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Roberto Salubris

My Mug!

Real Life

Ok my RL name is Roberto Salvatierra, I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica august 22 1975. my native language is spanish, but I speak other languages as well ( of course english )

I am married,( RL AND SL ) to Mia Leven and have 3 daughters, they are the most important thing in my life !

I came to SL in January 2007, after looking for 3d enviroments to deal with agoraphobia

I tried a few simulations until I landed here, so I have been inSL since then.

My First Idea was to make an agoraphobia support group, that was basically the first thing I did here. Now we want to have some meetings you can look at the wiki page here:


There's not that much movement on the group however, if someone needs help we are there to support you.

My work

Since I came to SL from basically day 1, I saw and loved the fact that there was a scripting language ( LSL scripting off course LSL_Portal )

So I have been doing that ever since, I have a small company in here called TechnoKitty Development, where I sell scripted things, gadgets and stuff.

I also partnered with Medhue Simoni and I do the scripting for Medhue Animations, Med ( as I call him ) animates I script !

My first store was for many years at Neptune, however during 2009 we saw an oportunity and moved to sim egglebury ! we have been there for a while now and hopefully we will stay there.

it is located here: New Store and I am very happy to say that this store was made by the very talented Ponk Bing that used to work for rezzable until they left the Grid. but Ponk's job is the best I have seen.

I have worked for several proyects in SL, for instance for POPCHA! Adonis Bussy, IBM, Fasion Shows, Suzy Yue Special Effects, and whatnot

Also with Health Info Island, Ability Commons, and well over the years I have been here I have done a lot !, not enough time or memory to mention it all !

Normally I am open to work with anyone, and I like to get ideas for new scripts, so if you are interested in something contact me in world !.

I also do RL programming, mostly on PHP, but I have done work in everything from Basic in the 80's till C# more recently !

My Friends !

I have a lot of friends on SL, you know who you are but I have to mention some that are very close to my heart:

Moon Metty moon, we met in april 2007, ever since then she has been there for me and I have been there for her, she is one of the smartest persons I know, she has taught me a lot, and has helped me a lot with many things, she knows, I hope we have many more hours working together and well just hanging around.

Medhue Simoni He is my buisness partner, but above that he is my friend, we have shared a lot, since we met on April 2007, I think we have made eachother show the best we have, and well he has taught me a lot about many things, In this twisted world he has been honest, loyal and great, I know we have many many things to do, and we will do them.

SexyBoy Oh We don't speak as much as we did before, but SexyBoy is a REAL SOLDIER, strong person and loyal to an unseen extreme, I am proud to call you my friend, it never matters what yo do in RL or SL you excel at anything you set to do, thank you for being my friend!

NonSmokerGirl Tulip I met NSG in Sept 2008 and we kicked it off, we have a great relationship, working playing and insulting the damn cow ( she is a zebra in world but for me is a cow )

Gentle Heron From Ability Commons, She is one of the best persons in SL she works hard for others, and she is always there for anyone, she is the kind of person that makes you believe angels exist.

Carolina Keats She is not in SL as much lately, but her work still exists in world one of the pioneers of providing health information in the grid, I miss seeing you in world, but I can always contact you on gmail, thank you for all your hard work.

naphtali Hawks A great DJ, an awesome person, we have shared a lot, thank you mon !

Roxie Logan A great friend awesome builder always to the point, smart and sharp you rule !

My countrymates ! Lucho Ceriano stebanhr19 Catronis Shytzo Szczepanski and a LOT of others, you are AWESOME ! thank you for everything you do for me, and for being around just to do anything. everyone needs to rest.

My Many Friends from the Mono Beta and Sl Beta groups, you know who you are, this guys ( and gals ) always surprise me, and humble me so much talent and so much potential, of so many smart people ! I can't list you all here but some names that come to mind: Latif Khalifa Rex Cronnor Saijanai Kuhn and well many others including a few lindens, specially my dear troll friend Vektor Linden

I could never ever list all the people I care about in SL in here, but you know who you are and what we have shared, just a small phrase: "Thank You"


Work in progress !! :)

A lot of spelling Grammar errors... I know I am working on them also !

--Roberto Salubrius 20:23, 16 October 2009 (UTC) --Roberto Salubrius 09:51, 27 October 2009 (UTC)