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Message Layout

	AgentThrottle Low NotTrusted Zerocoded
		AgentData			Single
		{	AgentID			LLUUID		}
		{	SessionID		LLUUID		}
		{	CircuitCode		U32		}
		Throttle			Single
		{	GenCounter		U32		}
		{	Throttles		Variable 1	}

Usage and Notes

GenCounter can be 0

The throttles variable appears to be structured as follows, each value a little endian 32 bit float:

Resend  - Maxmimum bytes per second for resending unacknowledged packets. Max: 150,000
Land    - Maximum bytes per second for LayerData terrain. Max: 170,000
Wind    - Maximum bytes per second for LayerData wind data. Max: 34,000
Cloud   - Maximum bytes per second for LayerData clouds. Max: 34,000
Task    - Unknown, includes object data. Max: 446,000
Texture - Maximum bytes per second for textures. Max: 446,000
Asset   - Maximum bytes per second for downloaded assets. Max: 220,000

Note, that even though it appears to have a set number of parameters (and a set size), it IS a "variable".

Each value should not be smaller than 10,000. The maximum figures specified above sum 1,500,000. It is not clear from the libsecondlife documentation wether the figures shown above are recommended maximums or enforced. The actual limit is 1,536,000.