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About This Page:

This page is a listing of friendly places to go for help with LSL scripting, feel free to check out any of these resources and ask questions and get help with code. These are places, groups and forums dedicated to helping you learn to write LSL scripts, or help with problems encountered, but do not generally hand out complete scripts. If you are looking for complete scripts please see the LSL_Examples and LSL_Library pages for many great free scripts.


  • Second Life Forums - Official SL Forums (scripting is under "content creation")
    • Login is in the top right and uses your SL user name and password.
    • To post a question, use the "start discussion link under the "actions" sidebar
    • to paste in a script once you are in the edit window, press the blue ">>" button, select "syntax highlighting" then "plain" and paste your script into the resulting box
  • Second Citizen MK II - Open to residents of Second Life
    • New Accounts MUST post to the Ellis Island forum before being authorized to post in other forums (spam bot prevention)
    • New Accounts MUST have a forum avatar image (don't ask why, I don't know)
  • The Forum Cartel - Open to all residents, not just group members.
    • Scripting forum
    • Newbie friendly
  • Next Forum
    • any important notes

Groups within Second Life:

Other Resources:

This space is for links to other types of resources