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Here's how Linden Lab uses the workflow status and resolution field:

Awaiting Review
Initial state when an issue/ticket is created or when it is reopened closed state. All issues in in this state will be reviewed and triaged.
Been Triaged
This state indicates that the issue is being reviewed by Linden Lab.
When an issue has been imported to an internal Linden Lab project, it will be marked as Accepted.
Needs More Info
The issue lacks actionable information. Add the info or it CAN'T be investigated.
Information Provided
The issue has been updated with the necessary information.
Resolution = Contact Support
The issue does NOT belong in the Bug Tracker, and needs to be handled through the Support Portal or Second Life Answers.
Resolution = Expected Behavior
This is NOT a bug and functions by design See Expected Behavior aka Not a Bug.
Resolution = Duplicate
There's another issue about the same problem.
Resolution = Unactionable
Problem described in the ticket is not in a form that action can be taken (i.e. it's too broad)
Resolution = Not Applicable
The Reporter has decided to close the issue.

Diagram of Workflow



  • Diagram does not have all the transition arrows.