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This is an early draft so scope and focus are still fairly open. Please add comments to the Talk:Live Performances VAG if you have slightly different concerns so that we can try to converge on a common viewpoint. This discussion could also expose other similar VAGs that are needed in this area.


The Live Performances Viewpoint Advocacy Group exists to provide input to the architectural design process to satisfy the concerns of stakeholders involved with live performances on this platform.

This is a non-technical VAG expressing end-user perceptions and concerns, and focusing on use cases.

See the Architecture Working Group and the Viewpoint Advocacy Groups for more information.

Areas addressed by this viewpoint

  • Identifying the main categories of live performance in virtual worlds.
  • Identifying concerns that are of special interest in live performances.
  • Defining current metrics and expected growth trends for live performances.
  • Identifying the main obstacles to successful live performance.
  • Proposing ways and means of overcoming such obstacles in the future system.
  • Proposing means of assessment to ensure that such obstacles are being overcome.

Areas not addressed by this viewpoint

To be specified.

Source of Viewpoint

No existing sources for this viewpoint have (yet) been sought. This viewpoint is however highly reusable, and therefore existing sources are very likely to exist and should be investigated.

General concerns addressed by this viewpoint

Specific concerns within this viewpoint

Here we define the specific concerns relevant to live performance.

Miscellaneous concerns (brainstorm)

The concerns expressed in this section do not need to be reconciled with each other at this stage.

  • Observation: live performances in SL often have several component parts which bear differing relationships to the SL system:
  • a 3D visual component implemented entirely within the SL world (observable objects)
  • one or more components that are mapped onto a presentation within SL (eg. video displays)
  • one or more components that are largely independent of SL except in perception (eg. sound).
Since a live performance usually attempts to integrate all of its elements into a live experience, the concerns expressed in this viewpoint will necessarily involve more than one single area of interest, and will therefore generate many cross-cutting requirements. This is inherent in the medium.
  • Audiences currently suffer the following problems at, or in respect of, live performances:
  • Lag at all such events
  • Inability to enter popular live performance regions despite plenty of room visually
  • Invisibility of objects on arrival despite bandwidth being available but unused.
  • Personal inability to limit local problems such as unwanted visual or physical effects
  • Performers currently suffer the following problems at live performances:
  • Lag
  • Audience figures artificially limited, ie. not limited through lack of interest.
  • Performance disruptions through platform failures
  • Performance disruptions through inability to limit abuse
  • Inadequate avatar controls severely limit visual performance
  • Everyone wants this fixed:
  • Lag

Focused concerns

This section refactors the key issues expressed earlier into cohesive concerns which can more easily be turned into actual system requirements addressing the perspective of this viewpoint.

Use Cases

Proposals and Analysis

Methods of evaluating conformance with viewpoint concerns

Successful handling of Live Performance concerns can be assessed by partitioning the evaluation across several fronts:



Anyone with an interest in this Viewpoint is welcome to join. You should join the AW_Groupies group in Second Life.

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We meet once a week in-world and more if people are available.

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Please note that the Live Performances VAG is a non-hierarchical VAG in every respect, without exception. Any tags supplied with names are purely informational. Stakeholder ordering is alphabetical.

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