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The Alert Request Kiosk/Notifier system developed by SignpostMarv Martin is inspired by the one developed by Tateru Nino.

If after reading this article you have any questions regarding the service, please visit the talk page to leave feedback/questions.

Don Misfit has been aggregating feedback on the initial test.

Things affected by database architecture re-write

Access Control List

Since privacy is always a concern, I plan to implement an access control list feature on the statistics.

The abilities will be:

  • Toggling the non-group, group and public visibility of statistic
  • Naming additional administrators

The default administrator will the founder of the group. Since LSL currently has no facility to determine the group role of a Resident, the service will not be able to automatically identify Residents with the owner permission. As a side effect of this, if the group founder is no-longer in the group, the default admin cannot be automatically identified.

Feedback System

  • Individual Requests can be marked as "accidental", "malicious" or "inappropriate"
  • Requesters can be marked as being "likely to need future assistance" or "malicious"
  • Responders can be marked as "helpful" or "malicious"
  • Comments are optional, but will be preferred.

Feedback System Flags


If a request was made out of curiosity (e.g. Dee Dee-esque "oooooooh, what does *this* button do), a request should be marked as accidental.


The Malicious flag should not be used maliciously- e.g. flagging a Resident as malicious because of something they did outside the scope of an alert request. Residents will only be able to leave feedback on each other if the system shows they've interacted, preventing malicious maliciousness to a certain degree


If a Resident intentionally activates a kiosk for the express purpose of annoying Responders, then a request should be flagged as "malicious". See Griefers playing SL version of "ding-dong-dash".


For requesters, this would be if the requesting Resident didn't make the request maliciously, but violated the Community Standards while the request was being handled.


For responders, this would be if the responding Resident violated the Community Standards- and/or the Tao of Volunteers for Volunteers- while the request was being handled.


The intent of this flag isn't for saying a request was of an "inappropriate nature" (e.g. "ZOMG WHERE IS TEH SEXXORZ"), but for indicating a request was directed to Linden Lab's support staff- just as with Linden Office Hours, the alert request system isn't meant for for tech/billing support etc.

If a large number of Residents are asking questions that should be directed to Linden Lab's support staff, this would indicate that Linden Lab need to improve the availability/accessibility of information.


This flag is used if the topic of a request was something unrelated to Second Life.

Visibility of Information


As with the previous version of the Alert Request System, requests in the re-write will only be visible to members of the same group as the kiosk the alert was made from.

Names of Requesters

  • Names will not be visible in the pending request list
    • They will however, be visible on the confirmation page
  • Names will not be visible in the met requests list
  • Names will be visible in the recently missed request list

Names of Responders

Closed Requests

An access control list will be implemented that will control who can see statistics relating to closed requests.

Open Requests

Names of Responders who have left feedback on a Requester will be visible on the confirmation page.


The names of the Responder or Responders handling a request will be visible on the confirmation page.