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About me

Avatar birthday: October, 2nd, 2007

Avatar Name: Gunter Gustav

Alt Avatar: none

Languages: German and English

What i do: Screenshots (Post-processing) - machinima (commercial + non-commercial) - Building (architecture)

I am in SL since Feb. 2007. I started with another avi and now I run the "Virtual Nomads"-group and the virtual nomads blog. The group's about the nice and beautiful places in SL or just for having a nice tag. The idea behind that is : "Some day all people will be virtual nomads, always tramping and wandering the broad expanses of virtuality, always in search of new fruitful pastures of knowledge and fantasy". The blog is about SL news, nice screenshots and videos, rumors and gossip.

I love to help the very newbies when they have just started on the Help Islands and I participate in the localisation project of Second Life, trying my best to translate English parts into German. If you have more questions about me, just ask me and i will try to help to answer all your questions