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Welcome to the Wiki!

I wanted to personally welcome you to the wiki and thank you for contributing. The LSL documentation as you have or are discovering is a community project and the official documentation of LSL (the tail wags the dog to some extent). It's better to ask forgiveness than be timid, and only perpetrate or continue an edit war (very rare) if you have the community on your side. The best way to think about things is that when you post things to the wiki you are donating it to the community. The community will mutate the content to fit the state of it's current mind. Do not be offended, nobody can predict or anticipate what the community thinks it needs from the documentation. If you need to keep score, take pride in the ideas you post, not the words that convey them. If the words change but the idea is still there, even in a very mutated form, you have made things better. The contribution was valid.

If you have wiki questions ("Where the heck is this text coming from, I don't see it when editing...", Templates, etc) you can contact me via my talk page (I usually respond within a few days). If you want to gauge where the community stands on something post on SLUniverse in the script forum, you will get good feedback in a reasonable time frame.

Any time and help you can give to improving the wiki is appreciated. Keep up the good work. -- Strife (talk|contribs) 21:58, 19 May 2013 (PDT)