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Function: llListenRemove( integer handle );

Removes listen event callback handle

• integer handle handle to control listen event


  • On state change or script reset all listens are removed automatically.
    • A state change can be used as a shortcut to releasing all listens in the script.
  • No error is thrown if handle has already been released or is invalid.
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// Listen for one line of chat from the owner, echo it back to them, then stop listening
integer ListenHandle;
        // Start listening on channel 0, for text from owner only
        ListenHandle = llListen(0, "", llGetOwner(), "");
    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
        llOwnerSay(message);            // Echo the message back to the owner
        llListenRemove(ListenHandle);   // Stop listening


  • It is good practice to remove listeners when they are no longer required, or set them inactive via llListenControl

See Also


• listen


•  llListen
•  llListenControl

Deep Notes

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function void llListenRemove( integer handle );


Wee break of the day
A good listener removed
out of primitive