How to choose a wiki

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Copyright Issues

For those who are concerned with copyright issues please read the Terms of Use. No copyrighted material should be posted to any Wiki without permission. If any copyrighted material is found to have been posted without proper permission, it should be deleted and the copyright holder notify immediately.

How to choose a wiki

Wiki-based websites are by their nature, generally incomplete in their early existence. The fun part is that most Wikis are either open to the public (the Wikipedia for example), or are free to join.

Second Life-specific Wikis

This one is officially supported by Linden Lab- although it isn't open to the public, all Second Life Residents can edit and contribute.

There is a 3rd-party Wiki focused on Second Life over at Wikia- a lot of articles found there were migrated from the SL History Wiki- a Wiki website that existed before this one.

There is an SL Educators Wiki over on, a Nonprofit Commons wiki (which Glitteractica Cookie is involved in) and a Business wiki on

Second Life Articles on 3rd party Wikis

LSL Wiki Resources

There is another Wiki that is independent of Linden lab at It contains excellent information, but the website has suffered reliability issues in the past and constant spammer attacks. In the Developer Resources list, there are three others, all of which are mirrors of

Open Sim

OpenSim, the software used in the Open Grid Public Beta, has it's own wiki