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Constant: string EOF = "\n\n\n";

The string constant EOF has the value "\n\n\n"

EOF is a value returned by the dataserver event, as a result of a call to llGetNotecardLine, specifically when the requested line is past the end of the notecard. The value returned equals "\n\n\n", which is to say, three newline characters (0x0a).

Essentially, it is used to let you know when you have finished reading information (usually user configurable parameters) from a notecard, and are ready to move onto the next stage or state of the script.

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integer iLine;
string card = "~config";
key myquery;

    state_entry() {
        if(llGetInventoryType(card) != INVENTORY_NONE)
            myquery = llGetNotecardLine(card, iLine = 0);
            llSay(0,"The \"" + card + "\" notecard is missing! Cannot proceed!");
    dataserver(key request, string sdata){
        if(request == myquery){
            if(sdata == EOF){ // no more text in the notecard
                state ready; //move to the next state
            else {
                //here you would process the data
                myquery = llGetNotecardLine(card, ++iLine); // now read in next line, and start the dataserver process all over again

state ready{
        llOwnerSay("I'm ready for action!");


EOF is an acronym that stands for "End Of File".

Deep Notes

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string EOF = "\n\n\n";//Three newline characters (0x0a)