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Function: vector llGetTextureScale( integer face );

Returns a vector that is the texture scale on face (only the x and y components are used).

• integer face face number or ALL_SIDES

If face is ALL_SIDES then the function works on all sides.


In the default texture mapping mode the scale units are in texture repeats per face. In the planar texture mapping mode the scale units are in texture repeats per half meter. This is in contrast to the in-world editing tool, in which the planar texture scaling units are repeats per meter.


  • If face indicates a face that does not exist the return is <1.0, 1.0, 0.0>
  • ALL_SIDES seems to return the scale of the *first* face, not an average or other function of all the faces. It acts much like if it were called with face=0.
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//Script by Basil Wijaya, 2009 August 08
//Sets texture scale on face 0. 
//Corresponds to the object edit window, Texture tab, Repeats per Face: Horiontal U and Vertical V

float U_repeats = 1.0;
float V_repeats = 1.0;
integer face = 0;

        llScaleTexture( U_repeats, V_repeats, ALL_SIDES);  
    touch_start(integer num)
        U_repeats = U_repeats + .2;
        V_repeats = V_repeats + .5;
        //set texture scale on a face
        llScaleTexture( U_repeats , V_repeats, face);
        llOwnerSay("Scale has been set to " + (string)U_repeats +  " and " +  (string)V_repeats);

        //get texture scale of a face
        vector scale_vector = llGetTextureScale(face); 
        llOwnerSay("llGetTextureScale(0) gives a vector :  " +  (string)scale_vector); 
        //You can see that the first 2 values of the vector contain the U_repeats and V_repeats values we have setted.

        //The object edit window, in the Texture tab, shows the changes of the U and V values, but only for face 0. 
        //Other faces changes are done but do not show in the edit window.  

See Also


•  llScaleTexture

Deep Notes

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function vector llGetTextureScale( integer face );