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Servers and Object Distribution

Name Creator Description
Unpacker On Rez (NewAge) Asia Snowfall A very simple to use script for all you creators out there, This script will enable you to send out boxed items and make it easier for users to unpack, Also features auto die on completion. Very simple to configure!
Unpacker On Touch (NewAge) Asia Snowfall Exactly like Unpacker On Rez, But changed some things about to make it Unpack On Touch
Random Giver Prim Damian Darkwyr A randomized item giver with a game-like twist
Client Specific Contents Giver Damian Darkwyr Give Contents only to users of a specific Client. Such as Phoenix, CoolVL or 2.0
First Name Letter Prize RaithSphere Whybrow Gives a prize if the person who sits on it's first letter of first name matches the random letter!
Give random object Emmas Seetan Touch to receive a random object in the prim's inventory
Random Object Vendor CodeBastard Redgrave Simple vendor that gives out random objects when paid the right amount
Intra-Region Update Server Emma Nowhere Centrally update objects such as Freeview screens or teleport pads within a region that are configured by notecards or contain modifiable objects or media assets.
Serverless Key Exchange Sendao Goodman Maintains a network of object keys without using an external server.
Update distributor Dale Innis Distribute an object (like a project update) to a list of people named in a notecard.
Teacup Server Void Singer LSL Webserver for hosting MOAP webpages via script and notecard within SL