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Message Layout

	GroupAccountSummaryRequest Low NotTrusted Zerocoded
		AgentData	Single
		{	AgentID			LLUUID			}
		{	SessionID		LLUUID	}
		{	GroupID			LLUUID	}
		MoneyData			Single
		{	RequestID		LLUUID	}
		{	IntervalDays	S32	}
		{	CurrentInterval	S32	}

Usage and Notes

This message is used to ge the account summary for a given group over a set period of time.

RequestID - A unique identifier which identifies this requested "transaction" of data. Any reply to this message will have the request ID in it so as go signifgy which replies go with which requests

IntervalDays - The current interval (in days) in which the group summary will be computed for. For example, if you want a week's worth of data, the interval would be 7. Any number less than 1 will rounded to 1.

CurrentInterval - The interval (where the length of the interval is defined by IntervalDays) in which to end the details history in intervals ago. A value of 0 means "ending today". For example, if the interval is a week and you want to request the data for this past week, you would specify 0 here. For data from 2 weeks ago until last week, you would specify a value of 1. Any number less than 0 will be rounded to 0.