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Function: string llToUpper( string src );

Returns a string that is src with all upper-case characters.

• string src

The opposite is llToLower.


  • There is no Linden Library "llToProperCase", which would return correctly capitalized strings; However, there are user functions that do this: ToNormal
  • The function also works for many characters outside the 7-bit ASCII range, especially latin, cyrillic and greek, but not all characters tagged as "lowercase" in the Unicode specification are converted.
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string msg = "I like candy!";
string p = llToUpper(msg);
llOwnerSay(p);//Will say "I LIKE CANDY!"

See Also


•  llToLower

Deep Notes

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~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   Unicode behavior of llToUpper and llToLower is inconsistent and broken


function string llToUpper( string src );