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Transcript for Thursday June 23, 2011

[13:00] Peewee Musytari heya jeremy :)
[13:00] Gooden Uggla hola
[13:00] Jeremy Linden Heya everyone.
[13:00] Marianne McCann Hey jeremy
[13:00] Torben hi Jeremy
[13:01] Lexie Hi Jeremy ã‹¡
[13:01] Gooden Uggla ao on
[13:01] Marianne McCann So whaat's th' latest?
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk jeremy,. can you quell the rumlours
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk rumours*
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk somethign about you and hula dancing?
[13:01] Ann Otoole durn i missed teh rumors
[13:01] Marianne McCann I prefer rumiours
[13:02] Lexie lol
[13:02] Jeremy Linden Nah, I don't have the proper animations for it.
[13:02] Lexie Lets wait a couple minutes for anyone running late
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk i meant outside the ll office.......
[13:02] Jeremy Linden I did bring my boat, though! As seen on YouTube in 2009!
[13:02] Lexie add items to the agenda if you want:
[13:03] Jeremy Linden Adam, my statement about lack of animations is still accurate :-P
[13:03] Peewee Musytari shall I answers fixed yet? :D hehe
[13:03] Lexie lol Peewee
[13:03] Daniel Voyager hey everyone :)
[13:03] Lexie I may have something to say about that
[13:03] Lexie Hi Daniel
[13:03] Marianne McCann Hey Daniel
[13:03] Peewee Musytari something good?
[13:03] Lexie maybe
[13:03] Peewee Musytari yay NYLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[13:04] Nyll Bergbahn Hi peewee :)
[13:04] Peewee Musytari lexie may have good news for us Nyll
[13:04] Lexie Hi Nyll
[13:04] Peewee Musytari she`s prolly teasing
[13:04] Peewee Musytari hehe
[13:04] Nyll Bergbahn hi Lexie .:)
[13:04] Ann Otoole figures. i made a sl wig almost exactly like this 2 years ago and everyone despised it. now it is cool. Go gaga.
[13:04] Peewee Musytari ^^ wewp wewp ^^
[13:04] Lexie awww Ann
[13:04] Lexie lol
[13:05] Dresden Ceriano hello =)
[13:05] Nyll Bergbahn so good news huh..LL has fixed my account?
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk well, i made a decision ,eased my mind
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk ref acc
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk come september, i go basic once more
[13:05] Peewee Musytari **POKE!!!**
[13:05] Lexie Hi Dresden
[13:05] Nyll Bergbahn swats peewee
[13:06] Ann Otoole sedition!11
[13:06] Adamburp Adamczyk unless i see a substnatial improvement in support, i joined the vote with youtr money campaign
[13:06] Lexie ok lets get started!
[13:06] Dresden Ceriano hello Lexie
[13:06] Adamburp Adamczyk YEEHAW!!!!
[13:06] Lexie First up, I will be running this meeting, along with Raymond, Jeremy and Rand
[13:07] Lexie from now on
[13:07] Marianne McCann I assume the two Rs are busy?
[13:07] Lexie We have been doing weekly meetings since the launch of the new platform but plan to move to once a month
[13:08] Lexie Marianne, Raymond is tied up at another meeting
[13:08] Lexie Rand may be late : )
[13:08] Marianne McCann kk
[13:08] Lexie So the plan is for the first Thursday of every month
[13:08] Lexie If excitig things are happening, we may call extra meetings ã‹¡
[13:08] Lexie exciting*
[13:09] Adamburp Adamczyk sory lexie, i may have misunderstood - are these UG meeting moving to once a month?
[13:09] Lexie yes
[13:09] Lexie once a month Adam
[13:09] Adamburp Adamczyk /me visits
[13:09] Dresden Ceriano you may want to send out a notice like the day before... to remind people
[13:09] Adamburp Adamczyk sorry, but that's a step backwards from, recent efforts
[13:09] Lexie I will for sure Adam
[13:09] Lexie Dresden*
[13:09] Torben hi Rand
[13:09] Lexie Adam, if needed we can add more
[13:10] Peewee Musytari monthly do we bug you monthly?..thats not nearly enough to be annoying
[13:10] Rand Howdy
[13:10] Marianne McCann Wecome, Rand
[13:10] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:10] Peewee Musytari hey hey rand
[13:10] Lexie Right now we have a lot of feedback from everyone and are working on things
[13:10] Adamburp Adamczyk lexie, i honestly thought progress was veign made, these once a mwek meetings were a good start
[13:10] Lexie But we do still want feedback. You can leave feedback in the forums feedback thread on the community platform too!
[13:11] Adamburp Adamczyk after the shambles of the past year, progress was being made
[13:11] Lexie It will still be good Adam
[13:11] Qie so, umm... I'm wondering if there might be "working groups" or other focused off-shoots that need to interact *more* than weekly... such as infohub / new user experience planning.
[13:11] Lexie Qie, I know user groups are being looked at by the Lab. I do not know if hey plan to add more or not yet
[13:12] Adamburp Adamczyk lexie, im sorry to sound disparaging
[13:12] Adamburp Adamczyk i jsut went concierge tier level 2 days ago
[13:12] Lexie Its ok Adam
[13:12] Peewee Musytari uh oh...the lab is looking at them...*waits to be abolished*
[13:12] Adamburp Adamczyk now that last statement about dropping to once a month means i;m going to 512 tier level again
[13:12] Qie Lexie, understood. for a time, NUE/infoHubs were a topic here, which is why I mentioned it.
[13:12] Lexie right, understood Qie
[13:12] Ann Otoole Is the cutting back of interaction with customers a directive issued by Rod Humble or Bob Komin?
[13:12] Adamburp Adamczyk it;s kick in the proverbial for he paying customers
[13:13] Adamburp Adamczyk excuse me while i log on to website and downgrae
[13:13] Lexie The change to once a month is because we are working on items from past meetings. It takes time and we do not always have updates for you
[13:13] Lexie But, monthly we should have a more robust meeting with info and topics
[13:14] Lexie Does that make sense to all of you?
[13:14] Adamburp Adamczyk /me apologises but i'm leaving
[13:14] Torben not at all but that´s a feeling I´m used to
[13:14] Adamburp Adamczyk if i hear anymore of this ruddy nonsense, kick in the teeth for paying customers i'm gonna lose my ruddy temper
[13:14] Marianne McCann It is a bit... disappointing. I mean, I see the point of less freequent equaling more stuff to bring to the table...
[13:14] Peewee Musytari I`ll see what happens but sounds like a step back to me
[13:15] Ann Otoole Is LL closing SL down?
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk and i don; t want that, presetn lindens don;t deserve that
[13:15] Dresden Ceriano that depends on if the whole meeting is spent telling us about updates instead of talking with us about things
[13:15] Marianne McCann At the same time, ya... it means one less avenue for user feedback, I think
[13:15] Kraptacular Kat bi-weekley would be better
[13:15] Daniel Voyager its a shame it these meetings go to monthly, enjoyed attending weekly :)
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk lexie, any chance of you interanlly phoneing rod, ask him to join us?
[13:15] Gooden Uggla "Linden lab: we serve you best by listening less"
[13:15] Kraptacular Kat if it gets dropped to once a month the meeting will get swamped with a months worth of gripes
[13:15] Peewee Musytari monthly will be like 30 mins of catchup and then meeting nearly over
[13:15] Lexie I can talk with the team and see about every other week.
[13:15] Lexie I will let you know
[13:16] vitor52 oiiiiiiiii
[13:16] Adamburp Adamczyk giood night folks, this stinks
[13:16] Torben bye Adam
[13:16] Adamburp Adamczyk i'm off to blog about it
[13:16] Daniel Voyager that would be cool, Lexie :)
[13:16] Adamburp Adamczyk and start cancelling land to lower my acc
[13:16] Ann Otoole we get it Adam'
[13:16] Lexie ok, I will update you soon as I know
[13:16] Marianne McCann I think it would be a better option of the two. I think there's a need for being able to feed back, bring up needs, etc. in addition to the "here's what we're doing" aspect of it
[13:16] Peewee Musytari does amanda not want to do them anymore? didn`t mention her
[13:17] Lexie Amanda is no longer with the company
[13:17] Torben didn´t Amanda get fired?
[13:17] Dresden Ceriano i thiought she was gone
[13:17] Peewee Musytari eeps another one gone?
[13:17] Peewee Musytari sheesh cant` keep up
[13:17] Nyll Bergbahn ohhh I met Amanda...
[13:17] Torben reminds me of a saying about rats and sinking ships :)
[13:17] Nyll Bergbahn awww
[13:17] Lexie Lets move on to updates and your topics
[13:17] Peewee Musytari are you 3 safe?
[13:17] Gooden Uggla she was the zindra linden for a couple of weeks then poofed
[13:17] Qie on the plus side... I noticed that Kelly can finally list his weekly meeting on the User Group page, so... that's a bit hopeful.
[13:18] Lexie Peewee, you asked about SL Answers
[13:18] Peewee Musytari yus
[13:18] Nyll Bergbahn I'm interested in that too
[13:18] Lexie We have an idea we are looking at. Many of you mentioned Answers should be more like forums
[13:18] Peewee Musytari absolutely
[13:18] Dresden Ceriano yes
[13:18] Lexie So, we are seeing if we can make something like that happen
[13:18] Peewee Musytari yay
[13:18] Gooden Uggla if you go to beta server meeting at 3pm at morris on aqditi grid, you'll hear more about what kelly is up to
[13:18] Lexie I think you are right and it could make things easier
[13:19] Dresden Ceriano much
[13:19] Lexie Cant promise it but we are looking at it hard
[13:19] Nyll Bergbahn well Answers would be much better if OPs could reply
[13:19] Peewee Musytari cos some of the other forums have the ability to mark correct answers already so looks likes it possible
[13:19] Lexie right Nyll
[13:19] Lexie and right Peewee
[13:19] Nyll Bergbahn we have to tell them how
[13:19] Nyll Bergbahn and IE9 isnt working right
[13:19] Lexie Also, we fixed the floating image issue
[13:20] Dresden Ceriano \o/
[13:20] Peewee Musytari yes thats great
[13:20] Dresden Ceriano ooops
[13:20] Nyll Bergbahn good
[13:20] Lexie and the quick links that pointed at the wrong locations
[13:20] Dresden Ceriano forgot about that gesture
[13:20] Peewee Musytari any news on why the posting pics window has gone weird?
[13:20] Lexie : )
[13:20] Lexie The psoting pics issue is a bug that Lithium is working on
[13:20] fefecool hi
[13:20] Lexie posting*
[13:20] Lexie Its an odd one
[13:21] Lexie No eta on fix quite yet
[13:21] Peewee Musytari yeah it just chnaged itself overnight
[13:21] Lexie right!
[13:21] Dresden Ceriano and a pain in the butt
[13:21] Lexie I know it is
[13:21] Lexie Jeremt, do you have any updated for the KB (or Rand do you)
[13:21] Moana Daines non capisco niente :-(
[13:22] Ann Otoole so whatever happened to making a fashion & style forum? or is that left to content creation instead of customer discussion?
[13:23] Lexie Ann, I think we will change that. JUst did not have time yet
[13:23] Lexie Its on the list! : )
[13:23] Rand We don't have much in the way of updates
[13:23] Lexie ok
[13:23] Rand We're plugging along on updating and editing KB articles
[13:23] Rand Jeremy's been pretty busywith meshstuf and Search beta doc.
[13:23] Rand "mesh stuff" :-)
[13:24] Gooden Uggla careful ann, you might end up with the same thing estate owners got with the land forums
[13:24] Peewee Musytari how about the feedback post about land rental posts?
[13:24] Jeremy Linden /me is talking with Vir right now :-P
[13:24] Ann Otoole should this be renamed the KB user group? (being as how they are 2 distinct entities and all money is going to KB & history revisions)
[13:24] Lexie Peewee - you mean how they show up in the recent posts area?
[13:24] Peewee Musytari yeah
[13:25] Ann Otoole i really dislike all the recent post ad spam. real estate needs to be filtered out of recent.
[13:25] Lexie I think we would have to remove that whole widget. Im not sure if thats is a good idea
[13:25] Peewee Musytari could ask why they are allowed to advertise when no one else can but thats a whole other can of worms lol
[13:25] Dresden Ceriano oh don't do that
[13:26] Dresden Ceriano true Peewee
[13:26] Ann Otoole same post over and over. as bad as WoW gold spam
[13:26] Gooden Uggla it's a useless mess dominated by a few spammers
[13:26] Lexie Raymond and I are still looking for alternatives but no luck yet
[13:26] Lexie I do agree it is spammy
[13:27] Ann Otoole hey here is an idea. Terminate, with no warniong, the accounts of the spammers. Repo their land and L$/$ remaining. for TOS violations.
[13:27] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:27] Lexie Well technically it is not spam. Its just the way it gets pulled up onto that space hehe
[13:27] Ann Otoole only take a few before the rest b.. complain on a blog and leave theuir 2 island estates behind
[13:28] Peewee Musytari can we take their money anyway, just for the crack & buy back a Linden? lol
[13:28] Ann Otoole it is spam lexie. Everyone but you knows
[13:28] Ann Otoole they carve ;land and post dozens of ads
[13:28] Dresden Ceriano i disagree... it is spam... just because it's about selling land instead of objects doesn't make it any less spam
[13:28] Ann Otoole you can see the carved up land on the map
[13:28] Lexie Actually, it is not spam. We currently allow those in land forum. ã‹¡
[13:28] Lone i have a question
[13:29] Lexie Sure Lone
[13:29] Ann Otoole land cuttiers were supposed to have been ditched but now they just carve to 512
[13:29] Lone why cant the lindens permaban a griefer ?
[13:29] Dresden Ceriano you allow spam then
[13:29] Lexie Lone support does handle griefers
[13:29] Ann Otoole then delete the widget if you can't filter by forum
[13:29] Lone let me rephrase that
[13:29] Ann Otoole there will be no great loss other than spam
[13:30] Gooden Uggla i was interested to notice that 16m parcels show in search again, that's... troubling...
[13:30] Lone why cant LL permaban a griefer ?
[13:30] Dresden Ceriano what widget are we talking about?
[13:30] Lexie Ann, as I mentioned, we are still looking into that. ã‹¡
[13:30] Ann Otoole do you really care? is LL closing in december?
[13:30] Qie wait, what? 16s show in Search... as land for sale? or as Show In Search listings??
[13:30] Lone huh ?
[13:31] Lexie Ann, I dont know what you are talking about? sorry
[13:31] Lexie Lone, yo umay want to talk to support.
[13:31] Lexie may*
[13:31] Lone wow
[13:31] Lexie They take all actions necessary
[13:31] Lone nevermind then...i have my answer
[13:31] Lexie Unfortunately, this is not a support meeting
[13:31] Gooden Uggla ordinary search listing, on a 16m parcel not set for sale
[13:32] Qie Crap! "Show in Search" was long ago disabled for anything under 144sq.m. If that's broken... god help the Mainland!
[13:32] Torben thank god this is not a support meeting - the tone would be very different else
[13:32] Gooden Uggla actually, it was sposed to be disabled for under 512m
[13:32] Peewee Musytari lexie any thoughts on the feedback thread about feedback threads?....about finding a way to make it more visible and not encourage junk posts?....there were a couple of good suggestions on that last I looked
[13:33] Lexie I was just looking there Peewee
[13:33] Ann Otoole it is supposedly now set to under 512 can't show. Maybe Lexie's team needs to be governed by the search team so they can coordinate
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano I suggested a pop up explaining what that forum is for...
[13:33] Lexie I think a notice about where the feedback forum is would help
[13:33] Marianne McCann Sounds like I'll have to do some testing at my <512m parcel in Miramare...
[13:34] Dresden Ceriano something a user would have to hit an except button to start a new thread
[13:34] Gooden Uggla i suggest a forum moderator...
[13:34] Lexie I like the pop up idea too. Not sure if we can implament that
[13:34] Peewee Musytari is it possible to restrict posting a thread to people with at least 2nd or 3rd ranking?...I suggested that but didn`t know if that can even be done
[13:34] Gooden Uggla marianne i'll give you a parcel to test on estate
[13:34] Lexie Im going to look into that Dresden. I like that idea
[13:34] Ann Otoole well rand is the wiki guy. he can go edit the land sales/rentals wiki to whatever he chooses lol
[13:34] Dresden Ceriano thanks Lexie
[13:35] Lexie Peewee, it might be possible to limit by rank
[13:35] Marianne McCann /me nods
[13:35] Gooden Uggla might as well te4st both...
[13:35] Ann Otoole if you can't post then how do you gain rank?
[13:35] Marianne McCann Restrict by rank would mean the spammers would just spam in exiting threads, no?
[13:35] Peewee Musytari u get 2nd or 3rd rank with about 10 posts and before 10 posts you can`t have much in the way of genuine feedback to start a thread about
[13:35] Dresden Ceriano that's just for that one forum Ann
[13:35] Lexie But to e effective it would have to be a fairly high rank. Not sure if we want to "exclude" occasional posters
[13:36] Nyll Bergbahn That would cause problems if Ansers went like the Forum surely
[13:36] Ann Otoole Sorry Lexie but law in code. code is godf is fail. if you want to be rid of spammers then ban them without warning and the word will get out.
[13:36] Peewee Musytari yeah nyll thats why I wasn`t sure if it could be done just for feedback
[13:36] Nyll Bergbahn ahh ok
[13:36] Peewee Musytari or if it would be universal
[13:37] Dresden Ceriano I don't like restricting by rank at all
[13:37] Lexie Lets talk about that more at the next meeting. Id like to hear Raymonds thoughts on it too
[13:37] Peewee Musytari k
[13:37] Dresden Ceriano sure
[13:37] Gooden Uggla ann is correct, only zero tolerance works on forums
[13:38] Lexie For now. lets plan to meet in 2 weeks. I will be here. Sounds like we have some topics
[13:38] Marianne McCann The "heads on stakes at the entrance" method...
[13:38] Peewee Musytari yay 2 weeks is good
[13:38] Lexie great
[13:38] Nyll Bergbahn okies
[13:38] Dresden Ceriano I can live with two weeks
[13:38] Gooden Uggla i like Mari's name for it :)
[13:39] Dresden Ceriano that's how's it's been the last month anyway
[13:39] Lexie If there are not any other questions, we are done.
[13:39] Peewee Musytari hope it can stay at biweekly instead of going to monthly...we`ll feel negelected otherwise
[13:39] Gooden Uggla have a good one, and good luck
[13:39] Marianne McCann 's just what I've heard it called before.
[13:39] Marianne McCann Have fun, all
[13:39] Rand ty... bye all!
[13:39] Marianne McCann Happy 8th
[13:39] Torben bye all
[13:39] Peewee Musytari wow that was quick...SL8B calling
[13:40] Peewee Musytari bye rand
[13:40] Lexie Have a great day everyone. Bye for now
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano Thanks... see ya
[13:40] Peewee Musytari g`nite lexie & ty