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Function: llShout( integer channel, string msg );

Shouts the text supplied in string msg on channel supplied in integer channel.

• integer channel output chat channel, any integer value
• string msg message to be transmitted
Channel Constant Description
DEBUG_CHANNEL 0x7FFFFFFF Chat channel reserved for script debugging and error messages, broadcasts to all nearby users.
PUBLIC_CHANNEL 0x0 Chat channel that broadcasts to all nearby users. This channel is sometimes referred to as: open chat, local chat and public chat.


  • Messages sent on channel zero[1] and DEBUG_CHANNEL are throttled to a rate of <200/10sec, per region, per owner/user.
    • Once the rate is exceeded, all following messages on channel zero or DEBUG_CHANNEL will be dropped until the send rate is again below 200/10sec for the previous 10 sec. Dropped messages, despite being dropped still count against the limit.
  • Text can be a maximum of 1024 bytes. This can convey 1024 ASCII characters, or 512 UTF-8 characters such as á
  • Shouts can be heard within 100 meters of the speaking prim (rather than the root). This is contrary to how listens work, where a message can only be heard by any prim in the object if and only if the root prim is capable of hearing it.
  • A prim can not hear itself, this to prevent problems with recursion. It can however hear other prims within the same object.
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If you prefer, you can make use of certain mnemonic constants such as PUBLIC_CHANNEL instead of channel 0 and DEBUG_CHANNEL instead of channel +2,147,483,647.

        llShout(0, "I scream icecream!");

For communicating with a user or owner it is preferable to use llOwnerSay or llInstantMessage or llRegionSayTo as they won't spam other users.

The latter is also an excellent choice for communicating to an attachment of a known avatar, or to an object of known UUID.

See Also


•  listen


•  llListen
•  llOwnerSay
•  llRegionSay Sends chat region wide
•  llRegionSayTo Sends chat region wide to a specific avatar, or their attachments, or to a rezzed object of known UUID
•  llWhisper Sends chat limited to 10 meters
•  llSay Sends chat limited to 20 meters
•  llInstantMessage

Deep Notes

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  1. ^ Channel zero is also known as: PUBLIC_CHANNEL, open chat, local chat and public chat


function void llShout( integer channel, string msg );


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