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Function: llSetSitText( string text );

Displays text rather than the default "Sit Here" in the right-click menu.

• string text


  • Text will only be displayed if set by a script calling this function in the root. If text is set by a script in a child the text will only be displayed after unlinking it or relinking it as the root. If either a child or the root is selected as an individual prim and right clicked, the text displayed will be the default even if a script in the root has set text. More simply - The text property displayed on right click will always be that of the root unless, right clicking a prim under individual edit when it will always be the LL default.
  • Note that like particles, and the other set text functions, all text set via llSetSitText becomes a property of a prim, not a script. For that reason, the text will remain if the script that set it is deactivated or even removed.
  • You have no control over the face, size or colour of the displayed text.
  • Text is limited to 9 characters.

Important Issues

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   llSetSitText does not apply for child prims, only the main prims sit text gets displayed



        llSetSitText("Be Seated");

Removing Sit Text

There is no way to stop a pie menu from having a "Sit Here" space reserved on it. Although by setting the string to a space no text will be shown.

To remove custom text that you have placed there, set the text as an empty string like this: "".

Upon your having done so, the text that appears will revert to "Sit Here."

See Also


•  llSitTarget
•  llSetTouchText

Deep Notes

All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llSetSitText does not apply for child prims, only the main prims sit text gets displayed


function void llSetSitText( string text );