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The described function does not exist. This article is a feature request.


Function: llSetCOG( vector cog, integer local );

Overrides the automatic, volume based, computation of the prim's center of gravity. All rotations will instead be made around the given point. This includes llSetRot, llSetLocalRot, llTargetOmega as well as physics evaluation. In addition, the handles in edit mode will be positioned at the specified point.

• vector cog position of the prim's center of gravity
• integer local boolean, if TRUE cog is relative to the local coordinate system, if FALSE cog is relative to the parent coordinate system. If the prim is a single prim or the root prim in a linked set, that means the region coordinate system.


Expression error: Unexpected > operator.((TODO: Why is there an error here?))

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A way to reset the COG back to the automatic computation might be useful as well.

Deep Notes

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//function void llSetCOG( vector cog, integer local );