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This is an early draft so scope and focus are still fairly open. Please add comments to the Talk:Event Scalability VAG if you have slightly different concerns so that we can try to converge on a common viewpoint. This discussion could also expose other similar VAGs that are needed in this area.


The Event Scalability Viewpoint Advocacy Group exists to provide input to the archtectural design process in the area of increasing the scalability of regions to hold large-scale events.

More specifically, the Event Scalability VAG is concerned with identifying the key issues of importance to event scalability, determining the event scaling pressures as numerically as possible, establishing both the end limits and realistic near-term goals for event scalability and scaling, and ensuring that these concerns are addressed in the evolving architectural design.

This VAG is a subgroup of the umbrella Scalability VAG. The viewpoint of that parent VAG is accepted as a premise for this VAG, and the viewpoint is then extended further in the dimension of Scalability for Events.

This is a technical VAG.

Specialized less-technical VAGs such as Live Performances VAG are likely to refer to this VAG as a technical resource.

See the Architecture Working Group and the Viewpoint Advocacy Groups for more information.

Areas addressed by this viewpoint

  • Scalability of the combined client and server systems for support of mass-participant events.

Areas not addressed by this viewpoint

Event Scalability VAG Glossary

See Scalability VAG Glossary.

Source of Viewpoint

This VAG expresses a subset of the viewpoint of its parent Scalability VAG, specifically that part involving Scalability for Events.

No additional existing sources for this viewpoint have (yet) been sought. This viewpoint is however highly reusable, and therefore existing sources are very likely to exist and should be investigated.

General concerns addressed by this viewpoint

See Scalability VAG.

Dimensions of scalability

  1. Server-side scalability for events
  2. Client-side scalability for events

Specific concerns within this viewpoint

Here we define the specific concerns relevant to event scalability.

Use Cases

Proposals and Analysis



Anyone with an interest in this Viewpoint is welcome to join. You should join the AW_Groupies group in Second Life.

In world meetings

We meet once a week in-world and more if people are available.

Also members are active on the wiki and in the SLDEV mailing list.

Meetings Schedule:

Meeting Agendas

  • TBD

Chat Logs

  • TBD

Architectural Descriptions/Views used to express this viewpoint

This section identifies:

  1. the general form or representation of ADVs required to express the viewpoint
  2. the elements within such ADVs which will be used to express the viewpoint
  3. how these elements within such ADVs map to the concerns of this viewpoint
  4. the traceability to viewpoint concerns required for conformance with the viewpoint.

None decided.

Tools employed by this VAG

  • Normal wiki textual and graphic representations are expected to be sufficient for this VAG.
  • Programmed tools are expected to be developed for scalability testing and measurement.

External Links

Members (Stakeholders)

Please note that the Event Scalability VAG is a non-hierarchical VAG in every respect, without exception. Any tags supplied with names are purely informational. Stakeholder ordering is alphabetical.

Morgaine Dinova 20:03, 18 October 2007 (PDT) - Founder, analyst
Jesrad Seraph 03:24, 24 October 2007 (PDT)