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Groups can own land just like people. Groups must have their land tier donated to them by members of the group.

The donated land tier is "borrowed" from the person donating the land tier to the group. The land tier donation can be added or removed from the group at any time. The land tier comes out of the donor's account. The donor still pays for the donated land tier.


Resident Allocation of Land Tier

Suzie Fairplay has a land tier of 1536 sqm in her account (Premium account 512 sqm and an additional 1024 sqm). She donates 512 sqm to her group "The Big Q's". She now has 1024 sqm available to use as she pleases, and the 512 sqm she donated to the group is available to the group to use.

Groups get a 10% land bonus just for being a group. This means they own 110% of the land tier donated to the group.

If the donations of land tier to the group is not enough to cover the actual land owned by the group, a Linden will forcibly seize some of the group land to bring the owned land to within the donated land tier. Usually Linden Lab gives 7 days grace on this.

If the group has 2048 sqm of land donated to it, they can own up to 2253sqm of land (the 10% bonus). Let's say the group owns 2128 sqm of land, which is below 2253 sqm. Let's say Suzie takes back her 512 sqm land tier donation. The group now only has 1690 sqm of land tier available, less than what it can support. Within 7 days, a Linden will confiscate some of the land (hopefully they'll work with the group on it) to bring the group into compliance.

Important Information

Sale of group land

ANY OWNER OR OFFICER of the group (or any member with the proper "ability" in the group) can sell the land to whomever they wish (even themselves for L$0) without prior approval from other owners, officers or members. There is nothing you can do if a rogue officer "steals" all the land from others. Period. So be careful. Normally, all land sale proceeds of group land are equally distributed amongst all group members. However, the settings in the group can be adjusted so that not everyone receives a share of these proceeds.


Group Maintenance costs

All land options that cost L$ (e.g. FIND listings, L$30 a week) are charged equally to all officers and members of a group.


Only group officers can plant trees and grass on the land.