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Have you logged onto the Wiki only to find that your username has different letter casing than you're used to ? While this can't be changed due to limitations of the MediaWiki software, there are a couple of things can be done to get around this.

My first name is the same, but with a lower-case letter

Unfortunately this can't be helped at the moment, but this problem has been logged into Jira. You can, however, alter the signature that is produced when you enter ~~~ or ~~~~ (producing SignpostMarv Martin and SignpostMarv Martin 03:52, 12 January 2007 (PST) respectively).

  1. Go to the Preferences page
  2. Enter a custom signature in the following manner: [[User:SignpostMarv Martin|Signpost Marv Martin]]
  3. Important! Enable the Raw Signatures feature
  4. Enjoy your new signature !

Please be responsible with this feature. Although signatures may be customized to the extents shown below, they may also raise the ire of fellow contributors. Examples:

The first letter of my name is the same, but I want to tweak it

I've created a couple of examples using own name:

You'll notice they both redirect back to User:SignpostMarv Martin- the same goes for their Talk pages. What you'll want to do is go to your User page, and your Talk page and place the relevant #REDIRECT command into them so that you'll be able to have your Second Life Wiki profile spelt as you'd prefer. You will however, need to redirect the Talk page on your new profile to the one on your old one so you can still be notified when other Residents leave you messages.

Important Notes

  • Please don't substitute letters for other characters
  • This will not change the username you use to log into the Second Life Wiki

I have an alt, but I don't want to keep an eye on both profiles at once

As before, here's one I prepared earlier: User:Orientation Islander.

I've redirected both the User page and the Talk page to User:SignpostMarv Martin and User talk:SignpostMarv Martin respectively.

Important Notes

Although I didn't do this, I'm advising you to:

Perform the redirection while logged into the alt account then log into your main account and acknowledge the redirect in your talk page.

Doing so will assist the community by informing that it wasn't an act of vandalism.

Although you'll notice from my contributions that I've been doing a lot of it, try to refrain from editing other people's user-pages unless:

  1. you have their permission
  2. you're adding appropriate Category flags

Also, please keep your comments on their Talk pages civil. This is still Second Life after all, and the Community Standards still apply.

Further Questions

If you have any questions for me, please direct them to my Talk page, or IM me in-world.

If you have questions regarding the topics covered in this article, please leave a message in this article's Talk page

SignpostMarv Martin