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Release Notes for Second Life 1.16.0(5) May 23, 2007

New Features:

  • Sculpted Prims
    • Sculpted Prims are a new primitive type that uses a texture to control its 3D shape
    • See Sculpted Prims for FAQ and detailed information
  • Add "Mute" button to block unwanted notecards, landmarks, and textures


  • Improved muting of particle systems

LSL Changes:

  • New function: llRegionSay()
    • Allows object to communicate region-wide
    • Does not allow communication on channel 0
    • This is intended to reduce simulator load by eliminating the need for relay objects

Bug fixes:

  • Text for several alert messages has been updated
  • Fixed positioning of maximize button when minimizing both script and lsl window
  • Fixed positioning of LSL help window after minimizing/maximizing main script window
  • Fixed group chat IM showing sender as the only participant until someone responds
  • Fixed group chat IM reopening with an error when sending a message after user closes group chat
  • Fixed '... has left the session' when leaving group chat after talking
  • Fixed failed email when no subject is included
  • Fixed object loss occuring when taking an item
  • VWR-657: Beta -> Linux -> Startup -> Crash