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This is a list of tasks I'm intending to do myself, but please state your intentions on the talk page before doing them for me.

Things to do by the end of the week

  1. Give the following articles the 'Marvulous' treatment:

Things to do by the end of the month

Long term projects

  1. Tweak Template:visl to be more "efficient".
    • Create generic templates for converting ISO 639-1 codes to the english and native names
      • Will be using ISO 639-3 instead of ISO 639-1
  2. Project:Internationalisation - See Draft for details.
  3. Project:Profile Customisation - Intending to document the templates useful for customising the SL Wiki user pages. Will also cover customising in-world profiles.
    • Will provide guides and tutorials for how to use, adapt and create templates to customise the user profiles
    • Need to figure out a way to make "user-friendly" hCal templates.
  4. Project:Atlas - Intends to use MediaWiki features to present the end-user with a static, but more detailed version of what is available via the SL Maps API.

Things that need to wait for options to be enabled

  1. Implement my flexi-flag script in WikiCode
    • Delayed due to lack of SVG auto-conversion and Image resizing support in this installation.
  2. Create Icons for:
    • Speaking (languages)
    • Reading (languages)
    • Scripting LSL2
    • Building
    • Texturing
      • Not much point making the icons if they can't be resizable.