailing list and other communications

Please note that all communications performed under the aegis of an IETF workgroup (this includes IETF email and Jabber) are logged and are permanently visible to the public. They are also considered "IETF Contributions", and as such are subject to the IETF rules on IPR Disclosure. Please read the relevant documents in the IETF Information section below to know what this means.

IETF Jabber Chat logs

MMOX In-World Chat logs

Note that only "special" transcripts which include non-SL/Opensim participants are linked here.

Links to the weekly SL+Opensim chat logs are maintained under AW Groupies Chat Logs.

  • February

Official IETF74 BoF materials

IETF74 and MMOX BoF Communication resources

MMOX drafts and working documents

MMOX Workgroup Charter Drafts


MMOX Protocol Proposals and MMOX IETF Draft Protocols

In order of appearance on MMOX list: (Note that there is no current working name for an extensible MMOX Protocol).

Post-BoF Proposals and Materials

Highlighted contributions

Unavoidably, these reflect personal interests, but feel free to add your own to the set.

Requirements tracking

IETF Information

Virtual worlds with known/expected interest in interop

In alphabetic order:

MMOX Chairs and IETF Contacts

The contact addresses given here are those already made public here.

Other relevant resources