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What’s the Linden Village?


The world of Second Life is growing by leaps and bounds. As the number of Residents continues to increase, the number of Linden Lab employees is inevitably becoming a smaller and smaller percentage of the total population. This has prompted many Residents to ask:

“Where are all the Lindens these days?”

While Lindens are constantly working behind the scenes to improve Second Life, we are unfortunately not always very visible to the general public. When actually logged into Second Life, we often hide our online status, simply because we are focusing on completing specific tasks as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to keep up with the huge number of IMs we always receive if we make our status visible in Search.

Spending time actually using Second Life and meeting Residents has always been important to Lindens. We love holding in-world meetings to discuss specific issues, as well as just getting to know Residents personally whenever we can. And as Second Life grows, we want to make sure Residents know we are not just working invisibly behind the curtain, but also participating in and exploring the world.

One place you can often find us these days is an area on the mainland called the “Linden Village”. Pathfinder Linden originally started the Village because he felt it was important for Lindens to be seen and noticed, giving Residents an opportunity to learn more about us by exploring our homes. The Village also gives Lindens a chance to own land next to each other, thereby creating meetings spaces where they can interact with Residents. Additionally, the Village is intentionally located immediately around the Waterhead Welcome Area which encourages exploration by new Residents.

Just these past few months, we have been drastically expanding the Linden Village area due to many Lindens expressing a new interest in having a visible presence in Second Life. Many more of us have moved into the area and are setting up homes and meeting spaces. Some of us are even starting to hold regular “in-world office hours”. It’s a Linden Village Renaissance!

Connecting with people in Second Life is so valuable when done face-to-face (avatar-to-avatar), and by expanding projects like the Linden Village, we hope to do as much of it as possible in the future.


  • Visit the Linden Village' - Click this link to teleport inworld, then click the kiosk for a notecard listing where different Lindens' offices are located.
  • Linden Village Photostream - See snapshots of the diverse and colorful Linden Village! Any Resident who’s taken photos is welcome to contribute too.
  • Linden Village Office Hours - See this for a growing list of Lindens holding inworld discussions at scheduled times.