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Basic concept

Sim3 is planned to consist of areas for learning and exploring.

Fundamental idea

  • Live help, help from mentors for new residents, shall be available and provided all over the entire Sim3.

The Beach

The Beach is an area that can be used for teaching, but also for events, parties, meetings. Its placed over 2 SIMs to allow a bigger number of residents to meetings.

First idea is not to have a real house or stage with stands and rows of seats (causing problems with camera and with moving) but to have a beachy look with places to sit like tree trunks, rocks, towels, deck chairs, ...

Jungle, Forests, The Park

This main area, which will be the largest part of Sim3, is meant for exploration. New residents should take pleasure in searching, exploring and discovering in general.

For that it is necessary to fill this area with interesting content which keeps new residents and makes them curious. Detailed description (Content, realisation, etc.) depends on further planning.

Jungle Island might be offerering some "adventures", the river allows drifting along on a tire or raft, the forests can contain lots of places to explore and the part (continued in SIM 4) offers space to relax, to meet, to talk.

Sandbox The Desert

This smaller area (approx. ¼ of this Sim) should be a sandbox. This is for residents to create first content and edit it.

In the concept image there is a lot of free space around the circle that is named Desert. We can vary the area as needed.


At the border of the SIM, on the way from The Desert to SIM 4, there will be an exhibition place, where schools and non-profit organistions will have the opportunity to show their work, offer tutorials (free) and to hand out landmarks.

Maybe this area can also be used for classes with a small number of students.

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