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Demonically Possesed Albino
Re-license Contributions
I, SignpostMarvMartin declare my intention to make all contributions I have made to this Wiki under the following licenses:
  • created first MegaTokyo fan group in SL, '
  • Only got suspended once (12 hours for harrasing Adam Linden)
  • Became a Second Life Mentor
  • Made two long term additions to Help Island
    • Test Track (removed to lower the physics usage in the Help Island sims)
    • Teleporter map (still there, uses instant touch-to-llSitTarget()

And so ends 14 hours of Wiki editing. SignpostMarv Martin 23:08, 8 January 2007 (PST)

My Accounts on SL

Things Marv would really like it if you took notice of


Article Flags

Profile Customisation

  • Help:Issues with username display - a guide to how to deal with the problem of your username not being displayed just how you want it to be seen on the Wiki.
  • Template:SL-hCard - This is a template that I straight copy & pasted from the template I created on the SL History Wiki. It's in need of some love from people who have a better idea of MediaWiki template syntax than I do, as it seems that the SL Wiki doesn't like the code as much as the History Wiki does.
  • Template:visl - To be used by SL Volunteers to indicate which Volunteer groups they're in.
  • Template:llEmployee - To be used by LL Employees to indicate which departments they belong to.
  • Template:ISO_639-3/cat-speaking - To be used by everyone to indicate what languages they speak.

URL shortcuts

Because typing out urls over and over again is a pain in the ass and leads to tipos typos.

  • Template:lsl - A handy little shortcut to make maintenance of the Wiki easier, should the LSL Wiki move, or be down for extended periods (we're talking weeks, not minutes or hours here).
  • Template:slkb-cat - For linking to SL Knowledge Base categories
  • Template:slkb - For linking to SL Knowledge Base articles
  • Template:SLurl - This is more aimed at being used in templates than it is being used directly, but feel free :-)

See Also

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