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Function: llRegionSay( integer channel, string msg );

Says the string msg on channel number channel that can be heard anywhere in the region by a script listening on channel.

• integer channel output chat channel, any integer value except zero
• string msg message to be transmitted

Regardless of where the prim is, the message will not travel over region borders.

Channel Constant Description
DEBUG_CHANNEL 0x7FFFFFFF Chat channel reserved for script debugging and error messages, broadcasts to all nearby users.


  • Messages sent on DEBUG_CHANNEL are throttled to a rate of <200/10sec, per region, per owner/user.
    • Once the rate is exceeded, all following messages on DEBUG_CHANNEL will be dropped until the send rate is again below 200/10sec for the previous 10 sec. Dropped messages, despite being dropped still count against the limit.
  • This function cannot transmit on PUBLIC_CHANNEL channel 0, this is a design feature and not a bug.
  • If msg is longer than 1024 characters it is truncated to 1024 characters. (Note that in Mono, each character occupies 2 memory bytes).
  • A prim can not hear itself, this to prevent problems with recursion. It can however hear other prims within the same object.
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        llRegionSay(25,"This is an incredibly useless program." );
To avoid making your object spam its neighborhood, use llOwnerSay or llInstantMessage.


If one object 'says' something to another object (e.g., a button that, when touched, turns on a lamp), consider a very negative channel, e.g.,

    llRegionSay(-5243212,"turn on");

Using negative channels for script communications remains a common practice because, prior to September 2016, the standard SL client was unable to chat on negative channels. The only way to do so prior to llTextBox was to use llDialog which was limited to 24 bytes. However, since 2016, viewers have been able to chat on negative channels, with messages capped to 254 bytes.

If DEBUG_CHANNEL is used as channel, the script will say msg to the Script Warning/Error window.

If you wish two objects owned by the same person to communicate within a SIM, one idea is to make both scripts compute the channel based on the owner UUID. e.g. :-

    gChannel = 0x80000000 | (integer) ( "0x" + (string) llGetOwner() );
  • As of 1.18.3, using llRegionSay on the DEBUG_CHANNEL will wrap around and display on channel 0, with a range of 100m.

See Also


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•  llListen
•  llRegionSayTo Sends chat directly to specified target within region
•  llOwnerSay Sends chat to the owner only
•  llWhisper Sends chat limited to 10 meters
•  llSay Sends chat limited to 20 meters
•  llShout Sends chat limited to 100 meters
•  llInstantMessage
•  llDialog
•  llTextBox

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function void llRegionSay( integer channel, string msg );