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Next meeting: 2008-08-18 at 12 PM SLT at Hippotropolis Meeting area🖈. See Bug triage for details.

Fast Track Import

(Move bugs here that have solid repros, or valid patches that you have reviewed)

Hot by Vote

High Voted Bugs

  • VWR-8619 - Votes: 12 - Scripted physics dont work correctly since last patch (1.19.1) - mort niven
    • Needs more info
  • VWR-2966 - Votes: 17 - Viewer freezes temporarily when friend comes online - anthony reisman
    • Needs more info
  • VWR-8503 - Votes: 16 - Textures loading worse than ever since new upgrade - wayfinder wishbringer
    • Imported
  • VWR-5949 - Votes: 14 - Out of Memory Error - alan edelman
    • Last Triaged - Asked for more crash reports
  • VWR-8337 - Votes: 32 - Slows to 1 frame every 2 sec after login in the second time - skidz tweak
    • Needs more info
  • VWR-1740 - Votes: 17 - Progressive increase in SL viewer memory footprint / decrease in performance when TPing between busy areas - Dael Ra
    • Imported
  • MISC-1437 - Votes: 16 - Roads with missing names - skidz tweak
    • Imported



  • VWR-3336 - Votes: 9 - friend glyphs are not different color (yellow) in the minimap - prez pessoa
    • Imported
  • WEB-761 - Votes: 3 - Use Marv's Extension:VideoFlash modification to add blip.tv support to the Second Life Wiki - SignpostMarv Martin
    • Imported
  • VWR-1366 - Votes: 9 - Full Analog Joystick support (Including walking and flying rate) - Lucy Zelmanov
    • Last Triaged
  • VWR-8689 - Votes: 0 - Change the location of ""Mute"" in the pie menu - Lex Neva
    • Imported - Rx

Misc Pool

Misc Pool

  • WEB-762 - Votes: 0 - Linden Office Hours Calendar map directs to Google Maps. - Joeseph Albanese
    • Misfiled - The problem falls with Google Calendar
  • SVC-2780 - Votes: 2 - link_message event in root prim not called when scripts in child prims are saved/reset - TFE Silverspar
    • Imported
  • VWR-8588 - Votes: 0 - attachments are detached on log in - Xfiles Miles
    • Resolved - Need more information
  • VWR-8616 - Votes: 0 - Priority 4 Animations Not Over-riding the default SL animations - turkey yip
    • Resolved - Needs more information

Pre-meeting activity

Some issues will be resolved in the course of building this agenda. Rather than deleting them from the proposed agenda, move the issue and associated discussion into the appropriate section below.




Transcript is/will be at Bug triage/2008-08-18/Transcript

Creating An Agenda

Community members generally collaborate on the agenda for bug triage meetings. Here's how you can quickly fill in an otherwise blank agenda:

Setting up

  • Go to Bug_Triage/YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY is the four digit year code, MM is the two digit month code, and DD is the day code
  • Write and save {{subst:Triage Template}} as the only content of your new page. This will copy the complete markup from Template:Triage Template as a starting point for your agenda.
  • Fill in the relevant time, date, and location info for the upcoming meeting. The easiest way to do this is to copy the entire block of information from an earlier meeting of the same type (RC, regular, etc...) and modify the date and time as needed.

Populating the issue listings section(s)


  1. !/usr/bin/env perl

use XML::Simple;

my $bugs = XMLin($ARGV[0]);

foreach my $item (@{$bugs->{channel}->{item}}) {

 $title = $item->{title};
 $title =~ s/^\^\*\] //;
 $key = $item->{key}->{content};
 $votes = $item->{votes};
 $reporter = $item->{reporter}->{username};
 print "* $key - Votes: $votes - $title - $reporter\n";



  • Pick a reasonable cutoff point, and copy the output into the appropriate section of your newly created page.