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** [[Login Protocol]]
** [[Login Protocol]]
** [[Teleport Protocol]]
** [[Teleport Protocol]]
*** [[SLGOGP_Teleport_Strawman Strawman]]
*** [[SLGOGP_Teleport_Strawman | Strawman]]
* [[Second Life Grid Glossary]]
* [[Second Life Grid Glossary]]

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AWG's mission is to develop the protocols that will open up the Second Life Grid from something operated solely by Linden Lab to where others can run parts of the grid.


AWG Meetings

Formal meetings will likely be held 3-4 times/year and located in Second Life to facilitate broad participation. Meetings will be coordinated on SLDev.

  • AWG Meeting 2 held 18 March 2008: Follow link for chat log, audio recording and other resources.
  • AWG Meeting 1: Agenda, transcript, work items, participant responses and other resources.

Zero's Office Hours

Engineering Director Zero Linden hosts technical discussions about Second Life Grid development at his office hours 2x/week. Date, time, location and transcripts available at User:Zero Linden.

NB: Task-based work groups are encouraged to self-organize community meetings to move forward particular work areas and discuss hot topics as needed. See Resources below.

Documents and Resources


The current, and first, draft of "Second Life Grid - Open Grid Protocol" can be found here:

Please Note: The draft page is locked because we want a stable reference for discussion and to base the next draft on. Each section in the draft has a link on the right to a discussion for that particular section. Discuss!

Design Documents

The current state of the group's design:


Related efforts, groups and work: