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Message Layout

	AssetUploadRequest Low NotTrusted Unencoded
		AssetBlock		Single
		{	TransactionID LLUUID	}
		{	Type		S8	}
		{	Tempfile	BOOL	}
		{	StoreLocal	BOOL	}
		{	AssetData	Variable	2	}  

Usage and Notes

Used for Xfer Manager transfers

  • ID - Randomly generated LLUUID. The AssetID of the upload is computed by taking the MD5 hash of this ID and the SecureSessionID, so both the client and the server know what the uploaded asset's AssetID will be before the transfer finishes
  • Type - AssetType of the asset being uploaded
  • Tempfile - Deprecated
  • StoreLocal - Used for temporary files like baked textures. These files are stored on the simulator's local file system rather than the asset server cluster. On the server side, this asset is referenced by simhost:port/asset/ and fetched through HTTP before being served to the client
  • AssetData - If the entire asset can fit in this packet (without going over the maximum packet size, MTUBYTES is currently defined as 1200 bytes) this is the raw asset data. If multiple packets need to be sent to upload this asset, AssetData is empty